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by iEnhance.com | March 21, 2005 @ 04:00PM

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Aired March, 21 2005

Tonight's episode of Dr. 90210 focuses on the subject of mothers and daughters as a mother and daughter both get breast augmentation on the same day. Also, a young woman who has a strong bond with her mother undergoes rhinoplasty.

Patient 1 & 2:
Rose and Denise

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey


Breast Augmentation

Rose, 38, and her daughter Denise, 21, both live in Lomita, CA. In fact, four generations from Rose's mother to Denise's daughter are all living just across the street from each other. Rose and Denise are both going to see Dr. Rey for a breast augmentation. Rose has had breast augmentation; however one breast has scar tissue and is looking to have it fixed. Denise does not feel well proportioned. Many tops she tries on don't fit.

Dr. Rey finds this a cute story about a mother and daughter having breast augmentation done on the same day. When he asks the two women who would like to go first, Rose says her daughter will go. Rose is looking forward to her daughter having a sense of completion and feeling good about herself. During the pre-op visit, Dr. Rey shows Rose what happens when scar tissue occurs. For Denise, the doctor will try to give her a natural curvaceous tear drop look. Dr. Rey lets Denise choose a size she wants and gave her some ideas to think about while deciding. He shows her before and after pictures. Rose doesn't want Denise to be too big. Rose currently has 300cc implants and wants something similar. Dr. Rey informs Rose that for her surgery, she will lose some breast tissue after scar tissue is taken out.

On the day of surgery, Denise decides to have her implants filled to 450cc. Dr. Rey says when the mom is out of the way, usually daughter will ask to get bigger implants than was originally requested. Dr. Rey does not push his judgment on people. People pay him to make them pretty, not to make judgments.

During Denise's surgery, the operation is looking really good. Dr. Rey performs a transumbilical breast augmentation, allowing him to place the implants in the breasts without a scar. After surgery, Dr. Rey tells Rose that Denise did great and bled very little. Rose got a chance to see her daughter before going into her surgery. And she too wants to get bigger breasts than originally requested. So Dr. Rey removed the old saline implants that were 300cc and put in soft silicone implants. The scarring caused the implants to become hard and that's why Rose's breasts were hard. After surgery, Rose and Denise were both in the recovery area resting.

Three days after surgery, Denise and Rose were back at Dr. Rey's office for their post-op visit. Dr. Rey's physician's assistant Kristi takes off both women's dressings and allowing them to see their new breasts for the first time. Rose was happy with how Denise's results turned out. Denise now has round breasts and a nice cleavage. Rose's mom Antonia is to also listen to the instructions that Kristi has for both women.

Four weeks after surgery, Denise and Rose were taking a belly dancing class. Rose feels that having plastic surgery made the strong bond between her and her daughter even stronger. She feels that the surgery has given her a sense of balance. For Denise, surgery has given her a sense of completion.

Patient #3:

Surgeon: Dr. Raj Kanodia



Julie is 24 years old and is seeing Dr. Kanodia for a nose job. She came to Los Angeles from Boston to become a dancer. Julie looks in the mirror and doesn't like how her nose looks. A friend told her to go see Dr. Kanodia, "the nose guy." Julie has a strong bondage with her mom, who still lives in Boston. She would never have the procedure done without her mom being there for her. During her consultation visit, Julie even asked Dr. Kanodia if her mom could be there when she wakes up from surgery.

On the day of surgery, Julie's mom Sharon is more nervous for her daughter. Julie is most nervous about anesthesia, she had a couple of instances where she did not come out of anesthesia gracefully. Sharon says that the first time her daughter came out of anesthesia, she came out swearing and thrashing and, she was only ten years old. Then when Julie had knee surgery, she came out of anesthesia crying and looking for her mom. So now Julie went under anesthesia for her rhinoplasty.

Dr. Kanodia says that Julie doesn't hater her nose, and that she loves the way she looks, but just wants to refine her nose. During surgery, Dr. Kanodia fixes cartilage and works on the deviated bony septum. He lowers the bridge a little bit. He then squeezes both bones together. He was thrilled with how good the nose looks. The nose cast is place, and will stay for five days to anchor the bone. As for coming out of anesthesia, Julie came out fine.

Days later, Julie returns to Dr. Kanodia's office to have the nose cast removed. Julie is feeling like a new person. Julie's mom is thinking about getting surgery herself, especially around the eyes, and removing her extra neck. Before removing the nose cast, Dr. Kanodia cleans the mucous out of Julie's nose. Once the cast was removed, Dr. Kanodia can see the refinement. Julie's mom and her roommate were satisfied with what they were seeing. Julie asked if Dr. Kanodia would sign the cast and the doctor was teasing her saying that he already signed one nostril with an R and the other with a K.

A little over two moths after surgery, Julie was back at Dr. Kanodia's office for a follow-up visit. Julie is feeling great and likes looking at her nose. She was glad that she doesn't look like she's had surgery. Her recovery was intense, but she was glad to have her mom there. Julie even calls her mom from Dr. Kanodia's office to find out when she would be coming out for her surgery.

Dr. Robert Rey

Tonight's episode of Dr. 90210 deals with mothers and daughters. And at the Rey house, Hayley's mother comes to visit. Dr. Rey admits that Hayley is his brain, heart and spirit. There are some conflicts between Dr. Rey and Hayley's mom, because both are strong-willed people.

Everyone has been busy preparing for Sydney's birthday party. Since Sydney has a love for creatures like tarantulas and snakes. The Rey family hired The Animal Guys to come and show the kids some animals. Hayley's mom doesn't agree with the way her and Dr. Rey raise their kids. She was nervous that when The Animal Guys brought a giant snake out, that it would eat baby Robbie. Dr. Rey says he's from the jungle and used to snakes.

At the Dr. Rey's house, it is starting to look like a disaster area with stuff all over the place. Hayley says she's a pack rat and keeps everything. That's why the house is looking small. Dr. Rey wants to get rid of some of the stuff, but Hayley doesn't want to and her mom agrees. Hayley loves having her mom around, because she is an ally when she wants to get a point across to Dr. Rey.

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