Dr. 90210 - Season 2, Episode 7


by iEnhance.com | April 18, 2005 @ 08:00AM

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Aired April, 18 2005

On tonight's episode of Dr. 90210 deals with three lonely patients, a young mother whose husband is fighting in Iraq, a recent divorcée, and a Nigerian patient who has traveled to America alone to have surgery. We are also introduced to plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Alter.

Introduction to Dr. Alter:

Here in Beverly Hills, beauty can be bought and sold. On this week’s episode of Dr. 90210 watch as patients look to turn back the clock on their appearance.

The episode begins by showing the doctors of Dr. 90210 telling their thoughts on people trying to look younger. This starts off with young patients seeking plastic surgeons for procedures.

At Dr. Kanodia’s office, one of his best friends from the UK, Charlotte, wants to get some BOTOX® Cosmetic to look young, even though she’s only 20. She’s doing it more for prevention. The doctor says that by doing a little maintenance, Charlotte won’t really need surgery.

What Dr. Kanodia loves about younger patients is that they have questions about aging. They are starting early and getting preventive work done.

At Dr. Li’s office, her patient care coordinator Libby is getting a little BOTOX® Cosmetic to get rid of a furrow in her brow. Libby feels she has to look good when selling surgery. A little BOTOX® Cosmetic will help keep the wrinkle from becoming a permanently etched line.

Later in the episode we see Dr. Li providing one her patients Amy with Restylane injections into her lips. The doctor says young people come in all the time to have small things done.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Jason Diamond


Upper eyelid surgery, Lower eyelid surgery, Face lift, Brow lift, cheek lift

Lucinda is 51 years old and getting a face lift from Dr. Diamond. She has been doing yoga for 10 years and teaching it for 5. She feels young, but her face is starting to look old. Lucinda is hoping a face lift will help her look younger and fresher. Lucinda was married for over 20 years, and now that she’s single again, she feels it is time for a change.

Lucinda’s workout trainer, who also works with Dr. Diamond, introduced her to the doctor. Lucinda meets with Dr. Diamond for her post-op visit and the doctor asks her what she hopes can be done. Lucinda is hoping to look rested and a little younger, but not different. The doctor recommends pulling back the face and also suggests a brow lift which will help take years off. Dr. Diamond feels Lucinda has realistic views on her surgery and that she will look more refreshed after surgery.

Lucinda is excited and nervous before she goes in for her surgery. She is concerned about the recovery part. Dr. Diamond says that Lucinda takes very good care of herself, and is just going to tweak her looks a little.

The doctor performs a brow lift, cheek lift, upper and lower eyelid lift, and a face lift. Dr. Diamond starts with the lower eyelid by first identifying the fat pockets. One sign of aging is if the lower eyelid looks puffy. Next was performing the brow lift and cheek lift. The doctor makes incisions behind the hair line and elevates the tissues. Dr. Diamond is skilled and trained in the most up-to-date techniques and technologies. There is a nice elevation of the cheek and brow. Everything is going perfect so far.

After doing the face lift, the surgery was done. Dr. Diamond is very happy and pleased with the results. The doctor feels that youth is a benefit to have doing surgery because he has to stay focused for so long.

As Lucinda wakes up from surgery, she is asked to open her eyes, but she just moans and groans. Dr. Diamond is there and says everyone wakes up from surgery differently. It took Lucinda a little while to get out of her anesthetic state.

One week after surgery, Lucinda was back at Dr. Diamond’s office feeling good. The doctor thinks the surgery was a total success. About five weeks later, we see Lucinda and her daughter Grace getting a facial. Lucinda feels great and looks refreshed.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Kotler


Upper eyelid surgery, Lower eyelid surgery, Face lift, neck lift

Bryce is 57 years old from Pacific Palisades. Bryce is the husband Arlene who was featured on last season’s Dr. 90210. They just got married, and had a dream wedding. Bryce meets a lot of new people in his profession and only has one opportunity to make a first impression.

At Dr. Kotler’s office, the doctor asks Bryce what is bugging him. Bryce points out his chin and the area above and below the eyes. He wants to look as young as he feels. Dr. Kotler feels Bryce has realistic expectations. The doctor plans to perform a face and neck lift on Bryce. The surgery removes sags and bags, and the excess tissue not needed.

On Bryce’s surgery day, Dr. Kotler works in tandem with Dr. Michael Groth an ophthalmologist who only does eyelid surgery. Dr. Kotler believes that patients should always have the most specialized surgeon. That is why he would like to have a specialist perform the surgery. Dr. Groth goes first, performing the eyelid surgery while taking away excess skin and taking years off of Bryce’s appearance.

Then it was time for Dr. Kotler to work on Bryce, and begins with a neck lift. Afterwards, he performs a face lift. Dr. Kotler uses liposuction to seep away extra fat. While the surgery is being performed, Arlene is in the waiting room and she is anxious to see her husband. Arlene and Bryce arrived at the doctor’s office at 7 a.m., and it was now 4:30 p.m. and she is still waiting. Finally Bryce’s surgery was over and Dr. Kotler was tired.

Bryce wakes up from his surgery 10 years younger and two pounds lighter. Dr. Kotler goes into the waiting room to tell Arlene that everything is good.

Two days after surgery, Bryce and Arlene were back at Dr. Kotler’s office. The dressing was taken off, and there was not much bruising. The doctor tells Bryce that he will be able to work the next day.

Dr. Robert Rey:

When we meet up with Dr. Robert Rey, he is out with the family at a martial arts store to buy boards he can break. While buying the boards, Dr. Rey sees a magazine cover and finds a former patient on there. At home, Dr. Rey has Hayley hold the boards for him to break. Hayley tells Dr. Rey if he hits her, he’s dead. Dr. Rey says that’s how much Hayley loves him, even though she tells him not to do the tournament, she still helps him. Dr. Rey thinks the training went okay, and hopes he’s ready for the championship which is one week away.

Dr. Diamond:

During the Cosmetic Enhancement Expo at the Los Angeles convention center, Dr. Robert Kotler, a plastic surgeon for over 27 year, runs into Dr. Diamond. A practice like Dr. Kotler’s is something Dr. Diamond strives for. In 27 years, Dr. Kotler has seen it all, done it all and is at the top of his game. In that time, he has learned new techniques and new strategies. Dr. Diamond has learned a great deal from the older generation.

Dr. Diamond’s girlfriend, Dr. Jessica Combs meets with a friend from Kentucky. Most of Dr. Combs’ friends are married and having children. Lately things have been going better with her and Dr. Diamond. However, she says she’s not getting younger and something needs changing.

Meanwhile, Dr. Diamond and Dr. Kotler are out playing golf at the Malibu Country Club. Dr. Diamond wants to learn from Dr. Kotler. He asks Dr. Kotler how to handle a practice and marriage. He tells Dr. Diamond that he has to give 100% to the practice and still find time for a family.

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