Dr. 90210 - Season 2, Episode 13


by iEnhance.com | May 30, 2005 @ 10:00AM

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Aired May, 30 2005

Tonight's episode of Dr. 90210 wraps up the second season for the show. Not only do we see patients undergoing plastic surgery, but we also learn the results of Hayley's biopsy. See what's next for Dr. Linda Li and Dr. Fulcher as they are about to begin a new chapter in their lives. And find out what will become of Dr. Diamond and Dr. Combs' longtime relationship.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Linda Li


Breast lift, tummy tuck, arm liposuction

Christine is 46 years old from Northridge. She is receiving a breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction to be performed by Dr. Linda Li. Christine went through a divorce and gained a lot of weight. Before, she weighed 130 pounds, then she gained to 360, and actually broke her scale. Christine underwent gastric bypass surgery, and lost a tremendous amount of weight in a short period of time, but still has a lot of excess skin. Dr. Li will give Christine the opportunity to live her life the way she wants it to be.

At Dr. Li's office, Christine meets with the doctor for her pre-op visit. She liked that Dr. Li cared about her as a person. On the day of surgery, Christine will undergo a breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction of the arms.

On the day of surgery, Christine feels fine and ready to go. Dr. Li takes pictures and makes her markings on the body. Then, Dr. Fulcher administers the anesthesia. This surgery is going to involve taking out all the extra skin and trying to tuck everything back in. Three hours into surgery, Dr. Li completed the breast lift and tummy tuck, taking out ten pounds of skin. Next she performed liposuction of the arms. The entire surgery took four hours and 30 minutes. Dr. Li feels Christine should be happy with the way things turned out. Dr. Li goes to the waiting room to tell Christine's mother, Celia, mother, how her daughter was doing.

Christine came back to Dr. Li's office for her post-op visit and Dr. Li says that Christine's face has a new light. The changes in her body are so dramatic. Everyday, Christine can see the change. Dr. Li takes a look and see that the treated areas getting softer and smoother. Christine is now more confident about who she is. Dr. Li then thanked her for the card she gave. The doctor is happy to make a difference in a person's life and Christine is so grateful.

Later we see Christine going through her closet and getting rid of all her clothes and giving it to Goodwill. She still hopes her Prince Charming will come, but is going to enjoy life first.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey


Breast augmentation, tummy tuck

Kim is 40 years old from Lancaster, CA. She is going to see Dr. Rey about having breast augmentation, and a tummy tuck. Kim has been considering surgery for awhile. She has gone through C-sections, and now wants her tummy back. Kim's husband, Bob, is supportive of the surgery. Kim works as a law enforcement officer in the Los Angeles area and would like to be a detective one day. She says she will need a new bulletproof vest to accommodate her new breasts.

At Dr. Rey's office, Kim has her pre-op consultation visit. She has had three c-sections and the muscles in her belly are destroyed. Dr. Rey will remove skin, and he says the less scars, the better. So he will insert the implants through the cut made during Kim's C-section. Dr. Rey asks Kim what she has in mind as far as breast size. Kim is an A cup now, and wants a full C. She is 5'3, and Dr. Rey says that size will do great for her.

Kim goes to the Summit Surgical Center for her surgery, she is a little nervous, but excited about the result. Dr. Rey makes markings in the areas he will work on and takes pictures. Kim's husband Bob is nervous in the waiting room. Dr. Rey performs a tummy tuck, liposuction of the waist, and breast augmentation. For the breast augmentation surgery, the doctor creates a beautiful pocket, and gives the breasts a tear drop shape. The implants are placed below the muscle, which the doctor says is a huge positive. Dr. Rey says that Kim's three C-sections healed well, so thinks she will also heal well with her tummy tuck. After the surgery is over, Dr. Rey talks to Bob and tells him that Kim's surgery went great. For Bob, if it makes Kim feel better, he's all for it.

Three days after the surgery, Kim is back at Dr. Rey's office to get her bandages off. For Kim, the hardest part of the recovery is not doing things she normally does. The bandages were removed, and Kim looked at her breasts realizing how large they have become. She is very pleased with them. The doctor tells her that bruising can be expected, but the breasts will turn out great.

Back in Lancaster, Kim is trying out some clothes. It has been a couple of months since the surgery. Bob likes the new outfits Kim is trying on, and thinks she looks terrific. He says the surgery magnified everything about her. Kim also has a new bullet proof vest. At first she was concerned about her shooting ability, because now she had to get around bigger breasts. But actually, Kim was shooting better.

Update on Dr. Linda Li:

Dr. Li and Dr. Fulcher are at good Samaritan for Dr. Li's first ultrasound. Dr. Fulcher is hoping that they find twins. However, Dr. Li wants just one. The ultrasound is done and the baby looks good. For the couple, seeing the baby for first time is an amazing experience. Dr. Li is in tears. She has gone through a lot, from cervical dysplasia, to the building of a new office, and now having a baby, she has cramped so much in a few months.

Later we see Dr. Li, Dr. Fulcher, and their staff walking into their new office for the first time. This is an incredible feeling for everyone. For Dr. Li, she says it is like being a kid in a candy store. She is so happy because she has a place to go to.

Update on Dr. Jason Diamond:

Dr. Jason Diamond takes his girlfriend, Dr. Jessica Combs, to L'Orangerie because he heard that it is the best restaurant in Los Angeles. Dr. Combs says it is one of the best that she's been to, and the couple has been to a lot of places. Dr. Diamond tells his girlfriend that he loves her and that he has all he's ever wanted. Then, he asks her to marry him and she accepts.

Dr. Combs is overwhelmed and ecstatic. Dr. Diamond tells Dr. Combs to call her family. When she makes the phone call, she is surprised to find that her mother, sister, and cousin are there.

The couple goes to the jeweler's where the ring was bought to have it re-sized because it was a little too big. Not only will Dr. Diamond be preparing to get married, he says that he looks forward to moving into practice in Beverly Hills and consistently delivering the best results for his patients.

Update on Hayley Rey:

At the beginning of the show, we find Hayley Rey going in for her third appointment concerning a second lump that was found. What's worse is that the second lump is more prominent than the first. Hayley will get the results of her biopsy the following day. The possibility of cancer needs to be ruled out. She says that after her appointment, the first thing she is going to do is go home and play with her kids, because that's what makes her happy. For Hayley, playing with her kids is most important thing. Dr. Rey calls home and talks to Hayley. She tells him that she had a needle biopsy done. Dr. Rey is going through a lot of emotions. This is hard for Dr. Rey. He says that he can't live without Hayley.

The following day, Hayley goes to Dr. Rey's office because she wants him there when the call is made. As she sits on his lap, Dr. Rey calls Hayley's doctor to find out the results of the biopsy. They both find out that everything was okay. This was very good news. Dr. Rey had been tossing and turning all night about this, and now things are okay. But, Dr. Rey realizes he should enjoy the time that he has with Hayley. Unfortunately, as he says that, he gets a call saying that the patient is ready on the table. Dr. Rey leaves his office and goes to perform surgery.

It has been quite a story for the doctors of Dr. 90210, but it is not the end. But we have to wait until next season to find out what's next.

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