Dr. 90210 - Season 3, Episode 8


by iEnhance.com | January 30, 2006 @ 12:00PM

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Aired January, 30 2006

Dr. Robert Rey

In the midst of buying a new multimillion dollar home and putting up their current house for sale, Dr. Robert Rey gets the opportunity to travel to Cuauhtémoc, Mexico for a week's worth of pro bono work. Despite the bad timing, he is committed to volunteering his efforts towards treating children with deformities as part of the "The Hirsche Foundation." And although the challenge in working with limited resources in Mexico is extremely frustrating, Hayley is stuck at home trying to make the best of her situation as well. With a vanished appetite, stemming from factors like stress with the kids and in planning the big move, her weight is at an extreme low - 88 pounds. Even with her mother still in town, Hayley is finding it difficult to take care of herself. Yet, seeing what her husband goes through on a daily basis, the last thing she wants to do is complain.

Dr. David Matlock

Dr. 90210 welcomes the fresh perspective of Dr. David Matlock. Amongst his extravagant home, cars, and designer clothing, we also learn that Dr. Matlock is a board certified obstetrician, gynecologist, and cosmetic surgeon. These days, he has limited his practice to "vaginal rejuvenation for the enhancement of sexual gratification" and liposculpture; a body contouring method which he has performed on over 4,000 patients in the last 18 years. Dr. Matlock seems to do everything in style, whether going to work wearing thousand dollar Armani suits and shoes to rolling out in a Hummer limousine for an annual music award show. He is especially known for pioneering and developing Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation™ and Designer Laser Vaginoplasty™, giving his patients a similar feel of class and sophistication.

Dr. Robert's South-of-the-Border Visit

A trip to Cuauhtémoc, Mexico for Dr. Rey becomes a reality check. As soon as he and a few other doctors associated with "The Hirsche Foundation" head to the local hospital, they are greeted by a room full of hopeful families. Board member Dr. Charles Stewart explains that they will see be able to see 70 patients, but due to time and resources, will only be able to schedule about 30 to 40 of them for surgery. Originally nervous about fitting in and being accepted amongst the other doctors, Dr. Rey's emotions quickly shifted and grew intense with frustration when he realized the helpless position he was in. Low and outdated resources held them back from helping numerous patients.

Successful surgeries included an 8-year-old girl named Rosalinda who had her webbed hands separated, and Emmanuel, a 2-month-old baby who underwent cleft lip surgery; helping to prevent further eating and speaking problems in the future. Other problems that Dr. Rey treated were keloid scarring, a collapsed nostril, and a cheek tumor.

Despite little sleep and cramming about a month's worth of surgery into one week, Dr. Rey says that although he went to Mexico to help others, in the end he really ended up helping himself. After sharing his own techniques with the other doctors during surgery and meeting with the patients during post-op visits, Dr. Rey returns to Beverly Hills feeling grateful for his trip down south.

Patient #1:


Liposuction and buttock augmentation

Surgeon: Dr. Matlock

Glaucia is a 33-year-old dancer from West Hollywood who wants to trim down her waist and feel curvier in the rear. She says that while big breasts are highly sought after in the United States, her hometown of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil values the "butt." Therefore in order to feel more confident as a dancer, and simply a Brazilian, she seeks the expertise of Dr. Matlock. After being referred to him from a friend who had buttock augmentation, she looks forward to getting rid of her "love handles" through liposculpting and a rounder backside through fat transfer.

During Glaucia's pre-op visit, Dr. Matlock evaluates her body and explains that her buttock incisions will go directly underneath her cheeks. Dr. Matlock also pinches Glaucia's skin surrounding her sides and abdomen giving her an idea of how much fat he plans to take remove. But as a thin woman already, Glaucia doesn't have much! Still, Dr. Matlock has a plan and with a little pull here and squeeze there, he shows Glaucia how he can give her the results she's looking for.

Come the day of surgery and Glaucia's nerves are at a high. So Dr. Matlock reassures her that everything will work out fine, and after the anesthesia kicks in, he gets to work. The fat transfer procedure is the last stage because he will need to actually extract the fat first from her abdomen area in order to inject it into her buttocks. So once he's attached a skin protector device into her skin at the point of entry to help minimize friction underneath Glaucia's skin, Dr. Matlock performs liposcultpure. According to Dr. Matlock, this procedure does more than simply "suck out fat;" seeing what looks right and feeling the results as he goes actually helps to sculpt the body. Glaucia is then turned over for the fat transfer procedure, all of the fat that was taken out gets prepared, and Dr. Matlock makes tiny incisions underneath her buttocks for fat transfer. Only about 60 cc was removed from her liposculpture procedure, so Dr. Matlock works slowly, and says that if it were about 300 cc it would be comparable to a solid C implant. In Glaucia's case, the minimal amount works well for her because she desires more of a subtle fullness to her thin frame. After Dr. Matlock "molds" her buttocks and makes sure they are symmetrical, her three-hour surgery has come to an end.

Two months later, Glaucia is back to dancing and feeling more confident with her trimmer sides and curvier bottom. And even though she knows it will take about six months to a year for her final results to show, she admits that now she feel her body is perfect!

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