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by iEnhance.com | May 9, 2005 @ 09:00AM

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Aired May, 9 2005

Tonight's episode of Dr. 90210, involves younger patients having plastic surgery, with a rhinoplasty, breast reduction and a full facial feminization.

Patient #1:

Surgeon:Dr. Robert Rey


Breast Reduction

Najee is 17 years old from South Central and is going to have breast reduction performed by Dr. Robert Rey. She is a 38 double DD and has wanted to have this procedure since she was 15. Najee feels that her breasts do not look right or that she has breast implants. Her breasts were always the topic of conversation. Najee's mother went through the same thing so she understands the struggle her daughter is going through. That is why her mother wrote a letter to Dr. Rey asking for pro bono work, which he offers every year. Of the roughly 600 letters her received, Dr. Rey was touched by the letter and agreed to do the breast reduction operation. Najee and her mother go to Dr. Rey's office to meet with him for a consultation. Najee was nervous about meeting the doctor, afterwards found herself not scared at all after he explained the procedure. Dr. Rey sees cosmetic surgery among teens and thinks it is wrong, but in Najee's case, it is right.

Najee and her family prayed with their pastor before undergoing surgery. Dr. Rey performs a lollipop lift so that there's less scarring. During surgery, the doctor uses an instrument to squeeze the breast, which reduces bleeding. He wants to preserve blood supply to the nipple. He separate the actual breast mound from the skin. Dr. Rey finds that Najee's breast skin is so dense, it's almost like rubber. He takes a piece of tissue, the size of an egg, from each breast. This takes Najee's breast down a cup size. The doctor takes that little extra tissue, puts it all together and uses it to make a much more pretty shape to the breast. The operation went tremendously well and Najee bled little. Dr. Rey meets the family in the waiting room to tell them that Najee's surgery came out great.

A month after the surgery, Najee goes to Dr. Rey's office for her post-op visit. She said that she would do it all over again. The doctor sees that the breasts are so perky and youthful and he could really see a change in her. For Dr. Rey, cases like this make it all worthwhile.

Five weeks after the surgery, we see Najee shopping in Culver City for a couple of shirts. The surgery made her able to wear shirts she couldn't wear before. Her family notices that her self-confidence is higher than before, and that she seems more bubbly. Najee's mother says thank you to Dr. Rey from the bottom of her heart.

Patient #2:

Surgeon: Dr. Jason Diamond


Rhinoplasty, Chin Implant

Lindsay is 19 years old, from Palos Verdes, CA and is getting rhinoplasty and chin implant performed by Dr. Jason Diamond. When Lindsay hit puberty, she found that her nose was unbalanced with everything. She has snored most of her life and can't even remember the last time she had a good night's sleep. Lindsay meets with Dr. Diamond at his office and he examines her nose. The doctor sees that the nose is completely crooked on the inside. Also, there is clearly a nasal bump, which Dr. Diamond will reduce. He will also reduce the nose's bulbous tip. An implant will help make the chin more symmetrical and so the profile will be stronger. Lindsay has severe breathing problems because of her deviated septum. So the rhinoplasty will help improve her quality of life. Lindsay goes home and tells her friends how attractive Dr. Diamond is.

On surgery day, Lindsay is anxious because she has never been under anesthesia before. Dr. Diamond performs liposuction under the jaw line and then creates a pocket for the chin implant. The implant gives the chin a nice projection. Then he begins the rhinoplasty. Dr. Diamond straightens out the inside of the nose and improves its cosmetic appearance. Dr. Diamond takes out a big piece of bone in the nose, which was causing Lindsay's breathing problems. This will allow her to breathe better, which will change her life. Lindsay's mother looked relieved when Dr. Diamond told her that Lindsay's surgery was a success.

One day after surgery, Lindsay was back at Dr. Diamond's office to remove the nasal drip pad from her nose. The day after surgery, Lindsay was not feeling so great. She is still has to wear a splint on the inside of her nose. However, the doctor sees the results look great and says that she will be better in about a week. Lindsay will be happy once the swelling goes down and she can see her final results.

One month after surgery, we see Lindsay at home having dinner with her whole family. She says she can sleep well at nights, and can breathe easier.

Patient #3:

Surgeon: Dr. Gary Alter


Facial feminization

Alexandra is 21 years old from Van Nuys, CA and will be receiving facial feminization from Dr. Gary Alter. She is a male to female transsexual patient. Alexandra lives her life full-time as female and would like face to match. Before, he always used to go by the name Alex. Before she began her transition, Alexandra would consider herself gay. Relatively new to the whole process of transitioning, Alexandra feels fortunate to be doing it this young. She wants to look in mirror and see a hot chick. She met with Dr. Alter at his office for a pre-op visit. Alexandra's first surgery for her transition is having her forehead flattened, nose thinned a bit, have the jaw line and chin reconstructed, and the trachea shaved. Alexandra's father is very glad for her.

At the Summit Surgical Center, Alexandra has her surgery. Here mother Miriam is there to support her. Alexandra is afraid of waking up in excruciating pain. Dr. Alter will make her prettier, by making the brow and nose look more feminine. Dr. Harrison Lee will make the jaw and chin look more feminine. Alexandra has never had surgery before and feels this procedure will change her life.

For Alexandra's surgery, Dr. Lee makes a little incision over where her Adam's apple is. The doctor then shaves down the thyroid cartilage. Reducing the jaw bone decreases its projection. This surgery will help Alexandra to have much more feminine features. Dr. Alter raises Alexandra's eyebrows and reduces the forehead's bony prominence. Dr. Alter says that low eyebrows and forehead protrusion is a dead giveaway for a male. The nose was then made narrower. Surgery was over, and Alexandra has now been feminized. It takes a little while for Alexandra to wake up from surgery. She finally does and wants oxygen. Dr. Alter says that everyone reacts after surgery differently and Alexandra woke up very emotional. For Alexandra's mother, seeing her like that with all the bandages was sad for her. Dr. Alter says that younger people heal and bounce back quicker.

One week after surgery, Alexandra was back at Dr. Alter's office for a post-op visit. She was curious to see what her new nose and jaw look like. She looks in the mirror and thinks her nose is cute. She likes her results a lot, and that they are natural looking. She is truly amazed that she was born with one face, and now has another.

Five weeks after surgery, Alexandra is back again at Dr. Alter's office for her final post-op visit. She says people ask her if is she is a model and guys will ask her for her number. She feels really fortunate to be doing this at a young age. She is very happy with her results and finds it easier to look at herself in the mirror. She has contemplated implants, but will wait.

Dr. Rey

Dr. Rey takes Sydney to her first tae kwon do class. He wants his daughter to be able to protect herself. During her first class, we see that Sydney loves it.

Dr. Jason Diamond

Dr. Jason diamond and his girlfriend Dr. Jessica Combs decide to have nice quite time together and over dinner. His practice has gotten very busy and wants to move it to Beverly Hills. For Dr. Diamond, it is stressful having to move practice, and it is taking up all his extra time. Moving the office gives Dr. Diamond less time to spend with Jessica. Dr. Combs misses Kentucky a lot, but does love her boyfriend. She tells him that they have to decide soon about what they are going to do.

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