Dr. 90210 - Season 3, Episode 11


by iEnhance.com | February 20, 2006 @ 01:00PM

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Aired February, 20 2006

Dr. Robert Rey

It's a new day for Hayley Rey! She knows that in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, she must wholeheartedly eat meals and exercise. And in doing so, she looks toward the direction of her husband not only for support – but as an example. With three new pounds added to her petite frame, Hayley gears up with her longtime friend Isabelle to go to their first-ever Pilates class; admitting that neither one of them have worked out since high school. Although Dr. Rey would like her to join him and take Tae Kwon Do, she does not want to commit herself to anything she knows she won't stay with. This time around, Hayley wants to do things her way. And right behind her is little Sydney, who is voicing her opinions on what she does and does not want to do. These days, her interest in Tae Kwon Do is fading as she becomes passionate about ballet. Although daddy is disappointed that Sydney is inching away from his own passion, he stays focused on preparing for a black belt tournament. Yet Dr. Rey must stay careful – one wrong move could damage his hands and force him to say bye-bye to his plastic surgery practice forever.

Dr. Julian Omidi and Dr. Michael Omidi

For the Omidi brothers, balancing romantic relationships and the demands of busy practices is an ongoing challenge. During their Friday-night dinner tradition among relatives, we learn about the Omidis value of family. Julian mentions that the "ultimate happiness" in Persian culture is marriage. And these days, he and his on-and-off girlfriend Aura are spending less and less time together due to busy schedules. Julian says that the stress in their own lives are now adding stress to their relationship. With her graduating from law school and considering a move to San Francisco, their future looks hazy. Michael says that now that he and his brother have met beautiful women, they will soon have to make decisions. And their next major decision may be to lay low and refrain from salsa dancing!

Patient #1:


breast augmentation and lift, Rhinoplasty, liposuction

Surgeon: Dr. Julian Omidi and Dr. Michael Omidi

Amanda is ready to take control of her life. This 27-year-old from Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. has become too comfortable lounging around at home and doing nothing. So with the support of her family, she is ready to take a break from her sedentary lifestyle and enhance her appearance with cosmetic surgery. Admitting that she is still a virgin, Amanda is eager to socialize and meet new people. However, she will only do so if she has a body to be proud of. She says she has always been teased about her weight, so Amanda will meet with Dr. Julian Omidi and Dr. Michael Omidi for a variety of procedures, including breast augmentation, a breast lift, nose surgery, and liposuction.

Although excited about getting surgery, especially because it will help her breath easier, Taylor admits that she is scared that she won't like the way her singing voice sounds like afterwards. During her pre-op visit, Dr. Nassif evaluates her nose. He agrees that rhinoplasty will help her condition and make her feel more confident.

Board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Michael Omidi recalls meeting with Amanda before, and the same procedures that she wanted then – she wants now. In the midst of weight fluctuation, her breasts lost their original shape and now sag. Therefore to regain the fullness she once had at 18, Dr. Michael Omidi explains how augmentation and a lift will benefit her. To get rid of excess fat in her midsection, the doctor tells her that he will use a method called "bikini liposuction," which is where the majority of her incisions are going to be.

For a total makeover, she also seeks the expertise of Dr. Julian Omidi, a board certified dermatologist. During Amanda's pre-op visit, he tells her that a micro-peel using an Urbium Laser will help to take the brown out of her base and help her skin become much smoother. He says that besides being red for a few days, and then peeling for a few more, she should be happy with the results. Dr. Julian Omidi will perform her treatment the same day as her surgery.

The day of surgery arrives and Amanda's mother is right by her side; hoping that the surgery will build her daughter's confidence. Dr. Julian Omidi gets things moving with a variety of facial treatments. After laser mole removal, Restylane injections for laugh lines and lip augmentation, and laser resurfacing to help remove brown spots and zap freckles – Amanda undergoes anesthesia for her surgery with Dr. Michael Omidi. Utilizing the periareolar incision – through the nipple – for breast augmentation, he is able to bring her to 400 cc, which is about a small D cup. For the breast lift, Dr. Michael Omidi removes excess skin from underneath her breasts before moving onto liposuction.

Through the bikini liposuction method, he takes out about 3 ½ liters of fat; averaging between seven and eight pounds. Then rhinoplasty completes Amanda's transformation. He knows that she does not want to look like she had a "nose job" nor eliminate all of her ethnic features, so he modestly reduces her tip cartilage and chisels down the hump bone. With much success, Amanda's surgery is complete and Dr. Michael Omidi is extremely pleased.

As for her post-op visit, it's a two-in-one experience. She gets to meet with the brothers during the same visit. Both Dr. Julian Omidi and Dr. Michael Omidi are amazed with Amanda's results. It's a new beginning for this Southern California gal, and after she has healed and swelling ceases, she updates her wardrobe, gets her hair styled and jumps right into dating and night life excitement. Now with a newly-vamped image to be proud of, she says that it's now her turn to be picky!

Patient #2:


breast augmentation and lift, tummy tuck, liposuction of the inner and outer thighs

Surgeon: Dr. Linda Li

Jennifer, a 34-year-old stage mom from Santa Monica, wants to give herself an image touch-up. She admits that balancing double duty as mother and manager of her children's acting careers is difficult, yet proud of their talent and landing roles in major motion pictures. She says she feels like she has "fallen apart" since giving birth to three children. Therefore, she would like to undergo cosmetic surgery to feel better about her body. So with excitement, she goes in to meet with Dr. Linda Li for a pre-op visit. Jennifer wants to get a breast augmentation and lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction of the inner and outer thighs.

Her pre-op visit with Dr. Li turns out great, especially considering their bond with childbearing. After learning that the incisions for her tummy tuck and liposuction procedures will be placed low enough that even in a bikini, they will not be visible to others, Jennifer can't wait to show off her belly and fill out her shirts!

Jennifer borrows a friend's bikini and wears it to surgery – having not worn a bikini for years, she doesn't own one. But she wants her results to come out as accurate as possible!

Getting started, Dr. Li uses a crescent-shaped incision for her breast augmentation through the periareolar method. After inserting the hollow implant sacs, Jennifer goes from a small B to a full C. Once her bust is balanced and lifted, Dr. Li moves onto her tummy tuck. During this procedure, she tightens the abdominal muscles and removes the excess skin. She then sews her belly button back and repositions it to her new contour. Liposuction is next. Dr. Li starts with her hips, aiming to give her a more feminine figure and finishes with liposuction of Jennifer's thighs. The surgery goes smoothly and this stage mom has another accomplishment to revel in – a new body!

Even with the agonizing thrill from Dr. Li pulling the drains out from her belly button six days later during the post-op visit, Jennifer is more than pleased with her slimmer midsection and fuller breasts. She knows that the darkened scars from the tummy tuck and liposuction procedure will need time to heal and fade. And with a supportive family by her side, Jennifer emerges from her plastic surgery experience with an energetic spirit. Just one perk with her new look? She can confidently get dolled up in a sexy dress for a romantic dinner with her husband.

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