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by iEnhance.com | May 2, 2005 @ 09:00AM

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Aired May, 2 2005

The subject of tonight's episode of Dr. 90210 is the business of beauty. While plastic surgeons are in the business of helping others become beautiful, patients feel that being beautiful can provide many business opportunities.

Patient #1:

Surgeon:Dr. Robert Rey


Breast augmentation

Heather is 22 years old from Brea, CA and will be having breast augmentation performed by Dr. Robert Rey. She works as a hairstylist and says that in this business, you have to look good. She has been working at the same salon for over a year. Her boss, Diane, thinks having this procedure will help Heather to have more confidence and self-esteem. Heather feels that if that she can't look good, customers will think she can't make them look good. During 8th grade, a boy teased Heather about her small breasts. It was then, she knew that she wanted bigger breasts. So Heather and her boyfriend Jeff meet with Dr. Rey at his office for a pre-op consultation. Dr. Rey shows her pictures of other patients, including porn stars in very provocative poses. As they talk about the breast size Heather wants, she decides to go from a full A to a full C. Heather felt good about her visit and that Dr. Rey explained everything to her.

The evening before Heather's surgery, she becomes a little worried about the weight on her chest after surgery and thinks that they might be heavy. Her boyfriend is there to support her. Then on the day of surgery, Dr. Rey asks Heather what her final size will be, and after some discussion, they go with 425 to 450 ccs. She doesn't want breast implants to keep up with

During surgery, Dr. Rey tries to make the incision tiny. He says that the more he struggles, the better it is for the girl. Dr. Rey finds it a real struggle to put in the implant. Once the implant is in place, the doctor fills up the implant. It takes about nine pumps at 50 ccs per pump to fill up the implant. The doctor says the results actually look very subtle. Dr. Rey tells Heather's mom and boyfriend that she did will. Heather went from a B to a little D, but will shrink to a full C after the swelling goes down.

About four weeks after surgery, we see Heather back at Dr. Rey's office for her final follow up visit. She likes how everything turned out and Heather finds that she fills out her clothes better. Dr. Rey gasps when he sees her and says she looks beautiful. He also comments on how fast Heather was healing. Heather has been following her instructions of massaging the breasts to keep them soft. Dr. Rey says Heather has been a great patient. Heather is now more secure with herself and her appearance.

Three months since her surgery, Heather is feeling great. She looks forward to helping her clients. She is also looking forward to building her business even more and looking forward to learning more. Undergoing the surgery gave her more confidence in herself.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Jason Diamond


face lift and neck lift

Ellen is 65 years old from West LA, and is going to have face and neck lift performed by Dr. Diamond. Ellen works as an interior designer, and her line of work is very visual. She wants to be on cutting edge and look as good as she can.

Ellen's hairdresser is the one who told her about Dr. Diamond and so she meets with him for a pre-op visit. The doctor takes a look at her and sees that platysma bands are a problem. Dr. Diamond does suggest a face lift, then suggested to Ellen that she also chin implant which surprised her. But Ellen says the doctor is able to see things that she didn't. She feels that its time to undergo these procedures and know it will make a difference.

On the day of surgery, Ellen brings her husband Jay and her sister Maxine along with her. Ellen undergoes a cheek lift, chin implant, and a face lift. During surgery, Dr. Diamond begins by making an incision right through the cheek. He wants to take years off, and have it look natural. He takes a little bit of tissue, which is a little of muscle and fat from Ellen's face. He then tightens up muscle and removes a fair amount of skin. The surgery will provide a nice, subtle change for Ellen. The doctor says the surgery went great, and thinks Ellen will be very happy. Dr. Diamond says that it is an honor and privilege to help people like that.

Helen goes back to Dr. Diamond's office with her husband for a post-op visit, the doctor sees that she is still a little bit swollen, but the results are great. Ellen looks forward to the bruising and swelling going down.

A short time after surgery, Ellen is looking much better and she thinks the outcome of the surgery came out better than she thought. Her sister, Maxine, thinks Ellen looks good and that she is now radiating self-confidence.

Patient #3:
Vanessa Lane

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey


Breast augmentation revision

Vanessa Lane (stage name) is 21 years old and working in the adult industry. She is looking to have breast augmentation performed by Dr. Robert Rey. Vanessa has had breast augmentation before, but is unhappy with the results. She wants her breasts to be more natural looking. She has saline implants, and now wants silicone implants.

Vanessa Lane meets with Dr. Rey at his office for a pre-op visit. The doctor sees that one breast is significantly higher than the other. The doctor will try to get them as close to perfect as possible. However, Dr. Rey is very apprehensive about doing the surgery because Vanessa smokes and wants her to stop smoking.

Back at Dr. Rey's office, Vanessa has her last consultation before surgery. He tells her that the surgery is postponed for a month. Dr. Rey says he wants to do the right thing. Dr. Rey tells her to stop smoking and will take it from there.

Later, Dr. Rey calls Vanessa and tells her its not the right time for her surgery. Vanessa is not happy with that. She is upset that she had to take off three weeks for something that never happened and lost income as a result. But Dr. Rey says he wants to do the right thing. Vanessa was very unhappy with Dr. Rey for canceling the surgery a week before it was going to happen. Dr. Rey says the reason why the people he meets with are called surgical candidates is because not everyone is a candidate for surgery.

Dr. Kanodia

On this episode of Dr. 90210, we see Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon Dr. Raj Kanodia, taking a trip to London. In London is his mentor, Dr. Jean Louis Sebagh, who is constantly innovating new ideas and techniques, and using new filers. During his trip, Dr. Kanodia learns from Dr. Sebagh, but he wants to be a customer also. So he asks Dr. Sebagh what can be done for his face. So Dr. Kanodia gets some BOTOX® Cosmetic injections on the neck, and his facial skin is fed with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found in our bodies. Dr. Kanodia wants to keep his face more youthful to avoid surgeries.

Dr. Li

Dr. Li is finding that her practice is growing. So in this episode we see her beginning to move into a new office. Dr. Li loves what she does, but says that it is still a business and has to treat part of it as a business. The practice is booing, Dr. Li and Dr. Fulcher want to have a baby, so the next few years will be crazy for them, but it is something they want. Dr. Li says it is a risk for a young plastic surgeon to build out their own office. They pay rent, equipment, and all the people work who work for her are dependant on income.

Dr. Rey

At the Rey household we see Dr. Rey writing a book. He says that he's been working on it for four years. But now his publisher has set a deadline, and has three weeks to finish the book. People have asked Dr. Rey a lot of questions about plastic surgery, and so he is trying to answer a lot of questions in a book format.

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