Dr. 90210 - Season 2, Episode 11


by iEnhance.com | May 16, 2005 @ 09:00AM

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Aired May, 16 2005

Tonight on Dr. 90210, we find out how far some people would go to be thin. And is Dr. Li finally pregnant?

Patient #1:

Surgeon: Dr. Linda Li


Liposuction of stomach, thighs and hips

Monique is 33 years old from Los Angeles and is going to have liposuction of the stomach, inner and outer thighs, and hips performed by Dr. Linda Li. She has struggled with weight since a little girl. She finds that her thighs have gotten bigger and bigger. Monique wants liposuction to get jump start on a healthier lifestyle. Monique feels the need to eat more than three times a day. She realizes that she has to change her eating habits and do more exercising.

Monique goes to Dr. Li's office for her pre-op appointment. Monique saw Dr. Li's name in a magazine and that's how she found her. She has wanted liposuction for over two years. Dr. Li takes a look at Monique's body and tells her that she is going to try and trim all her down. Dr. Li suggests Monique not to get a tummy tuck yet because of future pregnancies.

Surgery day begins with Dr. Li taking some photos of Monique and making some markings around the body. Dr. Fulcher administers the anesthesia to make Monique go to sleep. As Dr. Li performs the liposuction, she sees that pure fat is coming out. It is a physically tasking procedure for her. Dr. Li is concerned because only Monique's lower half was worked on and almost five liters of fat had already been removed. Dr. Li says that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons that liposuction performed as outpatient surgery should be five liters or less; anything more than that should be done in the hospital and closely monitored post-op. Dr. Li has to stop the liposuction so that there is no extra risk. Monique has to come back at a later time to have more fat removed. Dr. Li went to the waiting room to tell Monique's mom that the surgery went well even though they had to stop the liposuction for Monique's safety.

At Dr. Li's office, Monique comes back for her post-op visit. She is happy with the results. Dr. Li's sees Monique's thighs and sees that they have evened out. The main thing sticking in Monique's mind is the thought of having to go through this again. Dr. Li suggests to her to let the body heal first, and then they can look forward to another surgery.

Weeks after the surgery, Monique says she has lost close to about 20 pounds and feels much more confident. She says that she still has about 40 pounds to go.

Monique comes back to Dr. Li's office for her one month post-op visit. She is still a little sore when sitting. Dr. Li finds the treated areas softening up, and sees that some areas will still need some work done. She finds it easier to put on clothes now and is very happy with the results achieved so far. Monique is anxious to get on with another liposuctions surgery.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey


Tummy tuck, breast augmentation

Latasha is 21 years old from Yuba City, CA. She is going to have a tummy tuck, breast augmentation performed by Dr. Robert Rey. Latasha had struggled with weight problems until she had gastric bypass surgery, now she is 125 pounds. After the surgery, she found herself with lots of extra skin. Now she looks forward to having all that skin gone.

Latasha goes to Dr. Rey's office for her pre-op consultation. As a result of the gastric bypass surgery, Latasha lost 125 pounds, but it emptied out her breast and left her with extra skin. Dr. Rey sees this and points out that the private parts also take a big hit. So he suggests a vaginal lift. Dr. Rey then explains the tummy tuck and breast augmentation procedure to Latasha by using diagrams and showing the instruments he uses. For the tummy tuck, Dr. Rey will primarily take skin out and will not do the muscles because of future pregnancies. After surgery, Latasha aspires for a modeling career.

On surgery day, we find Dr. Rey pumping a little iron before performing surgery. Dr. Rey is looking forward to this surgery and making Latasha beautiful. He feels this is going to be an amazing change for her. He tells his staff that there is a gorgeous girl stuck in there. Dr. Rey is very excited. He says that he has to be aggressive in cauterizing because gastric bypass patients bleed easier. Dr. Rey did encounter some bleeding, but was able to get rid of it. He goes through the tummy tuck incision for the breast augmentation. For the vaginal lift, he removes the bulging tissue. He removes big chunks of excess skin from Monique's body. The surgery takes about three hours.

Dr. Rey says that Latasha's surgery went better than expected, he didn't have to make a long incision, and there was little bleeding. The operation was an absolute success. Dr. Rey tells Latasha's parents that the surgery went well. Latasha is not feeling too much pain, hopes she will be happy when she sees the final results.

Three days after surgery, Latasha comes back to Dr. Rey's office for a post-op visit. Dr. Rey takes a look at Latasha and calls her one of his superstars. He thanks her for being such a great patient.

In Sacramento, we find Latasha looking at new apartments and looking to become more independent. The surgery has made big changes in her life. She is feeling more confident now. She notices that she is turning a lot more heads turning now. Latasha has always been close to her family, so moving from a little city to a big city is drastic. But, she is confident to step out and pursue her modeling career.

Dr. Rey

At Dr. Rey's house, we find baby Robbie crying early in the morning, and Hayley is trying to find her glasses. She is tired of glasses and contact lenses, so she will get her eyes fixed.

Hayley will get LASIK eye surgery from Dr. Robert Maloney, a vision correction specialist. The Reys have a little chat with Dr. Maloney before Hayley undergoes her procedure. They find out that Dr. Maloney feels that weekends are for family and that he never takes charts home. Dr. Maloney asks Hayley to read the eye chart and then finds out that her vision is worse than 20/400 which is considered legally blind. During LASIK surgery, Dr. Maloney peels back the outer layer of eye, reshapes the eye with a laser beam, then replaces outer layer. It corrects farsightedness and nearsightedness. Hayley looks around and can now see everything around the room. She can't believe this and is in tears. She can now read the eye chart. Dr. Maloney has Hayley put on goggles that she must wear for four hours to protect her eyes from bright light. She is also supposed to lay in bed and sleep with eyes closed. Dr. Rey is there at home to take care of her. Hayley would like for him to spend whole day with her, but has to go to surgery.

Later we see Dr. Rey and Hayley playing pool. And they talk about how they are always competing in something.

Dr. Diamond

Everyone asks Dr. Diamond when he is getting married. He friends, family, even his girlfriend Jessica is asking him that question. Ever since she has been in LA, Dr. Jessica Combs has questioned if she will stay there long term. So she is keeping her options open.

Dr. Diamond goes to the LA jewelry district looking for a diamond engagement ring. He does some comparison shopping. He takes his friend Tammy along to provide some support. After looking at some rings, he finds one that he likes and puts a deposit on it, to make sure it was the right one.

Dr. Li

Dr. Li and Dr. Fulcher are talking a walk around the Venice Beach Canal. One minute Dr. Li is feeling fine, and the next minute, she is completely sick. She is not feeling good while walking. Her stomach is feeling bad.

At Dr. Li and Dr. Fulcher's house, they have Dr. Li's mother come by and meet some friends. When everyone is there, the couple announces that Dr. Linda Li is pregnant. Everyone knew they were trying, so the news was very exciting. Dr. Li said that her mother's reaction was fantastic, and that she has been waiting a long time for this.

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