Dr. 90210 - Season 3, Episode 7


by iEnhance.com | January 23, 2006 @ 11:00AM

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Aired January, 23 2006

Dr. Robert Rey ??Dr. Rey is still committed to spending weekend time with Hayley and the kids, but not in the relaxing way his wife envisioned. She is frustrated that he won't slow down and kick up his feet until he has cleaned and organized every room of their house. And when it comes to their living space, the duo agrees that their 3,000 sq. ft. home just isn't doing the job anymore, especially with young children and the numerous toys invading each room of the house. As Hayley tours property in search of the perfect new home, her husband is busy in surgery. Eventually they find the beauty they want; but there's one minor - yet major - glitch. The price is $5 million. Despite its convenient location near his practice, the spacious rooms, and the incredible gym perfect for both of their needs, Dr. Rey is already stressed out over the new mortgage. But they go for it anyway, knowing that quality time with his family and beautiful vacationing will be mandatory sacrifices, because Dr. Rey will have to put even more time in at work. So Hayley's mother Brenda, one of Canada's top real estate agents, comes to town to help them understand the permanence of a contract.

Dr Jason Diamond

With her wedding rapidly approaching, Dr. Jessica Combs goes in for her third fitting and hopes her dress is finally perfect. And it is! Now that the matter with her dream dress is underway, it is time to let loose! Jessica heads off to New York for her bachelorette party. Amongst the gathering of family and friends, the mother-in-laws meet for the first time. Dr. Diamond's mom teaches everybody the Horah in the hotel room, and their new Israeli dance moves keeps everyone giddy and excited for the wedding. Meanwhile back in Southern California, Dr. Diamond hangs out in Palm Desert for his own striper-less bachelor party - playing golf, eating great food, and enjoying a night on the town with the boys.

Patient #1:


Breast Augmentation

Surgeon: Dr. Rey

Heather is a 19-year old who cannot wait for breast implants. The young hopeful from Valencia, Calif. is trying to break into the world of lingerie modeling and feels that a breast enlargement would benefit her career. Not only does she want to fill out her bra size but her pockets as well! Growing up with a best friend who has a DD chest size was never easy for her, because she always felt compared to her. Now wanting breasts sized and shaped just like Sasha's - perfectly round and natural-looking - she can't wait to see what's in store for her. Heather says that breast augmentation will help build her confidence, especially when strutting down the catwalk.

With Sasha in tow, Heather meets with Dr. Rey - determined about getting D-sized implants. Even though her agent suggested against going too big, cautioning her that she may be perceived as being too "artificial," Heather feels that putting her body through the ordeal of surgery for a size C or smaller would be a waste of time. Sasha shows Dr. Rey her breasts so that he can get an idea of what Heather would like her breasts to resemble. He agrees that a fuller size bust will make her more competitive in such a "dog-eat-dog" world; admitting that he sees a lot of patients who want to enhance the commercial aspect of their look as a career booster.

The day of surgery arrives and Heather is still set on the same size. This measures out to 500 cc. Dr. Rey performs her procedure through the transumbilical insertion method. He uses a bullet dissector to create two pockets that run from her belly button to her left breast and to her right breast. Then with the use of a camera and a television monitor he can see where the muscle is. After 10 pumps on each side, Dr. Rey makes sure the breasts are symmetrical and stitches up the belly button. Heather's surgery is complete and with little bleeding and complications, Dr. Rey is extremely happy with her surgery.

Three days later, Heather goes in for her undressing and post-op visit with Dr. Rey. She exclaims that she has had no pain whatsoever, and in fact, she is still waiting for it come! Although Heather is still swollen, she has no bruises. Dr. Rey admits he loves her attitude and how good-spirited she is - even when going a little haywire under general anesthesia before surgery.

Once Heather has healed, she goes back to modeling and admits that her fuller breasts have helped to dramatically increase her income. She says she feels more like a woman, and while lying on the tanning bed in earshot of her friend Sasha, we hear her announce: "People say that life is better when you're blonde. It's like life is better when you have big boobs!"

Patient #2:


Chin Implant

Surgeon: Dr. Diamond

For 30-year-old Tina from Riverside, Calif., a new chin may help her dreams become a reality. In order to make it big in Hollywood with modeling and acting, Tina wants to get an operation to improve her face and benefit her career opportunities. Although Tina has already had much success with being in front of the camera, having years of experience already, she still wants to look as flawless as possible. Tina says that after losing out on a fitness magazine cover shot due to her recessed chin, she knew it was time to get the surgery. So with determination and gusto, Tina visits Dr. Diamond for chin implant surgery.

During her initial visit with Dr. Diamond, Tina talks about the area she would like to improve. He agrees with her that a more projected chin will help her look even better. But when asked if there are any other areas that she has a problem with, Tina says that she is also concerned about her eyes. Dr. Diamond understands that looking good in Hollywood is vital to the success of a model or actress, especially amongst younger competition. Therefore he suggests a thread lift, which is a non-surgical procedure that will slightly raise her brows to give her a refreshed look. Dr. Diamond also suggests treatment to get rid of the hollowness underneath her eyes.

The day of surgery has arrived and Tina and her husband Carmine are both nervous, yet they know that with this surgery, her days of rejection should soon be long gone.

Tina's time in surgery is divided into four stages. Stage one involves extracting fat from her thighs and collecting enough of it into a basin to use for treatment. This is done so Dr. Diamond can utilize the fat transfer method to plump up her under eye area. Stage two follows with tiny injections of fat into her eye troughs, which is done through the crease of her nose because of its discreet location. Chin implant surgery is stage three, and Dr. Diamond explains he must insert the implant under the periosteum very carefully because too much contact with it can cause infection. Tina's thread lift is stage four. For a final touch, he also applies a light chemical peel under her eyelids to freshen it up. After surgery, Dr. Diamond is all smiles and says everything went great!

A week later, Tina goes in for her post-op visit. She is ecstatic with the improvements despite being slightly swollen. To show her the difference from before, Dr. Diamond takes a ruler and holds it vertically from her nose to chin, and together they are delighted with her new profile. With her chin implant, about half an inch has been added. About five weeks later, Tina is shining in her photo shoots and is ready to take on Hollywood.

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