Dr. 90210 - Season 2, Episode 5


by iEnhance.com | March 28, 2005 @ 04:00PM

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Aired March, 28 2005

Tonight's episode of Dr. 90210 is about the relation between psychiatry and plastic surgery. Dr. Robert Rey calls plastic surgeons "psychiatrists with knives."

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Linda Li


Tummy tuck, breast lift, arm lift, liposuction of thighs

Alicia is 35 years old from Lancaster, CA and seeing Dr. Li about undergoing plastic surgery. She is recently a single mom and wants a fresh start. Alicia married her high school sweetheart and they were happy for 16 years, then one day, her husband said she wanted to leave. She joined a gym and started working out, losing a total of 50 lbs. Alicia is looking to undergo plastic surgery procedures to help her feel secure about herself. She feels lucky to have kids who are helpful and supportive. Alicia tells her kids what she will have done to prepare them, and when she shows them her stomach, they both go "ewww."

At Dr. Li's office, Alicia meets with the doctor for her pre-op visit. Alicia knows what she wants to have done. She is excited and nervous about the surgery. With the amount of procedures Alicia is having done, Dr. Li is glad that she is going to having after care following surgery. Alicia will have skin removed from her breasts, stomach and arms. Dr. Li says that after a tremendous amount of weight loss, extra skin should be taken off to avoid rashes in the extra skin. The tummy tuck will take off a good 6-10 pounds of extra skin from the tummy. Alicia is happy with her breast size, the lift will help put everything back in place.

On the day of Alicia's surgery, she also decided to have the tattoo removal procedure, and remove the name of her ex-husband from her ankle. Dr. Li is not a big fan of brachioplasty (arm lift) and lets Alicia know what she's getting into. The arm lift leaves a scar on the arm that you cannot hide. It does fade over time, but it never completely goes away.

First part of the surgery is the breast lift, removing extra skin. The big challenge for Dr. Li is moving the nipple and making sure it stays alive. Fat is removed from the arms and then lifted. During the tummy tuck, excess skin from the belly button to the bikini line is removed. Abdominal muscles are tightened and a new belly button is created. The last part is the smallest, but the most significant, the tattoo removal. Dr. Li is not happy with how the left arm looked after the brachioplasty, so she re-did it. Dr. Li can't let a patient go home without being satisfied herself with the results. For Dr. Li, this was a long procedure, physically and emotionally taxing. She was exhausted after the surgery. Alicia replaced her psychological scars and traded them with physical scars. Alicia's mother Carmen is there to see her daughter when she wakes up.

Just one day later, Alicia is back at Dr. Li's office for her post-op visit. The doctor made sure everything was going in the right direction and assures Alicia that it will all be worth it. Dr. Li feels that by having surgery, Alicia has the ability to start her life all over again.

Seven weeks after surgery, Alicia feels great. She has gone shopping and bought smaller size clothes. She even lost 10 more pounds after surgery and doesn't have back pain anymore. Alicia is finally able to play sports with her kids.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Jason Diamond


Face lift

Wendy is 63 years old and a psychiatrist practicing in the Los Angeles area. She understands how both plastic surgeons and psychiatrists deal with how people feel about themselves. She is going to see Dr. Diamond about undergoing a facelift. Wendy feels that having changes made to her facial appearance will make a difference in the people she treats.

At Dr. Diamond's office, he asks Wendy what she is hoping to improve. She wants to improve the droopiness in nose and around face. She feels young, and now wants to look young. Dr. Diamond tells Wendy that she can expect to have an amazing result. Wendy is all smiles.

Wendy's fiancé Charles feels nervous about Wendy having surgery, and feels protective. Charles and Wendy's son David are there to wait for her while she goes for surgery. Dr. Diamond starts by taking fat out of the lower eyelid and cleaning up the upper eyelid. Then he proceeds to work on the brow, cheek and face. He then tightens the neck and jawline. Wendy decided to have facial plastic surgery instead of just focusing on the problems she sees. This will help make her feel better about herself, and make her happier. She is going for a subtle change, which can make a world of difference. The surgery takes nine hours. This is a long day for Dr. Diamond, but feels like there's no place he would rather be on a Saturday than in the operating room. Dr. Diamond tells Charles and David the surgery went beautifully. Another successful surgery is what it's all about for Dr. Diamond.

Three days after surgery, Wendy was back in Dr. Diamond's office and doing great. The doctor tells her that she will be ready for the public eye in four or five days. Dr. Diamond is pleased with the surgery and is excited for Wendy.

Seven weeks after surgery, Wendy is very excited about what's happened to her face. She feels that the external work done to her does make a difference. She is now feeling very enthusiastic, excited and full of anticipation about the next years of her life.

Dr. Linda Li

At Good Samaritan hospital, Dr. Li and Dr. Fulcher are once again going to see Dr. Park. It has been one week since Dr. Li's LEEP procedure. Dr. Park informs Dr. Li that the lesions have been cleared, and everything looks good. Once the cervix heals within a few months, Dr. Li and Dr. Fulcher can once again try and have a baby.

Dr. Li and her sister Vivian are out shopping for maternity clothes. Vivian had her baby a year and a half ago, and is now pregnant with her second baby. Dr. Li was hoping to have a baby herself before that. While shopping, Vivian lets Dr. Li know what it's like to be pregnant.

Dr. Jason Diamond

Dr. Diamond and his girlfriend Dr. Jessica Combs have been dating for many years. Dr. Combs deals with internal medicine and pediatrics. The main issue that the couple is dealing with is the fact that Dr. Diamond is Jewish and Dr. Combs is a Southern Baptist. So, Dr. Diamond made an appointment with psychologist Dr. Tess Hightower for couple's counseling. Before that, Dr. Combs goes to Dr. Diamond for a set of BOTOX® Cosmetic injections.

During couple's counseling, the two find it is easy to accept religious differences while dating, but it will be more difficult when children come into the picture. Dr. Hightower advises that the couple make their relationship as important as their career.

Dr. Combs is thinking about whether she will stay in LA long term or go back home. She moved to the LA area because of Jason, but she misses Kentucky and her family. When she visited the hospital where she used to work, they wanted her to come back and work there. Dr. Combs says she wants to keep her options open unless things don't work out with Dr. Diamond. He is not happy about the possibility of his girlfriend moving back home.

Dr. Robert Rey

At the Rey home, Hayley just found out that Dr. Rey has to fight in a tournament in order to get his black belt. Dr. Rey wants Hayley to go with him, but she doesn't want to go. She tells him not to do this and is finally putting her foot down about the whole thing.

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