Dr. 90210 - Season 3, Episode 13


by iEnhance.com | March 6, 2006 @ 01:00PM

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Aired March 6 2006

Dr. Robert Rey

Can he do it? Dr. Rey's black belt test is around the corner and with the possibility that he could damage his surgical hands in the process infuriates Hayley. Not only does she not want to see her husband hurt, but believes that he is putting the livelihood of their family at risk. In one false move - there goes his practice, their new house, and their old property still in escrow. So instead of witnessing a potential life-altering mistake, Hayley is a no-show on the big day. In its place, she focuses on herself and spends a day with her personal trainer getting into shape. In overcoming poor eating habits, Hayley is feeling good again and taking the time to focus on positive nutritional and fitness habits.

As for his own fitness plans, Dr. Rey's commitment to Tae Kwon Do finally brings him to the point of no return. He is determined to see the test through in an effort to battle inner demons created by an emotionally-abusive father. And Dr. Rey would never dream of leaving behind unfinished business, considering he been training the last seven years for this moment. But then the masters throw a curve at him - explaining that he must break two bricks instead of just one in order to pass. And so he does! Dr. Rey has conquered mind over matter and takes it seriously when he is told that the black belt isn't to wear around his waist - but in his heart.

Patient #1:


Breast Reduction, Breast Lift

Surgeon: Dr. William Aiello

Tired of her size FF breasts, Roxanne seeks the familiar talent of plastic surgeon Dr. William Aiello for breast reduction and a breast lift. The 38-year-old topless dancer from Las Vegas is ready to retire from the adult industry and go back to school for nursing, so she decides to reduce the size of her breasts for a more professional career. Roxanne has had three successful breast augmentation surgeries with Dr. Aiello - and now she can't wait to meet with him again. This time, she presents him with a unique operation.

From size C to D, and then a leap to FF, Roxanne admits that large breasts definitely benefit a dancer's career, but now she is ready for a new beginning. After six years on stage, she doesn't want to be seen as an object anymore.

During her pre-op visit, Dr. Aiello explains that she will have an extreme amount of breast tissue when he takes out her implants. She will go from about an 1800 cc implant to 800 cc. Dr. Aiello says that he normally doesn't reduce someone from such a big size through the removal of breast implants; and when it comes to a breast lift he usually works with normal skin. Because Roxanne is mostly just skin and muscle, Dr. Aiello says that this breast lift will be quite a challenge.

Dr. Aiello first removes Roxanne's implants through her nipples, which leaves only loose, stretched out skin. Dr. Aiello says that this is not standard operation by any means. Then he inserts the 800 cc implants, which go in quite easily considering that he is replacing something twice its size. Once both breasts have new implants in, the excess skin that needs to be removed is clamped down. For the breast lift, he removes about five inches of skin from underneath her breasts in order to give Roxanne an improved contour. Once Dr. Aiello makes sure she is balanced, he insets the nipple, and puts in over 100 stitches in both breasts. After four hours of surgery time, Roxanne has gone from a FF to a full D. Admitting that he wasn't sure how it would turn out; Dr. Aiello is pleased with the results.

Two days later, Roxanne goes in for her post-op visit wearing a bra; after not being able to wear one for a long time because she could not find one to fit her large size. She is anxious to see the results, especially when Dr. Aiello walks in carrying a gift bag with her original implants in. She looks at them and cannot believe how big they are! As Roxanne peers in the mirror at her smaller bust size, Dr. Aiello explains that although they are stretched tightly from the breast lift and are sitting high from the augmentation surgery, soon they will drop and look more natural.

And about a month later, we see Roxanne shopping for nursing scrubs with hopes that she gets accepted into the program. She loves her smaller breast size and is radiating with excitement. A new image and career choice to enjoy!

Patient #2:


Testicle Implant

Surgeon: Dr. Gary Alter

Joe, a 21-year old from Spring Grove, PA, wants to feel more confident and most importantly - like a "man." When he was 6 years old, he suffered from testicular torsion, and was taken to the hospital for enlargement caused by a twisted tube. So as a child, Joe had to have one of his testicles removed; then getting older, he realized that he only had one. This prompted teasing for years. Recently returning home as a marine from overseas and losing close friends in war, Joe wants to take this small step and do something for himself. This puts Dr. Gary Alter, a doctor who specializes in cosmetic and genital surgery, to work.

During his pre-op visit, Dr. Alter shows him the types of silicone implants balls to choose from; understanding the importance of a young man needing this surgery to feel more comfortable in intimate relationships. Dr. Alter explains the incision method to Joe and that he will do his best to make them symmetrical, but points out that no man's testicles hang at the same level. With excitement, Joe admits that this is something he has wanted his whole life.

All in all, this surgery takes 30 minutes for Dr. Alter to complete. And while it is generally considered a minor procedure, he knows that testicle implant surgery will have a major impact on Joe's life.

In preparation for the procedure, the patient gets local anesthesia. Alter makes a tiny incision for the solid silicone implant, inserts it, and closes the incision. With excellent positioning of the implant, Joe's results are symmetrical making Dr. Alter happy with helping someone feel better about their body. Lying down after his surgery, Joe says that this is another chapter closed.

But then Joe leaves Dr. Alter wondering if everything went well, because he keeps his space and doesn't return any calls for a post-op visit!

Patient #3:


Labiaplasty and Liposuction

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey

It seems only natural for someone who is immersed in the world of plastic surgery to desire beautiful results as well. Heather, a 24-year-old from Los Angeles, Calif. works as a surgery scheduler for Dr. Rey. After having two young daughters, a 2-year-old and 5-year-old, she wants to return to her pre-pregnancy body. Although a size 0 with a slim figure, Heather would like liposuction of her belly and flanks, as well as labiaplasty to reduce a continuous discomfort. She says that before childbirth, sex was pleasurable. But now, the extra skin hurts her during intimacy and wants to get rid of it. So who else would she turn to, except her employer - Dr. Rey!

During her pre-op visit, Dr. Rey takes a look at the areas where Heather would like surgery. Noticing the volume loss of her labia, he says that the fat transfer procedure can be effective on those lips as well; using the fat from liposuction. Dr. Rey says that operating on an employee is no different than on a regular patient, and Heather says that considering Dr. Rey is more like a father figure, she feels comfortable with him.

Yet on the day of surgery, and sitting in the waiting room for over five hours, her nerves and anxiety kick in. It's time to get this over with! But before she is rolled in the operating room, Dr. Rey shows a labiaplasty diagram and what he will exactly be doing. Before she undergoes general anesthesia, he reassures her that she is good care.

Due to her small size, Dr. Rey cannot remove a massive amount of fat from her flanks and belly with liposuction. So he must be gentle, because with one false move an organ could get punctured. Then moving south with a favorable attitude towards genital surgery, Dr. Rey is excited to recreate this body part to help improve Heather's image. For optimal results, he also performs vaginoplasty. This involves the excision of fat from her labia minor because it is elongated, and then after harvesting the fat saved from liposuction, Dr. Rey plumps her labia majora through tiny injections. Three hours later, he happy with the results of a rejuvenated and perfectly-even private part, as well as her sleeker midsection.

After waking up from surgery, Dr. Rey tells her that everything went well - and she should take a couple of weeks off before she comes back to work. And when Heather does come back, she is more confident than ever! Arriving to her post-op visit in a mini-skirt and midriff top, she takes "after" photos and says she is excited to wear fashion that shows off her smooth belly that also accentuates her breasts. Dr. Rey takes a look at her body and says that in all areas, she is healing well...Now back to work!

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