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by iEnhance.com | December 19, 2005 @ 11:00AM

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Aired December, 19 2005

Dr. William P. Aiello

This Orange County cosmetic surgeon may be a newcomer to Dr. 90210, but he has been in practice for about 18 years. Dr. William P. Aiello is the medical director of Ocean Plastic Surgery Center, and a known leader in breast augmentation surgeries of Southern California. He also specializes in microvascular reconstructive surgery. Orange County has become a perfect spot for him to practice plastic surgery, especially with sailing, scuba diving, and fishing – his favorite pastimes – right in his backyard. A former marine biologist, Dr. Aiello originally hails from Brooklyn. He received his medical doctorate from the University of Rome, and simply believes: patients want to find a doctor who will treat them with respect and do a good job.

Dr. Dean A. Manus

An internationally-published author in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Dean A. Manus comes on board with Dr. 90210 as a double board-certified surgeon in general surgery and plastic and reconstructive surgery. At the Beverly Hills Surgical Institute, Dr. Manus also sub-specializes in breast and body contouring. He has performed plastic surgery for 13 years, having received his medical degree from Rush Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center in Chicago. Dr. Manus is known for working with a diverse range of patients, such as young athletes and those in the fitness industry.


Surgeon: Dr. Aiello


Liposuction, Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck

Jenny, a 24 year-old beauty from Lakewood, Calif., is overweight and unhappy with her image. She remembers being on Jenny Craig in the third grade, and recalls starving herself throughout high school to secure a spot on the cheerleading squad. When she finally gained it all back as a teenager, all she heard was, "She has such a pretty face; too bad she's overweight." Now wanting to match her face to a better body, Jenny decides that plastic surgery is the best route to improve her appearance, as well as her self-esteem. So she goes in to meet with Dr. Aiello about getting liposuction on her chin and for the contouring of her hips. She also decides on breast augmentation, a breast lift, and a tummy tuck.

With a supportive family on her side, Jenny's biggest worry is the amount of pain she's going to encounter after surgery. But her mother's main concern is if Dr. Aiello will remove enough fat for her daughter to be happy. Due to the excess weight Jenny carries on her body, the doctor explains that she won't be thin after the surgery, but she will probably feel like a "princess." As for going through the experience of plastic surgery, Jenny is not alone. Her younger sister Mary will also be meeting with Dr. Aiello for cosmetic surgery. Their mother is hoping that plastic surgery will bring them closer because they're practically polar opposites; Mary's the social one and Jenny is more reserved.

For the first step in surgery, Dr. Aiello inserts her implants through a periareolar incision, in which the implant is then placed underneath the breast. The size she wants is a 36DD, which is measured out to 750 cc. Fifteen syringes are needed to fill up her implants. Jenny's left breast was made slightly larger to even out her asymmetry. The breast lift follows the enhancements. Liposuction is then performed on her chin before getting to her midsection. Even though the excess fat makes it difficult for Dr. Aiello to inject medication at the right level, he is eventually able to remove about six pounds of fat; this comes out to 2800 cc. Jenny's surgery is complete after getting a tummy tuck to smooth out her abdomen.

Once her healing has ended, she is extremely happy with the results and feels more confident to go out in public. Dr. Aiello says that there may be a 5 to 10 percent chance that Jenny will need follow-up surgery one day, but admits these procedures are a good jumpstart for her in taking better care of herself through dieting and exercise.


Surgeon: Dr. Aiello


Breast Augmentation

Mary says she has gotten teased for a flat chest since junior high school, and now at 17, she wants to change that. Whereas her sister Jenny is seeking a full body makeover, Mary is seeking only one procedure. Or one more, for that matter. Three weeks earlier, she underwent rhinoplasty to improve the tip of her nose.

We learn that Mary does think a 17 year-old getting breast augmentation surgery is young; she admits that if she heard of someone the same age getting that procedure she would feel the same way most adults probably do. Although, she especially looks forward to not being teased anymore. Since her mom offered to buy them for her, why not! When meeting with Dr. Aiello, she decides to get a full C cup, which will be 510 cc. While many girls get cars for their graduation gifts, the doctor half-heartedly says these days it's common for them to get a new rack instead! Her boyfriend and best friend both don't think she needs them, but are both supportive with her decision.

Mary's surgery goes smoothly, and like her sister Jenny, the implants are also inserted through the periareolar incision. With only a few days left until school starts, Mary has time to rest and heal before showing off her new look amongst her friends and classmates.

Once healed and hanging out on the beach in a bikini, Mary looks confident with her new breasts. She says that now, she feels like a "real woman." With an experience in common and new looks to love, she and her sister may be even closer than ever!


Surgeon: Dr. Manus


Cheek implant removal and replacement

Tabitha, a 35 year-old adult entertainer from Los Angeles, Calif. is a self-proclaimed addict of plastic surgery. She's had six breast surgeries, three rhinoplasty operations, chin implants, fat transfer, Botox, and Restylane. And now she would like to have her cheek implants removed and replaced, because she says they are becoming a nuisance. When Tabitha looks down she says she can't see anything, plus they are painful near her eyes.

Her involvement with adult film started at 25 years old as a rich, bored housewife. And although she is now out of the porn industry, her image is still very important to her. She says that getting plastic surgery at a young age is very addicting, and that girls who are 16, 17, and 18 years old should wait until they're older because they're bodies are changing. Tabitha admits to seeing problems on her body that probably aren't even there, but says for the rest of her life she will be getting plastic surgery; admitting that she would "flip out if her skin sagged."

So for her first revision surgery, Tabitha meets for Dr. Manus for a consultation. He says the difficulty in replacing cheek implants is not only because there is a high risk of tissue atrophy and thinning of the tissue, but that performing plastic surgery on someone who relies on her image as a career move puts a lot of pressure on the surgeon. But the surgery is necessary because Tabitha was in pain.

Her cheek implants are removed through her mouth, which is also where they are replaced. Dr. Manus uses a titanium screw to secure her new implants. No incisions are made on her facial skin; she is only stitched on the inside of her mouth. Tabitha emerges from surgery puffy and completely swollen, but her new implants end up feeling more comfortable and soften her face. Happy with her new look, Tabitha is already thinking ahead. After watching a recent video she worked on, and noticing her body, she says she could use some work on the back of her legs. Also, she wants to slenderize her baby toes because they're too chubby!

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