Dr. 90210 - Season 3, Episode 5


by iEnhance.com | January 2, 2006 @ 11:00AM

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Aired January, 2 2006

Dr. Gary Alter

Dr. 90210 welcomes back the unique expertise of Dr. Gary Alter, a board certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. He specializes in cosmetic surgery and genital plastic surgery, consistently utilizing his talent to transform the lives of his patients and their partners through transsexual and reconstructive surgery. The Chicago-born doctor frequently deals with gender and sexuality issues, explaining that sometimes he feels like a relationships doctor. But when it comes to building a personal relationship with that special someone, Dr. Alter is still trying to sort through the difficulty of dating in Los Angeles. He calls the stereotypical assumption that as a doctor he is probably surrounded by beautiful women all the time - an illusion. But we don't see Dr. Alter too down in the dumps. Whether working with his patients, spending quality time on the golf course with fellow surgeons Dr. Jason Diamond and Dr. Paul Nassif, or out-and-about enjoying the nightlife, this doctor may be in for a season of triumphs.

Dr. Jason Diamond

We remember Dr. Jason Diamond closing the last season of Dr. 90210 in celebration! Since proposing to Dr. Jessica Combs, a pediatrician who also practices internal medicine, he has moved offices and enjoys seeing how much his practice has grown. As a Beverly Hills board certified facial plastic surgeon entering his fourth year of practice, Dr. Diamond returns to Dr. 90210 in top-top shape. However, when it comes to planning for the big day, he and his fiancée have yet to find a rabbi who is willing to perform an interfaith wedding ceremony - Jessica is Protestant and Dr. Diamond is Jewish. Despite their respect for one another's religion, the challenge that looms over them is how they are going to raise their children. With time running out - only three weeks left until the wedding - they decide on a Protestant minister to do their wedding; someone Jessica has known for years. Early in the show, Dr. Diamond says that getting engaged has been one of the best decisions he has ever made. However, when it comes to how one another feels about the importance of spirituality and religion, they do not see eye-to-eye. Jessica wants her fiancé to embrace it more than she thinks he does. Dr. Diamond, the surgeon who has referred to himself as the Donald Trump of plastic surgery, looks to have a new challenge ahead.

Dr. Paul Nassif

When it comes to partners and relationships, facial and plastic reconstructive surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif shows us the joy of incorporating married life with a successful career. We see the doctor prepare for national medical conference in Newport Beach by making a video that showcases all of the procedures he does, which will be used as a visual aid for his lecture. Knowing this is an important day for her husband, Dr. Nassif's wife Adrienne goes with him and sits up close and personal to watch him teach. But when things get too graphic as he gives step-by-step analysis of eyelid surgery, Adrienne walks out, but not without saying "I love you" to him first. There's also a first time for everything in Dr. Nassif's home. Wanting to meet her husband's wishes, Adrienne attempts to cook. But not without the guidance and assistance of their personal chef Jamie, who happens to be pop singer Britney Spears' father. She surprises Dr. Nassif with a home-cooked meal, despite the fact that he says it took her about an hour to peel one potato. According to Adrienne, she doesn't plan on leaving her day job any time soon. Dinner is served!

Patient #1:



Surgeon: Dr. Alter

Giving birth is a beautiful thing. But for 26 year-old Carla from Temecula, Calif., the natural childbearing process has left her in excruciating pain for the last year. During the birth of her son, Carla's labia tore in about four directions, leaving her with a ripped right labium and stretched out tissue on both sides. Not only has her appearance dramatically changed, but she is always in pain. She is rarely able to have sex with her husband and the simple brush of clothing irritates her skin in that area. Therefore, in order to correct the problem and help her feel better about herself, Carla goes to Dr. Alter for help. She says she just wants to be whole again, and that she is getting labiaplasty to fix something that shouldn't have been broken in the first place. For Carla, this is her last resort.

During her pre-op visit with Dr. Alter, Carla learns about the basics of labiaplasty. He tells her that the operation should only take about an hour and a half, and in order to protect the healing process, she should restrain from intercourse for one month to about six weeks. Carla opts for local anesthesia with sedation in order to feel . Completely trusting in Dr. Alter, she says she would not think of undergoing this surgery with any other surgeon. He says that the surgery should be successful because he will use very fine sutures and magnification in order to reduce the labia and fix both sides.

The day of surgery arrives and Carla is eager to get the show on the road. Although she gets last minute jitters, with the support of her husband and the expertise of Dr. Alter, she relaxes and looks forward to her new look. Sedated but awake, Carla gets chatty during surgery and asks the doctor the play-by-play move each step of the way. Dr. Alter thinks its amusing but encourages her to fall asleep. He first repairs the right labium, because it has a tear in it. Then he moves to the left labium and reduces it as well. Dr. Alter makes both sides symmetrical.

Carla couldn't be happier coming out of surgery. The doctor says it's like the first day of the rest of her life, and during her post-op surgery, he says that she is healing just perfectly. Feeling more confident with less pain and discomfort, Carla not only gets closer to her husband but is excited to enjoy life again. She feels normal and back to her old self.

Patient #2:


Breast Augmentation

Surgeon: Dr. Alter

Taryn, a 31year-old transsexual from San Diego, Calif., is going to Dr. Alter for breast augmentation surgery. This operation is a major part of his transition towards becoming a full-fledged woman. Taryn has had a gender identity disorder since he was a young child, admitting that this inner conflict has always affected every area of his life. With the support and love from Jennifer, her 22-year-old girlfriend, Taryn is excited to get breast enhancement. He knows that Jennifer would like him to complete the transition so together, they can move past it. Taryn thinks of his surgery as a corrective operation versus cosmetic surgery, and that his goal is never to be perceived as a beautiful woman, but simply, as a woman.

During his pre-op visit with Dr. Alter, Taryn learns that because he has small, male areolas, it will be difficult to have the implants inserted through his nipples. Although understanding the challenges that go into his transition toward becoming a woman, he puts his trust into Dr. Alter, hoping he comes out of surgery with a full C. The doctor tells Taryn that he will do his best to use between 350 and 400 cc.

Yet during surgery, Dr. Alter has extreme difficulty with inserting the implants through Taryn's nipples. But the doctor knows how to overcome this challenge; he incorporates a stage called the "balloon expansion," in which an instrument is placed underneath the muscle of the chest to stretch out the tissue. The balloon makes space for where the implants are going to go, breaking the tissue elasticity to make them fit. Dr. Alter was able to make Taryn a 36 C!

Three weeks after surgery, the new Taryn meets with Dr. Alter for a post-op visit. With minimal bruising and new breasts to love, she is happy with the results. Dr. Alter shows her how to massage her implants to keep them looking healthy, and explains that as she continues to heal, they will drop and look even more natural. When it comes to naturally looking like a woman, Taryn says she definitely plans to have more plastic surgery. For more feminine-looking features, she looks forward to getting a brow lift and rhinoplasty. And with Jennifer by her side, they are even closer than ever and are enjoying Taryn's gender transformation.

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