Dr. 90210 - Season 2, Episode 12


by iEnhance.com | May 23, 2005 @ 09:00AM

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Aired May, 23 2005

On tonight's episode of Dr. 90210, some of the doctors perform surgery, while some of the doctors go on vacation.

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Linda Li


Tummy tuck

Monica is 37 years old from Beverly Hills and will get a tummy tuck from Dr. Linda Li. After going through two pregnancies, Monica gained so much weight. And since both pregnancies were so close to each other, she had no time to the lose weight and gained over 120 pounds. Monica had gastric bypass surgery and lost almost 95 pounds since surgery, but still has excess skin. She goes to Dr. Li's office to have her pre-op visit.

Joel, Monica's husband, did not agree with her having surgery, but supports her. Monica grew up in Beverly Hills and since this is she a fabulous area, she feels like she needs to fit in.

On surgery day, Monica's husband is nervous. Dr. Li is going to be doing a tummy tuck to get rid of extra skin from gastric bypass surgery. Monica is not afraid of the surgery, just the pain and nausea. Dr. Li sees there was limited scarring from the gastric bypass surgery. So, she is able to perform the tummy tuck with hidden incisions. The doctor tightens up muscles in the inside. Laparoscopic surgery makes it possible to provide small incisions. Dr. Li performed liposuction on the stomach, but no fat was coming out. Two hours later, the tummy tuck was finished. Monica wakes up from surgery in pain and a little nauseous. Her husband says he will spend the next two weeks taking care of her.

Eight weeks after the surgery, Monica sees Dr. Li for a post-op visit. Laying in bed for a whole month was depressing, but what really upset Monica was not being able to take her kids to park. She still has a little bit of swelling. Later, Monica finds herself very happy with the results, and she can now play with her kids.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Kotler



Ace is 45 years old and works as a professional stunt woman. She is getting rhinoplasty done by Dr. Kotler. Ace is known by her nose and hair. She has played a lot of witches and vampires. She has had her nose broken two to three times. Recently, Ace was in the movie "Million Dollar Baby," as Hilary Swank's first fight. Ace goes to see Dr. Kotler for her pre-op visit. She looks at her nose and finds that she never had certain bumps before and that changed her facial features. She still wants to look feminine. While she is at the doctor's office examining her nose, Ace never realized how big her nose got.

On Ace's surgery day, she brings a little humor to Dr. Kotler's office as she wears a clown nose and brings some hardware tools for the doctor to use. Ace is a little nervous as she has never been under, and she just wants to come back out. Dr. Kotler starts surgery at 9 am. He files the nose down and takes out the broken cartilage inside the nose. Dr. Kotler says that every nose has to be custom made, so he provides Ace with natural results that fit her face. One hour later, the surgery is done. Spice, Ace's friend, is there to greet her as she wakes up from surgery.

Six days after surgery, Ace is back at Dr. Kotler's office, and is anxious to see her nose. Five more weeks are needed for the nose to be rock solid. She takes a look at her nose and loves it, its still her nose, but now it matches her face.

Later, we see Ace practicing some stunts. She is still a tough woman. She is still physical, and says she can breathe amazingly. Ace feels good about herself.

Patient #3:

Surgeon: Dr. Jason Diamond


Brow lift, face lift

Dr. Jason Diamond goes to home and does presentation parties in order to promote his business. At the presentation, Dr. Diamond talks about the latest cosmetic surgery procedures to a group of women. As a result, Dr. Diamond met a new patient, Susan. Susan is 48 years old and is going to have facial rejuvenation on the lower part of her face, and have some eye work done.

Susan goes to Dr. Diamond's office for her facial rejuvenation. Dr. Diamond will perform a conservative face lift, but will be aggressive when working on the eyes. He sees a pretty significant bulging in fat in lower eyelids, which he removes. Dr. Diamond then performs the brow lift, and then the face lift. The doctor wants to provide Susan with a natural look. After surgery, Susan goes to a recovery center.

A few days after surgery, Susan is back at Dr. Diamond's office. She can't believe the results. Dr. Diamond says that Susan has the type of results he strives for, and couldn't be happier.

Two months since having surgery, Susan feels youthful. Before she used to look tired, and now she looks great.

The doctors of Dr. 90210 on Vacation

The doctors of Dr. 90210 are always busy helping patients look good and feel better about themselves. In this episode, we see some of these busy docs taking a little break.

Dr. Kanodia - Dr. Kanodia's works about four to six weeks solid, then he goes away for some time. This time, he is going to Switzerland with a friend for some skiing. Skiing is a sport he likes. On his trip, Dr. Kanodia gets a chance to ski with some friends. He tries to balance work and play.

Dr. Li - Dr. Li works about 50-60 hours a week. So she and Dr. Fulcher are taking 10 days off, the most they have taken off in three to four years. They are going to China with Dr. Li's mother for their vacation. For Dr. Li, having to leave her patients in the care of another physician is tough for her, she wants to be there for them.

In Taiwan, Dr. Li feels a deep connection with her family history and past. She goes to the family tomb to pay her respects. She also goes to the Li family temple, which was built for the family two hundred years ago. This trip solidifies Dr. Li's ties with her family and realizes how important it is to have a family. Dr. Li says that she is happy that she now has a family.

Dr. Rey - Dr. Rey works 80 hours a week, so he goes to Carmel to spend a few days with his family. On day 1 of their vacation, the weather is so bad in southern California, so it looks like Dr. Rey and his family won't be going away anytime soon.

On day two of the vacation, the highways are still pretty bad. Hayley wants to go to the video store and rent movies and just spend the day watching them. Dr. Rey doesn't want to. Then later, Dr. Rey starts talking about tae kwon do and how he wants to get a black belt. Hayley can't take it anymore and wants him to stop talking about it.

Then the moment the vacation is over, great weather comes back to southern California.

A shock comes to the Rey household. Hayley feels a lump in her right breast. Dr. Chung examines it at the Summit Surgical Center and explains to Hayley her options. A biopsy will be performed to determine whether or not Hayley has breast cancer.

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