Dr. 90210 - Season 3, Episode 6


by iEnhance.com | January 9, 2006 @ 11:00AM

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Aired January, 9 2006

Dr. Linda Li

Dr. Li is eight months pregnant and finding it hard to say good-bye. Her plan is to take off two weeks before David is born and two weeks afterwards, but her husband Dr. Fulcher says that once the baby is born, she will probably think twice. He knows how difficult it will be for his wife to leave her work behind for now, because as Dr. Li admits, she loves working with her patients. But the time has come for her to give birth. We see them meet with obstetrician/ gynecologist Dr. Allison Hill, and she tells Dr. Li that her body is showing signs that she is ready to go! Dr. Li and welcomes the baby shower that was planned by family and friends, especially after admitting that she had to throw her own wedding shower. After a bittersweet farewell to her friends, Dr. Li and her husband eventually leave for David's delivery. They've decided on a cesarean section, and with much nervousness, anticipation, and excitement, we see a young baby emerge from Dr. Li's womb.

Patient #1:


Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation, nose surgery

Surgeon: Dr. Li

Dora, the 28-year-old medical correspondent from Whittier, Calif., is not just another patient seeking cosmetic surgery. For Dora, getting a new look means risking her health. Since 11 years old, she has suffered from seizures and was diagnosed at an early age with epilepsy. After having her daughter at 19, she endured a three-hour seizure leaving her in a condition that could lead to cardiac arrest. Now Dora has a ventricular defibrillator implanted in her body, which is an electronic device that is used to shock the heart back into rhythm. In order to undergo cosmetic surgery - a breast lift, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty - she must have the defibrillator taken out. Because she wants her body to return to the way it was before having a child, Dora is willing to take that risk. Dr. Li is the only surgeon she could find who felt confident enough to do the surgery despite her heart condition.

Although Dora's husband Oscar supports her decision to get cosmetic surgery, he is concerned with the kind of pain she will be in afterwards, especially knowing all that she's gone through before. But the excitement comes through during the pre-op visit with Dr. Li, and Dora gets to try on 420 cc saline implants under her bra. She and Oscar are both happy with the size. In case of an emergency, Dora learns that her surgery has to be performed in the hospital and to be on the safe side, she must stay overnight. So when the day of surgery arrives, Dora is worried about having her defibrillator taken out. But with her family's support, cardiac electrophysiologist Dr. Marc Girsky at her bed side during surgery in case her heart gives out, and topical defibrillator pads on her body, she goes under anesthesia understanding her risks but looking forward to her new look. At the last minute, she decides to also get rhinoplasty in addition to a breast lift and breast augmentation in order to avoid having to undergo anesthesia another time.

Dr. Li starts off with Dora's left breast, making a crescent-shaped incision around her nipple - the periareolar incision. She says it gives the patient a bit of a lift as she performs breast augmentation at the same time. Once both breasts look symmetrical, Dr. Li closes the incision and moves on to her nose surgery. As she shaves down the bone and cartilage to reduce the hump on Dora's nose, Dr. Li admits that rhinoplasty is a delicate, but tricky, procedure because of their strong structures. Plus, a doctor never wants to take off too much, nor leave too much of the patient's original shape.

Dora comes out of her two-hour surgery feeling slightly sick and spitting up. The cardiologist turns her defibrillator back on, but her discomfort comes from having rhinoplasty. Dr. Li says it's completely expected with nasal surgery, because blood travels down to the stomach. During her post-op visit, Dr. Li takes out Dora's nasal package and her own cardiologist Dr. David Cannon visit her to tell that everything is working out well with her device, and her wounds are healing nicely. Yet because she is low in magnesium, she must take four grams before he lets her go.

Having survived a risky surgery, Dora and her husband both feel relieved, and adore her new image.

Patient #2:


Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, vaginal lift

Surgeon: Dr. Gary Alter

Soledad, a loan officer from Mission Viejo, Calif., is eager to get a little nip-and-tuck. After having twins 14 years ago, the 34-year-old is ready to gain back her youthful body. Going from 90 pounds to 140 pounds, and then bouncing back to 95 pounds only three weeks after giving birth, Soledad is now left with flabby, stretched out skin. As a divorcee, Soledad wants to feel more confident and comfortable. This is especially true for her when wearing cute fashion out-and-about in the evening. She hates to have to tuck in her excess fat that sits on top of her abdomen time and time again. This annoyance brings her to Dr. Gary Alter for a tummy tuck, liposuction, and a vaginal lift. Even though her friends and coworkers tell her that she doesn't need the surgery, as well as her children, she wants to do it to feel better about her appearance.

Dr. Alter evaluates Soledad's body during her pre-op visit, and says that he will be able to reduce the excess amount of skin and stretch marks on her abdomen, but he doesn't promise that he will be able to remove the entire area up to her belly button. Despite feeling completely comfortable with Dr. Alter, Soledad gets nervous with anticipation. She is concerned with how much pain will result from surgery. But that doesn't scare her away!

In surgery, Dr. Alter starts off by cutting below Soledad's c-section scar to free up the fat over the muscle. He then tightens the rectus muscles, which run vertical over her abdomen. Dr. Alter makes the decision to cut all the way up to her belly button in order to temporarily bring up her vaginal area. Admitting that it will eventually go down, he says that doing this will be better than leaving her with a vertical scar. Dr. Alter performs liposuction on her left side, makes a new hole for her belly button, removes the skin, and then closes up her abdomen. Overall, the doctor says that the four-hour surgery was tougher than usual, but he was able to remove more skin than he originally thought possible.

For 24-hour care, Soledad goes to an aftercare center for recovery - loving every minute of it. But when she goes into see Dr. Alter for her post-op visit, he says that her drains have to stay put a little longer because the fluid level is too high. He says that if takes them out, the fluid can accumulate in her wounds. Also, he tells her that she needs to rest! Her sneaking out to shop and run errands must wait until she is completely healed.

And once Soledad has healed - two-piece bathing suits and low waist pants here she comes. Not only is she happy that her surgical experience has ended, her kids are excited to have their mom back. Although, now her daughter complains that Soledad is skinnier than she is!

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