Dr. 90210 - Season 3 - Episode 10


by iEnhance.com | February 13, 2006 @ 01:00PM

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Aired February, 13 2006

Dr. Robert Rey

At home, things are hectic. At work, things are hectic. With their house still not sold, Dr. Robert Rey is running around his office between pre-ops, follow-ups, and surgery. With an influx of 300 e-mails a day, 13 to 15 surgeries a week, and the possibility of seeing about 35 patients during consult days, his time is committed to the craziness of plastic surgery demands. He even had to hire a "surgery scheduler" to help keep him on track. Now with the responsibility of paying two mortgages, the original plan that he and his wife shared has gone poof! The purchase of their multi-million dollar home was supposed to ensure Dr. Rey's time spent with the family – but so far that's not happening. And on the homefront, Hayley is becoming more and more stressed with her own battle. A stay-at-home mom and the sole person in charge of their finances, she finds herself skipping meals and at a loss of energy day-in and day-out. Knowing that her health is in danger, she started a food journal to track her eating habits – or lack thereof – and Dr. Rey is alarmed at the results.

Dr. Jason Diamond

Hello to new beginnings! Not only are Dr. Jason Diamond and his fiancée Jessica leaving behind the days of singlehood, but it's time to pack up and get ready to leave behind a modest apartment for a town home. After their Kentucky wedding, they want to come back and feel prepared for their big move. So with boxes piled high, old photo albums being discovered for the first time, and Jessica taking charge of it all – we see their relationship transition into a new phase. After arriving cross country for an outside joint-religious ceremony, they get to spend time earlier at the race tracks in Lexington with family and friends. While Jessica eases her nerves amongst bridesmaids and getting dolled up for the big moment, Dr. Diamond finishes up a game of golf, and finally realizing at the 5th hole that his bachelorhood days have come to an end. Then kissing his bride and walking down the aisle, this plastic surgeon is all smiles.

Patient #1:



Surgeon: Dr. Paul Nassif

For 15-year-old Taylor from Calabasas, Calif., the idea of pursuing a singing career means the world. As a freshman in high school also involved with dance and cheerleading, she adores writing her own music and letting her voice shine in the studio. But over the course of her youth, she's broken her nose five times, making it incredibly hard for her to breath. Not only is it uncomfortable for her on a daily basis, but she believes that it has negatively affected her singing and projection. Also when Taylor dances, she feels like she's not getting enough air. So with the support of her mother, this gal seeks the experience of Dr. Paul Nassif for rhinoplasty.

Although excited about getting surgery, especially because it will help her breath easier, Taylor admits that she is scared that she won't like the way her singing voice sounds like afterwards. During her pre-op visit, Dr. Nassif evaluates her nose. He agrees that rhinoplasty will help her condition and make her feel more confident.

The day of surgery is here, and Dr. Nassif will incorporate more than one nose surgery technique to give her the best results. He starts off with septorhinoplasty by straightening out and removing some of her septum, which is a mixture of bone and cartilage that separates the left and right nasal airways. Dr. Nassif then reduces the size of the overly-large soft tissue inside her nasal cavity because the septum originally pushed it over. So he micro-fractures the turbinate bone to help enlarge her airway, which is known as turbinoplasty. Then Dr. Nassif performs closed rhinoplasty to take off Taylor's hump. He resets her nasal bones and her two-surgery comes to an end. Dr. Nassif is happy with how Taylor's operation unfolded, having no doubt that she will look great once she is healed.

One week after surgery, Taylor goes in to see Dr. Nassif for a post-op visit. She is still a little swollen, but in no doubt, better shape then when she went in. She tells him that besides feeling nauseous and dizzy, she doesn't feel any pain. She's excited to see the results! And once he takes of her bandage, Taylor and her mom are both impressed with her new nose. Dr. Nassif takes out only some of her nasal packing, but tells her that that because she is still healing on the inside, some of it must remain for a bit longer. With a slender-looking profile and better functionality on the inside, she swears that breaking her nose again will never happen again!

About a month and a half later, Taylor is back in the studio to record a single. She thinks she sounds even better, considering now she can hold her notes longer. Her next step is to start passing around a demo to record labels!

Patient #2:


Mini-facelift, Elimination of skin cancer on face

Surgeon: Dr. Jason Diamond

After spending nearly every day at the beach as a teenager, 50-year-old Anna from Huntington Beach, Calif. now shows visible signs of premature aging and sun spots. As a professional surfer since her 20s, she felt invincible and didn't think she ever needed sunscreen. Now forced to avoid surfing because of the cumulative effect it has had on her skin, Anna wants to go to Dr. Diamond for the elimination of skin cancer on her face and a mini-facelift to help her look more youthful.

During Anna's consultation visit, Dr. Diamond learns that she has already had several skin cancers removed from her chest. He also notices that she has the classic signs of aging in her lower face, neck, and jaw line. Therefore in order to perform any cosmetic treatments or procedures, he says she must undergo a biopsy first. Dr. Diamond says that the "suspicious-looking moles" on her face need to be evaluated first before they can proceed with surgery, and then he will eventually follow-up with laser resurfacing.

Fortunately, Anna's biopsy comes back benign, so they are able to proceed with surgery. Dr. Diamond explains that at least if things were to come back otherwise, they would have caught the problem early on. During surgery, he will begin with the lower eyelid, move onto a brow lift, and then tighten Anna's jaw line.

Once Anna is under anesthesia, Dr. Diamond starts making incisions on the inside of the lower eyelid. Giving him access to the fat pads that create puffiness that bothers her, he removes them to help create a smoother and more youthful contour. Dr. Diamond admits that this is a great technique because it leaves no scars. Moving onto the brow lift procedure, he frees up the skin and the muscle off of the bone and the deeper tissues. This enables him to replace and re-drape them in a higher position so the brow comes up. Using dissolvable barbs, Dr. Diamond attaches them to the skull pulling the tissue back; letting it hook on the barbs. Once the barbs dissolve over the course of several months, everything is healed and says it's like he was never there. Anna's facelift procedure is last. This entails Dr. Diamond making incisions behind her ear cartilage, and instead of just pulling up the skin, he trims it. Then he uses spray-on glue instead of drains. Dr. Diamond also staple the skin down, putting pressure for about three seconds; allowing the glue to set. Anna's total surgery time is eight hours, and the doctor is extremely happy with her results.

One week later, Anna goes in for her post-op visit. Dr. Diamond takes of her bandages off and tells her everything looks absolutely amazing – as if she shed about 25 years! She learns that six weeks after she gets her laser resurfacing procedure, she can hit the surf again! So once the time approaches, we see Anna in her wetsuit with board in hand. And now she and her family know the importance of sunscreen.

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