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by iEnhance.com | October 9, 2006 @ 03:00PM

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Aired Oct. 9, 2006

Dr. Robert Rey

Whether it is performing plastic surgery or mastering martial arts - Dr. Robert Rey admits that he must be the best at everything! But what about the lonely evenings without daddy doctor at home? Not only has Hayley become accustomed to sitting down for dinner without her husband, so has their daughter Sydney. Hearts start breaking as we watch the younger girl pick up the phone and ask: "Daddy, do you miss me when you're at work?" But it's all too ironic, one could say - providing a multimillion dollar Beverly Hills mansion for his family yet hardly having any time to spend at home with his wife and two children to actually enjoy it.

But Dr. Rey knows that it's not all work and no play...does Hayley? As she feels even more isolated in their home with dreams of traveling to "faraway lands," the 90210 surgeon has daily martial arts classes to attend: Brazilian Capoeira, Jeet Kune Do, Tae Kwon Do-Hapkido, Jujitso, Nunchucks, and Krav Maga. But Friday nights are "date nights," the rare time that he and Hayley can spend together. So when the two go for cooking lessons at "Sur La Table," could it be any more of a coincidence that Dr. Rey and the chef are both martial arts zealots? Before the romance even gets heated, the knives went a flyin' while Hayley's frustration gets to risin'.

Dr. Jason Diamond

A Beverly Hills board certified plastic surgeon still living in an apartment? Dr. Jason Diamond thinks not! Last season, viewers witnessed he and his then-fiancée Dr. Jessica Combs packing up to leave their small place behind for a town home. So what happened? Maybe they decided to wait and make a bigger purchase after they got married, sparking their search for a new home. But Dr. Diamond doesn't need to go on a hunt after he falls in love with the first place he sees, despite its cost of about several hundred thousand dollars above their price range. He is happy with how his practice has exploded and admits that he has reached the kind of success he always envisioned for himself. So when will Jessica, who practices internal medicine in Los Angeles, be able to quit working and give in to the tick-tock of her biological clock?

Buying the beautiful home vs. preparing for children...looks like it's more decision-making time for the Diamonds!

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Rey


Breast Augmentation and Implant Exchange

She's the new girl in town! Twenty-three year old Liz from Seattle, Wash., is ready to enhance her image as a Las Vegas adult entertainer. Stripping since 18, she has become quite successful in the industry and wants to continue her growth (already owns three houses). So Liz decides to seek Dr. Rey's help. She hopes that new breast implants will her feel better and earn higher income, ultimately contributing to her goal of owning 10 homes in the next 10 years!

Pre-Op Visit

Dr. Rey walks in for Liz's initial consultation with Christy, who is not only her close friend but one of his office assistants (convenient!). During the visit, he evaluates Liz's breast size and shape. Noticing that are sagging, he asks the entertainer if she goes "bra-less" at times. Together, they realize her topless dancing has most likely contributed to the appearance of her breasts. Dr. Rey explains to Liz that her breasts have dropped 4 centimeters.

After she dresses and walks into Dr. Rey's office, Liz admits that she wants her new breasts to imitate Christy's size, which is a total of 700 cc. Because she will be having her 350 cc silicone implants removed, Liz needs to decide how much bigger she wants to go. Will she opt for 600 cc or 650 cc for the full size she desires? When asked his opinion, Dr. Rey adamantly says that it is ultimately the patient's decision, and because only she knows her body and lifestyle, then it is her personal reasons for choosing a specific size. Not to mention, the adult industry may have different standards. Liz is excited to have her size C implants removed and bigger silicone breast implants put in...but now it's thinking time. How big should she go?


The time has come and Liz feels great about choosing 650 cc until Dr. Rey informs her right before surgery that the type of silicone implant she wants doesn't come in that mid-size. So now it's time to go back to the drawing board, and her choice is even more difficult now. Should she go a little smaller than she wanted at 600 cc or jump up to 700 cc? After a little thinking time (and a few frustrated-looking faces), Liz confidently goes for the larger size right before she is rolled into the operating room.

Although the breast lift procedure was not discussed in detail for viewers to witness during Liz's initial consultation, this is stage one! Dr. Rey starts off her surgery by making incisions at the nipples to give her a lift. During stage two, he removes extra skin through the "periareolar incision" before moving onto stage three, which involves the extraction of her original implants. Because Liz is going almost twice as big, Dr. Rey must make room for larger breast implants, which he does so during stage four and "digs" in the breast pockets with a special instrument, washes them out, and suctions any leftover silicone material. The next step is the insertion of her 700 cc implants, and once they are in, Dr. Rey says that her decision to go bigger was perfect in closing what he called an "ugly defect" (an unsightly gap or space) next to her left breast. He puts the closing stitches in, molds the new implants into shape, and surgery is complete.

When Liz wakes up after surgery, he tells her right off the bat that the implant size she opted for was a perfect choice!

Total surgery time: 1 hour and 40 minutes

A New Dance

Feeling sore and lazy, Liz goes into visit with Dr. Rey for a post-op consultation. After taking a look at her newly-enhanced breasts, he tells her once again that the 700 cc was perfect, especially considering the fact that she was forced to make a decision during a critical moment. Dr. Rey also tells her that because she has a lot of fluid in her body, she may feel swollen all over, including her face. Liz jokes in response and says while touching her cheeks, "You're saying I look chunky?"

Far from anything other than a beautiful, bountiful new shape, the dancer is back onstage after a month off from work. She admits to feeling much more comfortable taking her top off and loves her new cleavage. Plus, she sees a lot more smiles on people's faces. Looks like Liz is quickly on her way to buying house number four!

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Diamond


Deviated Septum Correction

Pre-Op Visit

For 31-year-old Jay from Cerritos, Calif., a restructured nose will help him breathe better and feel more confident when shakin' it for the ladies! As an energized adult male dancer, Jay enjoys being the center of attention and making people smile. However, he is finding it difficult to keep his breath while doing so.

Citing Dr. Jason Diamond as an artist when telling his friends about the surgery, Jay looks forward to meeting with this Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty,

Pre-Op Visit

Jay meets with Dr. Diamond for the initial consultation to discuss his surgery, and tells explains that he broke his nose when he was younger and never really got it fixed. Since then, Jay explains to Dr. Diamond, he has been having trouble breathing. So with a distinct instrument, the facial doctor gets an idea of what lies ahead by evaluating the inside of his patient's nose. Dr. Diamond can see that he has a completely crooked septum on the right side, which is also brushing up against the left side of Jay's nose. He says that this is 100 percent obstruction of the septum, which definitely needs to be straightened out.

The curve of his nose, which Dr. Diamond refers to as a "reversed C-shape deformity" can fortunately be improved as well. While evaluating his profile, Dr. Diamond also suggests a slight chin augmentation, explaining that a chin implant will help him come across as more masculine, and improve his appearance in a subtle and natural-looking way. Jay is all smiles!


Sitting with his brother in the waiting room prior to surgery, this male dancer is psyched for his rhinoplasty. He also decided on chin augmentation as way to improve his facial appearance and can't wait to see the outcome. Starting off in stage one, Dr. Diamond makes a few incisions for a smaller medium implant for Jay's chin augmentation, mentioning that this procedure carries one of the highest success rates in facial plastic surgery. After he closes the incisions and moves onto the rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Diamond is surprised to see the unique challenge on his hands. Stage two is supposed to be the repair of Jay's deviated septum, but notices a scar already at the place he needs to make the incision!

What is this? Has his patient already undergone nose surgery without telling him?

The tip of Jay's nose is a disaster and Dr. Diamond is almost certain that his patient underwent "septoplasty" (deviated septum correction) - he has to think fast! Amongst frustration and disbelief, the doctor has a new game plan. What originally looked to be a simple procedure has now turned into a major challenge and constitutes stage three as a "complex rhinoplasty." This entails the reconstruction of his nose cartilage for strength and symmetry, which will prevent it from collapsing. Dr. Diamond lifts the tissue of the underlying cartilage that needs to be corrected, separates the cartilage junction, and perfectly straightens the septum (cartilage wall separating the two nostrils).

To make matters even more complicated, Dr. Diamond also notices what-looks-like "grafts" (bone or cartilage tissue used for augmentation) at the tip of his nose; just another sign that Jay probably underwent rhinoplasty before. Dr. Diamond argues that a previous nose surgery has done more harm than good, but still manages to work though the messy condition. Stage four entails a precise hammering to the nose which Dr. Diamond breaks so that he can reshape into a more aesthetic appeal. Once the bridge of his nose is straightened, the doctor closes the nose in stage five and reduces the size of his patient's nostrils.

Almost six hours later, Dr. Diamond is more than satisfied with the results. Most importantly, he was able to work through the "disaster" of Jay's assumed previous nose surgery, hoping that Jay loves what he sees.

Total surgery time: 5 hours and 20 minutes

Luck of the Nose!

Despite his stress from the operating room, Dr. Diamond is excited to show Jay the improvements made to his chin and nose. According to the Beverly Hills facial doctor, his patient never owned up to any previous rhinoplasties. But the past is the past, right? Jay (despite the immediate swelling) says he feels like he won the lottery and loves his new "movie star" chin.

After he is healed, Jay is back for male strip night and can't wait to show off his dance moves to the eager female fans. He can now dance and breathe at the same time without missing a beat!

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