Dr. 90210 - Season 2, Episode 6


by iEnhance.com | April 4, 2005 @ 04:00PM

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Aired April, 04 2005

On tonight's episode of Dr. 90210 deals with three lonely patients, a young mother whose husband is fighting in Iraq, a recent divorcée, and a Nigerian patient who has traveled to America alone to have surgery. We are also introduced to plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Alter.

Introduction to Dr. Alter:

Dr. Gary Alter is a board certified plastic surgeon who does all type of plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery. He is also a board-certified urologist, and combines his knowledge to provide patients with life changing surgery. That is why he gets patients from around the country and around the world.

Dr. Alter is single and lives alone. He does go on dates, but has no one special. Dr. Alter's mother wants the best for him and he would like that too. In this episode the doctor shows viewers around his house, which he just finished rebuilding, and even throws a party to celebrate the completion.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Linda Li


Breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction on thighs and hips

Allyson is 24 years old from Camp Pendleton, California. She is going to have a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, liposuction on hips and thighs to be performed by Dr. Linda Li. Allyson is raising her three children, while her husband Brent is in Iraq. After being pregnant with three kids, Allyson feels like her body is a wreck. She is still young and wants to wear clothes that 25 year olds wear. Allyson is sad and lonely, she really misses her husband who will be coming back in December. She wants to surprise Brent with a new body.

So, Allyson is at Dr. Li's office to talk about her upcoming procedures. Dr. Li sees that Allyson has lost a lot of volume in her breasts and has stretch marks in the abdominal area. She doesn't have saggy breasts, just hollow breasts. Dr. Li has Allyson put different sizes of breast implants in her bra to see what size she would like to have. Allyson feels like everything was covered during the consultation. Dr. Li admires what Allyson is doing, raising three children alone while her husband is away in Iraq.

On the day Allyson has her surgery is the same day the Marines are invading Fallujah. So as she goes into surgery, her husband is going into war. Dr. Li sees how brave Allyson is. Dr. Li performs breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction of hips. The doctor says that after women have children, their breasts lose a lot of volume. And after abdominal skin is stretched out because of pregnancy, there is nothing that really can be done to improve it.

After surgery, Allyson is taken to Prive Recovery Suite, an after care facility. With Allyson's husband away, the doctor says it is easier for her to go somewhere where she can be cared for as she gets her strength back. Allyson was back at Dr. Li's office one week after surgery and looking good. For Allyson, it was hard for her to go home after the surgery and take care of children, but is determined to feel good. She is just counting the days when her husband comes back.

At Camp Pendleton, Allyson's husband Brent came home from Iraq. Brent saw his wife and saw that her self-confidence is the way it used to be. He is very happy to see her. Six weeks after surgery, for her final post-op check up, Allyson takes Brent along with her. Brent and Dr. Li are two huge people in Allyson's life and she wanted them to meet. Then after the check up, Allyson and Brent check in to the W Hotel for a night alone without the kids. Brent says that he catches himself checking out his wife like he did back in high school.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Gary Alter


Genital Reconstruction

James is 20 years old from Nigeria. He came to the United States to have genital reconstruction performed by Dr. Alter. He has ambiguous genitalia a condition where the person could either be classified as either male or female. James grew up as a woman and was a star of the female Nigerian soccer team. But his condition caused him to go through an identity crisis. When he looked in the mirror, he did not see anything that resembled a female. So James gave up being a woman and because of that he was no longer eligible to play on the female soccer team. Dr. Alter's goal for James is for him to be able to be proud as a male, and have normal male function such as have sexual intercourse and pee standing up.

At Dr. Alter's office, James has his final consultation before surgery day. Dr. Alter informs him of the possible complications that could occur. After the consultation, James went to church and prayed.

At Midway hospital, James went in for surgery. Dr. Alter performed penis and scrotum reconstruction to help James look and feel like a normal guy. A few hours later, Dr. Alter feels that everything was coming along fabulous, and came the surgery turned out extraordinarily well. Dr. Alter does say that James may need one or several more reconstructive surgeries. Two days since surgery, James is recovering and reading the Bible.

Dr. Alter sees James eight weeks after surgery to check up on him. James had two surgeries in two months. The doctor can now see some changes in James and looks different from the past. James' genitalia were abnormal, but Dr. Alter feels that James can now have a normal life. James' brother even called him about going back home to Nigeria and playing with the male junior national team.

On Sunset Strip, James decides to get a tattoo of an eagle. He doesn't find problems anymore, and can pee through his penis. James is going to back to Nigeria and play with the under 21 national team.

Patient #3:

Surgeon: : Dr. Jason Diamond


Mini face lift, Nose surgery

Tookie is 56 years old from Valley Village, California. She is going to see Dr. Diamond for a mini face lift and nose job. Tookie has always wanted a nose job done since high school and thinks people are looking at her because of her nose. Tookie is going through a divorce and feels that having surgery will help her feel better about herself and that people will pick up on that.

At Dr. Diamond's office, he asks Tookie about what she wants and tells him that she is unhappy with her nose and profile. She also wants to take care of her aging appearance in her neck and jawline. For the nose, Dr. Diamond says he wants to decrease bulginess of the tip. After the consultation, the doctor feels that Tookie can expect to get an amazing result.

On the day of surgery, in addition to the rhinoplasty and facelift, other features that Tookie would like to improve will be addressed. Fat will be taken from the abdomen and injected into the lower eyelids to add fullness. A chin implant will also be inserted. Tookie is nervous, but more excited than nervous. During surgery, Dr. Diamond takes some nice clean and pure fat from Tookie and transfers it to her lower eyelids. He also adds fat to the lips for a nice sexy lip line. After performing the chin implant, Dr. Diamond then performs a deep clean facelift, which involves tightening deeper structures of the face and not just the skin. After that, the doctor performs the rhinoplasty, which he is doing tiny bits at a time. It was a tough nose for Dr. Diamond to work with, but he was very pleased with the results. Dr. Diamond is optimistic that Tookie will heal just great. Tookie says she feels like Frankenstein when she wakes up. She is then taken into after care where she will be looked after.

Tookie is back at Dr. Diamond's office, six days after surgery. Dr. Diamond is amazed with the way Tookie is healing. It looked like 15 years were taken off her appearance. Six weeks after surgery, Tookie is all healed up. She is feeling better about herself and has more confidence in doing what she wants to do. Tookie feels that her surgery will change things for her. Tookie and her brother Edmund go country western dancing.

Dr. Rey

So what's been going on with Dr. Robert Rey. At the Rey house, we see Paul Rafferty, an artist and friend of the Rey's, bringing a surprise for Hayley and Robert. Paul surprises them with a painting of Hayley on the beach with the two kids. Hayley sees it hanging on the wall and loves it so much and says it is incredibly beautiful. Hayley says that painting is something that will be with them forever.

Hayley's mother came to stay with her and Dr. Rey for two months, but left two weeks earlier. Dr. Rey and his mother-in-law had an argument. She doesn't agree with the way Hayley and Dr. Rey raise their kids. Dr. Rey and his mother-in-law butted heads when it came to the kid's bedtime. He explains that works so much and if the kids are not up at around 11 pm, the time he usually gets home, he would never get to see them. Stay tuned.

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