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by iEnhance.com | October 16, 2006 @ 02:00PM

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Aired Oct. 16, 2006

Dr. Robert Rey

Why are women "sooooo" beautiful in Venezuela? That is the burning question that inspired Dr. Robert Rey's recent travels to the land of bronzed beauties and beach-ready bods. But uncovering the answer to his question is a bit of a challenge, especially when he notices that the plastic surgery procedures performed by one of the Venezuela's top surgeons are hardly different than the techniques he employs in Beverly Hills.

Still, Dr. Rey is determined to find out why the women of this country are winning Miss Universe year after year... is it something in the water? Or, better yet, the beautiful ocean? Then amidst getting to know the president of the Miss Universe Organizations, spending time at an elite beauty academy, and enjoying luxurious fun in the sun, Dr. Rey soon realizes that the beauty he witnesses in Venezuela stems from the person feeling beautiful first!

Meanwhile, as Dr. Rey learns about the importance of inner beauty, Hayley is still feeling lost amongst running the office and the home with two young children at her side practically 24-7. Feeling envious of her husband's trips and vacations, Mrs. Rey can't help but evaluate her own life and the need to find herself - especially when she looks at pictures from his trip with beautiful women at his side!

Dr. Gary Motykie

One of Dr. 90210's newest doctors say that a lot of patients mistake age for talent. But despite his youthful appeal, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie specializes in a variety of surgical procedures, such as breast augmentation, liposuction, and rhinoplasty. Having joined the practice of Dr. Richard Ellenbogen, Dr. Motykie seems to have the spirit of a longtime surgeon: determination, experience, and talent. After all, age ain't nothin' but a number, right? Big on the Los Angeles social scene, the Beverly Hills doctor from Chicago wants to improve what's already been done in the field of plastic surgery.

While he believes dating in LA to be "strange," his approach to cosmetic and plastic enhancement is anything but that. Combining the most modern techniques with the added experience of Dr. Ellenbogen, Dr. Motykie wants to be the best - whether it is scoring a partner with a great personality or spending his weekends treating people to a youthful-looking face at a Botox or Restylane party!

Patients #1 and #2:
Lauren and Jayme

Surgeon: Dr. Gary Motykie


Breast Augmentation (both patients) and Rhinoplasty (Lauren)

Two friends working together at one of the most popular sports bars in Southern California seek breast enhancement for that extra oomph! Lauren and Jayme are both 22-year-old waitresses at "Hooters" in Dublin, Calif., both of whom would like to enlarge their breast sizes, especially because they work in revealing attire - tight tank tops and mini shorts.

In order to reduce the size of her nose, Lauren also seeks rhinoplasty from Dr. Gary Motykie - the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who performed breast augmentation on their coworker and friend Crystal. No more being teased as a Barbara Streisand look-a-like for Lauren! So with the goal of getting the looks they desire, they all make a visit to his office...

Pre-Op Visit

To keep it cozy, the girls bring Crystal along for their initial consultation with Dr. Motykie.

After the girls undress, the doctor evaluates Lauren first. In regards to the best-sized implants for her petite body frame, the doctor does not want her to go too big, explaining that could cause her to become embarrassed or feel fat. As for her nose, Dr. Motykie will give her a "prettier and more elegant version" of what she already has, which will match the rest of her facial features.

As for Jayme, she says that she already feels confident with the size she has, but larger breasts will probably help her make more money. In turn, she will feel more energetic at work. So in evaluating Jayme's size, Dr. Motykie says that implants will also help to provide better balance (symmetry).


It's the day of their surgeries - Jayme is starving, Lauren has the comfort of her pink Care Bear, (also squeezing and using it as a stress reliever), and Crystal is with the girls again for support. That's what friends are for!


Dr. Motykie begins with her breast surgery first because it is what he refers to as a "clean surgery." Considering the inside of the nose is full of bacteria, he doesn't want the implants to become infected (being in such close proximity to the nose) and prevent her from receiving beautiful results.

After Lauren receives oxygen and falls asleep while thinking of her favorite Starbucks drink, Dr. Motykie gets started. He begins by injecting her breasts with local anesthesia, which he says will help to prevent bruising and control bleeding. Stage one entails a periareolar incision, which is done on the border of the areola - the darkened skin surrounding the nipple. The placement of Lauren's implants will be done using the "dual plane" technique (subpectoral); partially under the muscle and partially over the muscle. Dr. Motykie uses a special tool to create breast pockets in order to do so. During stage two, the empty, rolled up saline implants are inserted near the nipple and become inflated to 350 cc - a size C. Once the breast implants are in place, Lauren's incisions are closed and her first procedure is complete.

Up next: Lauren's nasal surgery! Stage one, Dr. Motykie starts off by creating an incision inside the nose, allowing access to the dorsal hump on the bridge of her nose. This is the site where he will shave down the bone with a knife, and does so during stage two with formulated movements. In order to give his patient a more appealing shape, Dr. Motykie dissects the thick cartilage (stage three) at the tip of Lauren's nose (bulbous cartilage) during a "closed rhinoplasty" procedure; nasal surgery that uses internal incisions without lifting the skin up. Last but not least in stage four, the doctor firmly breaks her nose before refining the nasal bones for the beautiful profile she has always wanted. A splint is then placed on Lauren's nose and her incisions are stitched close.

Despite waking up emotional and unsure of her surroundings, Lauren can look forward to great results. Dr. Motykie says everything went perfect!

Total surgery time: 4 hours


Although nervous and hungry before she goes in for surgery, Jayme is also all giggles after being injected with what the anesthesiologist calls "joy juice" (a liquid form of laughing gas?). But then she is down for the count and Dr. Motykie can begin her breast augmentation procedure.

During stage one, he creates an incision through the nipple area like he did with Lauren, but instead of a special tool, Dr. Motykie uses his fingers to create room for the implant. Jayme's 450 cc implants (about a size D) will be placed under the muscle. Stage two involves the insertion of the empty, rolled up saline implants, and the doctor starts with the right side. During stage three, they are inflated to the right size, her incisions are closed and Jayme now has the bigger breasts she's always wanted.

Dr. Motykie says that her surgery went smoothly and just as planned. He believes that she is going to be very happy...and when Jayme awakes she already feels great. With traces of the joy juice still lingering in her system, the smiley patient proclaims her desire for pancakes!

Total surgery time: 1 hour

The Night is Ours!

The next day, the two girls go in for their post-op visit with Crystal by their side. Dr. Motykie examines Jayme's breasts first, and explains that due to the fluids still in her body, it is normal for her to be bloated. She has great symmetry and very little bruising.

Now what about Lauren? When he touches the petite patient's breasts, she yelps because they are a little painful. But they still look great and Dr. Motykie confirms his initial thought in sizing - the implants fit her body well! Although Lauren wants to take off her nose splint that day, Dr. Motykie says nope, you gotta wait at least another week.

Four weeks following surgery, and we see Lauren, Jayme, and Crystal getting dolled up with sexiness and confidence filling the air. Showing off their busty enhancements in low-cut tops - the girls are gonna hit the town, enjoy their new looks, and soak up the attention they can't help but receive!

Patient #3:

Surgeon: Dr. Gary Alter


Pubic Liposuction

For 19-year-old Alyssa from North Hills, Calif., the fat pad that just sits below her stomach is driving her crazy. Although she recently slimmed down and lost a good amount of weight, Alyssa is "super self conscious" with the excess fatty tissue in her pubic area. No matter what she does, it won't go away!

So she decides to meet with Dr. Gary Alter, a board certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who specializes in genital reconstruction. Alyssa will undergo pubic liposuction, which will help to eliminate the fatty deposit that is getting in the way of furthering an intimate relationship and wearing the fashion she likes!

Pre-Op Visit

When Alyssa goes in to meet with Dr. Alter, she can't help but feel excited to finally rid herself of this bothersome body part. After they sit in his office, the doctor learns of her reason for wanting surgery, and she then changes out of her clothes for examination. Dr. Alter admits that she has quite a big fat pad in her private region, which qualifies her for pubic liposuction. Although this area may not become completely flat, the doctor ensures Alyssa that this type of surgery will definitely improve its condition. Plus, the incisions will be placed in a hidden area!

Chatting with her mom at home, Alyssa explains how she is used to cutting relationships short in order to prevent a physically intimate moment exposing that area. Jokingly, her mother says that maybe that fat pad isn't so bad after all!


Although nervous about her procedure, Alyssa cannot wait for the outcome. Dr. Alter agrees that this surgery will improve her body because the "unsightly bulge" that makes her so self-conscious will be easily removed. He also mentions that many doctors are hesitant to perform pubic liposuction for fear of puncturing a sexual organ. But Dr. Alter says that if a surgeon is careful and knows the human anatomy, that won't happen!

Stage one, Dr. Alter infuses 250 cc of saline-like fluid into the fatty pad using a needle before using a small cannula to remove the fat from her pubic region. It is also known as the "tumescent technique." This is done to create less bleeding and better ease when suctioning. Shortly after, Dr. Alter moves onto stage two - the removal of fat. During this point of surgery, he eliminates large amounts of tissue from the small area, measuring out to 200 cc (a mixture of fat and saline-like fluid). She is bandaged up and looking noticeably flatter already.

Dr. Alter says she is cured!

Alyssa comes out of her anesthesia with a smile and Dr. Alter greets her bedside, reminding her that she is no longer restricted from wearing form-fitting or revealing clothing.

Total surgery time: 30 minutes

Smoothing Out the Surface

Five days after surgery, Alyssa returns to Dr. Alter for her post-op visit. They look at the results together, and despite minimal swelling, she has a clearly less-bulging pubic area. They are both happy with the results, especially considering that it will smooth out even more as she heals.

From shopping in Santa Monica for the perfect bathing suits to lounging out at a plush hotel, Alyssa no longer has to hide her lower midsection...and if she does, it is out of choice and not in fear of embarrassment!

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