Dr. 90210 - Season 3, Episode 2


by iEnhance.com | December 5, 2005 @ 10:00AM

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Aired December, 5 2005

Dr. Robert Rey Despite Dr. Rey's yearning for a third child, Hayley's not budging with her decision. She has no plans in getting pregnant anytime soon, especially because the "sibling rivalry" between their daughter Sydney and young son Robby seems to be getting worse. Sydney is at the stage where she doesn't want to share her toys with Robby, and Haley couldn't imagine adding another child to the mix. Dr. Rey is attentive to Haley's needs and her reasoning, but deep down he still would like to build onto their family.

Dr. Linda Li

It's a boy! Dr. Li and Dr. Fulcher are ecstatic to know the sex of their baby. Dr. Fulcher even goes out and buys matching elephant-printed swim trunks for he and "David." In preparing for his arrival, Dr. Li and her husband meet with Pat Murphy, their financial consultant, to learn about ways to save for David's college fund. Dr. Li says she would love to have him follow in her footsteps and go to medical school, but Dr. Fulcher does not want to push him into medicine; he just wants him to be happy with whatever path he decides to pursue. As the couple light-heartedly plans for David's future, such as whether he should play an instrument or take ballet, you can just feel the excitement in the air. And when it comes to surgery, Dr. Li is taking it easy; sitting down instead of standing towards the end of the operation when she's stitching up a patient's incisions.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Li


Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction

Just a year ago, 18-year-old Natalie weighed 311 pounds. After recently having gastric bypass surgery and losing 160 pounds, the make-up artist from Manhattan Beach, Calif. weighs in only at 150. She admits that she was a compulsive overeater her whole life; eating when she was depressed and even when she would lose the weight, it would all come back. And because she doesn't like to exercise, weight loss surgery was the best decision for her to make. But now with excess skin draping her body, Natalie wants a few procedures to improve her contour.

She meets with Dr. Li for the initial consultation visit to talk about getting breast augmentation, breast lift, and a tummy tuck. But after Dr. Li looks over Natalie's body, she also suggests liposuction for around her waist and near her hips. Although she is nervous about undergoing plastic surgery, Natalie is eager to shop for new clothes, travel, and "pick up boys." She also wants to look good amongst her clients. Having worked in the make-up industry since she was 15, Natalie knows the importance of maintaining a beautiful image. Dr. Li explains that getting a tummy tuck will be more painful as compared to gastric bypass, because the incisions are much bigger this time around. She also notices that Natalie's right breast hangs down more than the left, so when doing the lift she will need to bring the nipple up higher. Dr. Li admits though, that as Natalie's body changes, she may need to eventually get a full breast lift.

Natalie picks a full-size implant for proportion, but her mother doesn't want her to go too big because when middle-age approaches she wonders how they will look. Dr. Li explains to Natalie's mother that her size was determined by her bone structure, which won't change as she ages.

Emerging from surgery wonderfully, Natalie loves her look, and eventually goes back to meet with Dr. Li a week later to get her drains pulled. And once she is healed, the young woman from Southern California hits designer shops and buys the clothes she was always meant to wear.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey


Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck

Shea is a 32-year-old senior project manager in Glendora, Calif. After losing about 120 pounds from calorie-counting and exercising, she isn't happy with the way her body looks now. The excess skin is bulky around her middle, and she would like to enhance the size of her breasts. Overall, while it's great to look good in clothes, Shea wants to finally look great without them.

Many people lose weight, like Natalie, through weight loss surgery – but that wasn't the route that Shea wanted to go. She says that she is typically a stress eater, and the reasons for her unhealthy eating patterns were not going to be solved by gastric bypass surgery. So instead, she goes in for finishing touches to her natural, weight-loss success. Specifically, Shea will get breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. During her meeting with Dr. Rey for an initial consultation visit, Shea arrives with her sister Starla. She explains her situation to him, and he is blown away by her commitment to losing weight. Together they decide on 450 cc's, and even though Shea would have wanted to go bigger, she doesn't see herself aging with really big bust size. Dr. Rey says that the implants will change the droopiness and give her better shape.

Before the big day, Dr. Rey decides to take Shea to his gym where he practices Tae Kwon Do. She also studies the art form, so not only do they exchange moves, but Dr. Rey gets a little tough on her!

During surgery, the doctor begins with a breast lift, moves to augmentation, and then performs a tummy tuck. The incision is first made at the nipple, and then removes the breast tissue that was making her sag. Preparing Shea's body for a tummy tuck, Dr. Rey sprays medication inside her body so that she is uncomfortable when she wakes up. He removes the excess skin surrounding her stomach, as well as the "pooch" near her vagina. The final step was creating a new belly button for Shea.

With a surgery that went well and a healthy recovery, Shea comes out of the experience more confident. Feeling more comfortable in her skin, she looks forward to dating and the possibility of getting married. The only drawback for Shea is taking a break from abdominal exercises due to her tummy tuck, in which she must take a break from for about six months to a year. But when she does, she may want to meet up again with Dr. Rey for a final match!

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