Dr. 90210 - Season 2, Episode 2


by iEnhance.com | March 7, 2005 @ 03:00PM

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Aired: March 07, 2005

On this episode of Dr. 90210, Dr. Li continues trying to have a baby, while a former police officer and a diabetic both receive breast augmentation.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey


Breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck

Sandra is 32 years old, from Palmdale, CA. She was a former police officer with the LAPD and is not a full-time mother. She met her husband, who is also a police officer, at the police academy. Sandra's husband has always been supportive of how she looks, but she doesn't feel comfortable with herself.

Sandra meets with Dr. Rey for a consultation and tells her that he has done over 150 to 300 officers. Dr. Rey does not understand why LAPD officers have breast augmentation because of their bulletproof vests, but understands that they do have a social life. Sandra had breast augmentation 10 years ago, and has had three kids since then. Now her breasts have started to sag and would like her augmentation re-done. During her consultation, Dr. Rey talks about a tummy tuck, do liposuction, and rejuvenate the belly button. Sandra tells Dr. Rey that she is leaning towards silicone. Dr. Rey brings in one of his staff, who has had breast implants and shows Sandra her breasts.

Dr. Rey explains that silicone breast implants have gotten a bad reputation. But they are safe and legal to use in certain cases. For example, during breast reconstruction, cases where there is severe asymmetry in the breasts, and replacing implants, which is what Sandra is doing.

During surgery, Dr. Rey removes the old implant. Her old implants were placed above the muscle, but the new implants will be placed below the muscle. The breasts are taking on a good shape. Dr. Rey liposuctions the fat away, then performs the tummy tuck. During the tummy tuck, Dr. Rey discovers a huge umbilical hernia. He feels that Sandra's last pregnancy ripped the muscle, and now tissues are pushing against the muscle wall. Dr. Rey addressed this problem and repaired the muscle. The belly was fixed, along with it being narrow and skinny.

Sandra is pleased with her new body. She is looking to get back to her old self and can't wait to go out and do more things.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Linda Li


Breast augmentation

Jessica is 21 years old, from Ojai, CA. She has Type I diabetes and would like to get breast augmentation. Having diabetes puts the patient at higher risk during surgery. She even became ill after her wisdom teeth got pulled out. Her insulin pump gives her a chance for surgery, and Dr. Li feels that pump makes her a good candidate for surgery.

During the consultation, Dr. Li goes over the information on breast augmentation with Jessica. Jessica asked how the saline would affect her diabetes if it happened to leak. Dr. Li assured her that the saline would not affect her diabetic condition. Jessica wants to go from a full B cup to a full C.

On the day of surgery, there were constant checks to make sure that diabetes did not affect the operation. After both implants were in, Dr. Li made a check to see if there was good symmetry between the breasts. When Jessica woke up from surgery, she was shivering. It had nothing to do with diabetes, but a common reaction to the anesthesia.

Jessica came back to Dr. Li's office for her post-op visit. She was in pain, but taking medication. After taking a peek, the results were that the breasts looked great and had fantastic symmetry. Dr. Li showed Jessica how to properly massage her breasts to help keep the scar tissue as soft as can be.

Jessica is happy with her new breasts and is moving forward with life. She bought her first house and making plans for her wedding.

Dr. Rey:

At the Rey residence, while Dr. Rey is getting some rest, Hayley is up at 4 a.m., taking care of little Robbie. Dr. Rey gets up and starts practicing his Tae Kwon Do, he is practicing for the red belt, which is right before achieving a black belt. To achieve that, he must fight in an international tournament. In the seven years he has been into Tae Kwon Do, Dr. Rey has broken both hands, both feet, his rib cage, and has been knocked out for 20 minutes. Hayley does not like this because he is putting his family and his career on the line by fighting. But Dr. Rey wants to fight in a competition and achieve a black belt.

As far as the search for a new house, Dr. Rey asked Dr. Kanodia for some assistance. They check out a home in Bel Air, which is a fixer-upper. Dr. Rey is eager to jump into something because to him, they all look nice. But, Dr. Kanodia helps him see these houses in a different light.

Dr. Li:

Dr. Li wants to have a baby, but has not been to the gynecologist's office since med school. Her pap smear came back with moderate to severe pre-cancer cells, and the abnormal tissue needs to be removed. This is done by shaving off the surface layer of the cervix, which is not a comfortable procedure. It will take four to six weeks to heal, then have another pap smear. Dr. Li took a risk by postponing having children until she was 35.

It will be four to six weeks before Dr. Li and her husband can have sex and try and have a baby. So they are doing other activities. The two rent a Harley and ride with other bikers. At home, Dr. Fulcher plays video games, while Dr. Li knits.

Dr. Diamond:

On this episode, we catch Dr. Jason Diamond catching some waves. When it comes to surfing, Dr. Diamond is just a beginner, but he loves it. He enjoys doing some relaxing.

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