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by iEnhance.com | December 12, 2005 @ 11:00AM

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Aired December, 12 2005

Dr. Robert Rey

Discussion in the Rey household has gone from baby matters to animal matters. Hayley's not-so-potty-trained, mini-dogs are running amuck and Dr. Robert Rey is ready for a guard dog. Even though Hayley feels inclined to allow her husband to get the dog he wants, considering she's not giving in to having a third child right now, she is overtly concerned over the safety of having a German shepherd around their young children. But soon she has a change of heart. Dr. Rey and Hayley take their children too meet the owner of K-9 Academy to witness how trained a big dog can really be. After noticing how comfortable Robby and Sydney feel around the dog, Hayley tells Dr. Rey that she is fine with taking on a new canine family member.

Dr. Julian Omidi

As one of the new doctors on the show, Dr. Julian Omidi comes into the picture with the love of helping patients look beautiful. He is a board certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon who enjoys performing non-surgical, state-of-the-art laser facelifts. Dr. Omidi has been in practice for over five years in Southern California, previously serving as chief resident at St. Louis University School of Medicine. When it comes to his personal life, Dr. Omidi has been seeing Aura, a 22-year-old law student. She says that although he is notoriously known for dating a lot women, she thinks he'll be able to eventually settle down. Another important woman in his life is his mother Cindy, the young-looking bombshell who also handles his finances and constantly gets mistaken for his wife, girlfriend, or sister.

Dr. Michael Omidi

While his brother particularly enjoys performing non-invasive facelifts, Dr. Michael Omidi is passionate about operating, in which his brother describes him as more of a "doctor's doctor." The fun he has in exploring different types of plastic surgery drives him in his practice. Based in Beverly Hills, his practice stretches from the Antelope Valley to the Inland Empire. His specialties range from aesthetic surgery, like abdominoplasty and breast augmentation, to reconstructive surgeries that can help to rebuild a patient's self-confidence. Dr. Omidi says since leaving his home in Miami he has been in a long-distance, three-year relationship, and seems unsure of what their future holds.

Patients #1:
Christy, Mary, and Amy (sisters)

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey


Breast Augmentation

Dr. Rey has his hands full this time around with three sisters, three unique surgeries, and three different results. Each gal comes to love their new look after last-minute decisions and through the support of one another.

Christy, 28

At Summit Surgical Center in Beverly Hills, the girls from Sherman Oaks, Calif. meet with Dr. Rey for the initial consultation where each one talks about their preferences with sizing. Christy, who is the oldest and most conservative, wants her breasts to look as natural as possible after getting saline implants. Her breast implants are inserted through the nipple, which is the periareolar incision. She tells Dr. Rey that she would like 400 cc – a full C, and he says it's a good choice.

But just as the anesthesia kicks in, Christy suggests a size change to Dr. Rey. She now wants to go to 450 cc, and even though Dr. Rey admits that he thinks that size may give her better results, he knows that having a patient make decision changes while under anesthesia is not ethical. Despite a smooth surgery, Christy's anxiety and stress from undergoing a major change makes her emotional afterwards. But since she's the first one in and out of surgery, her sisters and husband are with her for comfort. One down and two to go!

Amy, 24

Confident and ready for surgery, Amy is going in for implant replacement and size changes. Her original implants were 375 cc. Due to rippling and noticeable asymmetry, Amy qualifies for the use of silicone implants, which she will have inserted through the nipple like Christy. Dr. Rey will also remove an ugly scar that she had from her previous surgery, which sat underneath her breast.

At first during the initial consultation, Amy was set on two different sizes – 450 cc and 500 cc – to even them out. But after Dr. Rey notices that Christy should have probably gone bigger, he encourages Amy to make the right decision before going under anesthesia. After much thinking, Amy finally decides on 500 cc and 550cc, which turns out practically perfect. When taking out the old implants, Dr. Rey notices how her right rib cage caves in slightly forcing that implant to sink in, and explains to viewers that this is what caused her asymmetry. Dr. Rey admits that Amy's last-minute changes turn out to benefit her results.

Mary, 22

The youngest of the bunch, Mary seeks breast augmentation with hopes of proportioning out her body. She says she works out all the time and is tired of losing weight from her breasts. Mary is the last one to go in for surgery. After seeing what her sisters go through with deciding on the best size for their body, she decides to go bigger from her original size. She first told Dr. Rey that she'd prefer just over 350 cc, but goes on to decide that 400 cc would probably give her the look she's after.

Mary's surgery stands apart from her sisters because she will have the least scarring – through the belly button. Also known as the transumbilical incision, saline implant are rolled up tightly and pushed up to the breast area with a special instrument. Out of all the girls, Dr. Rey seems to be the most happy with the results of Mary's surgery. But he knows that once swelling ceases and healing is complete, each girl will be pleased with their results.

After they have healed and no longer have to rely on painkillers, Christy, Amy, and Mary head out for the evening. With sexy clothing and confident attitudes, we see them enjoying the night, and the attention they're attracting with their new looks!

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Michael Omidi



For 27-year-old Ton, a tattooed actor and stuntman who owns "Reptile Rescue," liposuction is his last resort. Poor eating, drinking, and smoking habits contribute to his heavy weight and flabby skin. Admitting that he's tried dieting and exercising, Ton is ready to start anew and improve his body contour.

So Ton meets with Dr. Michael Omidi during his consultation visit to discuss plastic surgery and how liposuction will help him look better. He tells Ton that he must stop smoking two weeks before surgery and directly afterwards. For someone who smokes about two packs a day, this will be a challenge. But Ton follows through with Dr. Omidi's directions anyway!

Through power-assisted liposuction, Ton gets unwanted fat extracted from his chest, flanks, stomach, and legs. Because the majority of his fat rests in these areas, Dr. Omidi decides to suction out the maximum amount of fat removal – 5 ½ liters of fat. He explains that if he takes out more than that, complications will arrive. Surgery goes well, and Ton emerges wanting a beer and a cigarette! Five weeks after surgery, he's about 33 pounds lighter, and says his knees and back do not hurt as much. Ton also says that with less fat in those areas he is able to sleep much better. Although eventually going back to smoking, he cut it down to about a pack and-a-half a day, he has changed his eating habits, gone down jean sizes, and plans to keep up a new modified lifestyle. Overall, Ton is feeling great now!

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