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by iEnhance.com | October 2, 2006 @ 02:00PM

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Aired October 2, 2006

Dr. Robert Rey

Dr. Robert Rey is at the height of his career. He has two small children, a supportive wife, a new "more Hollywood" office building, an established practice, and a multimillion dollar home that is rather large for his family of four. Could this Brazilian-born plastic surgeon feel any more successful?

According to Dr. Rey, a breast enhancement, tummy tuck, and liposuction specialist, he is at the peak of his career - the mountain top he has been planning to reach for years. However, a busy schedule causes him to be "maxed out" with patients for the entire week. Needless to say, this results in even more time away from his family. To help him find balance in the demanding and challenging field of plastic surgery, Dr. Rey built a Zen area in the back of his new office where he can meditate between his time with patients and become centered while practicing martial arts. But at home, his wife Hayley is unhappy with their 8,500 sq. ft. home. Although they desired a bigger home to make life easier, this dream house is already an overwhelming adjustment for everyone involved.

Dr. Linda Li

Baby Max is 6 months old now...and Dr. Linda Li is pregnant again! Already comfortable with the routine of turning evenings out into nights at home with their son, Dr. Li and her husband Dr. Bill Fulcher welcome another addition to their family. However, as a second pregnancy creates excitement, specific concerns weigh in on Dr. Li's shoulders. The doctor duo recently opened their own office and operating room, and with the success of her practice, are busier than ever. So if Dr. Li becomes bed-ridden during her pregnancy, this would mean her office would have the possibility of shutting down even sooner than planned.

As her adoration grows for Max, she hopes to give the same amount of love to her second child as well. But even with the comfort of her husband and the support of her staff, Dr. Li is already consumed with nervousness!

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Rey


Breast Augmentation

Sheila, a 21-year old longtime competitive surfer in Huntington Beach, Calif., is excited to see her self-proclaimed 12-year-old body become more womanly with the help of cosmetic surgery. According to boyfriend Chucky, breast augmentation will benefit Sheila's career. He says that surfing is such a major fashion trend that when it comes to advertisers and sponsors, most people would prefer to see a voluptuous woman modeling in ads.

As for the tanned gal herself, she admits that she has wanted breast surgery for years and cannot imagine doing so and having regrets (her boyfriend's chest size is even larger than her own!). So with the expertise of Dr. Rey, Sheila's 32 double A-sized breasts will soon take on the enhanced shape she's always dreamed of!

Pre-op Visit

"My flat chest!" is her giggly response to Dr. Rey's question, "What brings you in here today?" Not wanting to look like a little boy on the surfboard anymore, she opts for 350cc (a full C) after he evaluates her shape and stature. Saline breast implants will be inserted through transumbilical breast implantation, which is one of Dr. Rey's specialties. Sheila says that breast augmentation is like dealing with car parts; most likely you will need to replace the implants after a certain amount of time. And when the time comes, she explains that implant exchange surgery doesn't really concern her, but the financial aspect of having to do so does.

We learn that Sheila is the most petite patient on whom Dr. Rey has ever operated on, mentioning that her parts are so small that it will be like operating on a child. This looks to be quite a challenge!


During stage one, Dr. Rey makes an incision in her belly button and opens it up for the scar-free transumbilical incision. He does this carefully because Sheila is so slim; cutting straight across and saying that because she hardly has any fat on her body, he will not cut "down" at all. Dr. Rey then opens the belly button for stage two. Even with Sheila's strong muscles, he successfully creates an insertion path from her belly button to the breast area. Dr. Rey does this on both sides before inserting the rolled-up saline implant sacs with a special instrument (stage three). Once in place, Dr. Rey performs stage four of her breast enhancement surgery by inflating each implant to the appropriate size. He then uses his artistic touch the last few minutes, slightly molding the breasts and making sure they are even and in place. Three stitches in Sheila's belly button and she's finished. Dr. Rey says that her surgery went flawlessly!

With shaky legs and a little bit of confusion, Sheila wakes up in discomfort. But Dr. 90210's Robert Rey is right by her side insisting that this is normal. He knows that as her breasts heal, migrate together, drop, and develop into a beautiful shape, Sheila will feel beautiful as well.

Total surgery time: 1 hr. and 20 min.

The Look She Always Wanted
The first day after her breast augmentation surgery, Sheila goes in for her first post-op visit. Still swollen and in pain, she meets with Dr. Rey, who encourages her to hang in there. Soon, her new look will come through!

Six months later, Sheila heads to the beach with board in hand and beau at her side for the first time since her surgery. Forget about the boy-sized wet suit she is used to wearing while riding the waves, Sheila sports a bikini in the water looking hot under the sun in Newport Beach, Calif. Admitting the obsession she now has with her new breasts, Sheila loves the fact that now she can fit into a 32D-size bra. She can't stop staring at them!

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Linda Li


Silicone Breast Implant Replacement

Terry decided to undergo breast augmentation with the use of silicone implants at the age of 27. Just coming out of a divorce at the time - she was ready for a new look and a self-esteem boost! Had she known about implant "life expectancy," which she said is about 10 to 15 years, the single, 52-year-old from Calabasas, Calif. says she doesn't know if she would have made the same decision now. Terry explains that there were minimal options with the type of implants back then. So in choosing silicone for her breast enhancement, she never gave it a second thought!

But as profuse itching on her right breast began to worry her, Terry took a mammogram and discovered that her right implant had ruptured. So for silicone breast implant replacement, Terry seeks the help of Dr. Linda Li.

Pre-Op Visit

For the initial consultation, Terry brings along her friend Allison for support as well as a list of concerns for Dr. Li to address. She assures Terry that because they are taking care of the situation now, it is not an emergency; explaining that the silicone will just sit outside of the implant until it is taken care of (versus traveling to another area of the body). Terry also mentioned having a flu for a few months which she believed stemmed from the silicone. Dr. Li explains to her that recent studies have yet to prove a direct correlation between silicone and specific illnesses.

Feeling comfortable with Dr. Li and confident in her expertise, Terry excitedly awaits surgery and feels confident in replacing both implants with silicone. Her desire is to also go a little smaller this time around. No promises are made, but Dr. Li says that with the implant exchange surgery in both breasts, they should naturally drop to about the same level.

According to Dr. Li, silicone is a man-made product and has been known to leak. If so, implant removal and replacement is recommended.


Dr. Li starts off by removing Terry's scar tissue (stage one), which she says naturally forms around every type of implant. Immediately, Dr. Li can see where the silicone has ruptured. During stage two, she removes the thick, cohesive gel from the right breast. Although it is not in the shell any longer, the silicone stays clumped together. Then Dr. Li removes the other implant, which has a much harder scar but has still remained intact for over 20 years. The "calsified" feel of the scar tissue is what Dr. Li believes made the shape of that breast look a little "funny."

Before inserting the new implants, the pockets are washed out and Dr. Li suctions any leftover silicone pieces from the breast pockets (stage three). After weighing the left implant, it turns out that Terry's original implants are about 250 grams; smaller than she had thought. Stage four involves the insertion of the new 320 cc cohesive gel implants, giving Terry back the volume she once had. Although slightly bigger than her original ones and not what she had hoped for, the new implants provide Terry better symmetry.

As surgery comes to an end, Terry's implants are sitting nicely in the breast pockets and look great!

Total surgery time: 2 hours

* Although not a featured part of her time in surgery, Terry previously mentioned that she wanted fat injections for her face. Before she goes into surgery, her face is marked for the injections but that procedure is not aired or shown being discussed her during consultation or post-op visit.

Seeking Love

Seven days later, Terry returns to Dr. Li's office for her post-op visit and is extremely happy with the results. She experienced very little pain during her recovery, her breasts feel natural, and she acknowledged that the size helped balance her out.

Now with a little help in the right direction - she is ready to find her true love! Terry visits "Meet-A-Match" headquarters only a couple months after surgery. As a single women for the last two years, she is eager to enter her "last relationship." So with beautiful breasts to keep her smiling, what better way to uncover love than by taking dance lessons with her date? East Coast swing, baby!

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