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by iEnhance.com | April 25, 2005 @ 08:00AM

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Aired April, 252005

Tonight's episode of Dr. 90210 featured some very unique procedures. This is not your normal breast augmentation or nose job episode. Also, Dr. Rey went to compete in his tae kwon do tournament.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Gary Alter


Chest reconstructive surgery

Kimrey is a female to male transsexual patient. He is transitioning from one gender to the other. He wanted facial hair and chest hair, so he started taking hormones for that. His voice started to crack like a young boy. Kimrey also underwent a hysterectomy and in about two years wants to have a procedure where he will have male reproductive organs.

At Dr. Alter's office, Kimrey goes in for a pre-op visit to see what the doctor can do for him. Dr. Alter takes a look at the size of the breasts and figures out what course of action to take so that Kimrey can have a male torso. Dr. Alter says that transsexuals feel like they are trapped in the wrong sex. Dr. Alter can't conceive Kimrey as being a woman, regardless of what genitalia is, to the doctor, Kimrey looks like a man. This surgery of removing female breasts is very crucial to the lifestyle.

It was surgery day for Kimrey. His girlfriend Jeanie, gives him a present before undergoing surgery, a T-shirt. Kimrey says he can finally wear a t-shirt. Having chest reconstructive surgery will make him feel more like a male. During surgery, Dr. Alter cuts breast tissue away, reduces nipple size to make it look like a man's chest. Removing breast tissue and some skin, and contouring the chest will give Kimrey the best appearance possible for his breast size. For Dr. Alter, the surgery is very strenuous because he is doing a lot through a small opening. He removes some fat to help get better contour in the chest. A couple of hours later, the doctor feels the breasts are about as good as they are going to get. Then, Dr. Alter reduces the size of the nipple and makes sure they are the same size. Dr. Alter says he was able to get the best results possible under the best circumstances. He says Kimrey can go to the beach, and wear a T-shirt.

About a week after surgery, Kimrey is back at Dr. Alter's office for a post-op visit. The doctor sees that the breasts are a little swollen, but the skin is shrinking down more than the doctor had anticipated. Kimrey and Dr. Alter are very happy with the results.

Later in the episode, we see Kimrey working outside in the field, and without a t-shirt. For Kimrey, working without shirt feels wonderful, and it is something he has been waiting to do for thirty years. People have asked him about why he did the surgery, and his answer would be that you have to be in his shoes to understand. For Kimrey, lower surgery will be the next thing he wants. As far as the chest reconstruction, the results have changed his life. He feels confident and has more of a male reassurance.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Kotler


Labia minora reduction, Clitoral hood reduction

Dr. Alter's practice is in Beverly Hills, but every several months, he will travel to New York to perform surgery. He says that some patients are not willing to travel, so he makes the trip to New York. In this case, Dr. Alter meets with Tiffany who is looking to undergo labia reduction surgery. When Tiffany wears tight clothes, like spandex, she can feels uncomfortable, and sometimes has rashes as a result. She meets with Dr. Alter at his New York office for a pre-op visit. He tells her that he will remove tissue and stitch them together to make the labia smaller without damaging the anatomy.

For Dr. Alter, in the mid 90's, a woman had asked him to perform labia reduction surgery. The only procedure at the time involved an amputation technique. So Dr. Alter told her to come back in two weeks and he will figure out a new way to perform the procedure. The procedure went very well, and more women came to Dr. Alter and the surgeries have been very successful. After Tiffany's pre-op visit, she says she feels comfortable with the doctor and thinks he will do a great job.

The surgery is the next day, and Tiffany will undergo labia minora reduction and clitoral hood reduction. Dr. Alter says that this procedure will make Tiffany more comfortable with her sexuality. Tiffany's mom is there to support her. Dr. Alter makes markings, which is very crucial. He makes incisions right through the skin. Dr. Alter says the key to the operation is making sure there is a strong closure. Dr. Alter says that some women won't go into the shower because they feel that women will look at their labia, and some won't wear a bikini because they are afraid a bulge will show. People wonder why surgery is performed in an area where people don't look. The answer given is that the person who does look down there is the most important person in the patient's life. The surgery was done and everything went well. Dr. Alter decreased the inner lips and removed some thick tissue of the clitoral hood. He is sure Tiffany will be happy.

The next morning, Tiffany goes back to Dr. Alter's New York office for a post-op visit. She is glad that she experienced no pain. The doctor takes a look at the results and sees that everything looks fine. Dr. Alter tells Tiffany to abstain from sex, and not to rub the area for six weeks because it could cause a little separation. He is happy with the way Tiffany looks with the mild swelling.

Two months after the surgery, Dr. Alter comes back to New York to see Tiffany for a final post-op visit. He wants to make sure she's doing well. The doctor takes a look and sees that Tiffany has healed perfectly and can't tell that she's had surgery. Dr. Alter calls Tiffany the ideal patient. Tiffany is happy with the results, and after her post-op visit, she goes shopping with her mom for some new clothes. She tries on some tight pants and jeans, and they no longer feel tight and uncomfortable. Tiffany's mom says that women who have the same problem should not feel ashamed. Tiffany feels more comfortable, and more confident, and thinks everything looks perfect. She is really happy.

Patient #3:
Tabitha Stevens


Anal bleaching

Pink Cheeks Salon, located in Sherman Oaks, CA, offers anal bleaching. Tabitha Stevens is a former adult film star who is going to do one last adult move and wants this procedure to help her look perfect. Cynthia Esser-Thorin is the owner of Pink Cheeks Salon. She says that she got a lot of phone calls about this procedure. So she looked into it and found a product called Wonderful Anal Beach. The product evens out the skin tone of the anus and blends it with the butt skin.

Tabitha was featured in an episode on last season's Dr. 90210 where she received BOTOX® Cosmetic injections from Dr. Robert Rey. She even says that she has an obsession with plastic surgery. Tabitha goes to Pink Cheeks and meets with Cynthia. In one of the rooms, Cynthia asks Tabitha to lay waist down with her pants off. Cynthia first waxes away the anal hair, which she says is actually painless. The waxing makes it a more hygienic procedure. The anal bleaching cream is applied and Tabitha wasn't sure what to expect as far as how it felt. She found the bleach cream to be very soothing. She says she is now addicted to anal bleaching.

Dr. Robert Rey:

It is the morning of Dr. Rey's tae kwon do tournament. He says he is going in with pure heart and will see how far that will take him. His wife, Hayley is coming along, even though she was against the whole thing.

The tournament is at Pasadena City College. In the first round, Dr. Rey has to do his forms, or kata. He receives third place for the first round. In the second round, Dr. Rey has to break boards and ends up in second place. Then in the final round, Dr. Rey has to fight someone. Hayley was worried that a big guy was chosen to fight Dr. Rey. The doctor has already seen two people go down and not come back up, and saw another one breaking his nose. He hopes he doesn't end up in a wheelchair. However, Dr. Rey says he went deep into the match and he prevailed. Dr. Rey got first place for the match, and Hayley was wearing all of the medals. Dr. Rey says his tae kwon do master was teaching him self-confidence and to believe in himself. Going into the competition, he was thinking that he was old and a skinny Brazilian, but he came out as a champion.

Later, at Dr. Rey's house, they find their dog Billy being very territorial. Hayley says that Billy used to be the nicest dog. So she takes Billy to get fixed, even though Dr. Rey objected at first. Billy is taken to veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber to be neutered. Dr. Werber makes as small of a hole as possible on Billy and pops the testicles out. The doctor says the Rey's made the right move by having this procedure done on Billy at this age. Hayley and Syndey take Billy home to pamper him.

Dr. Alter:

During his trip to New York, Dr. Alter stays at The Dream Hotel. He says that he likes being in New York because they have the best hotels. He works hard, but at nights, he likes to have dinner with friends in a good atmosphere. So we see Dr. Alter meeting with some friends and having dinner at the Spice Market. Dr. Alter doesn't have a girlfriend at the moment. He does have a significant relationship with some, but he does like looking.

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