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by iEnhance.com | February 28, 2005 @ 03:00PM

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Aired: February 28, 2005

The Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey

This episode marks the season premiere for Season 2 of Dr. 90210. We continue following the life of Dr. Robert Rey and his family. And, we are introduced to some of the new plastic surgeons of Dr. 90210.

Dr. Robert Rey:

This season of Dr. 90210 picks up where last season left off. Dr. Rey is still practicing his Tae Kwon Do, even though he said he would take it easy after his son Robbie was born. However, Dr. Rey is still at it. He has been working on his martial arts for seven years and wants to achieve a black belt. Dr. Rey practices his Tae Kwon Do in the middle of the street for more room. His wife Hayley would like for him to hang out more with the family instead of practicing martial arts.

Since we left Dr. Rey, his practice has exploded. He had to hire two more people to handle all of the phone calls, and receives 500-800 e-mails a day. Consultations have been booked 9-10 months in advance. Last season, Dr. Rey struggled balancing his family with his career. Now he spends more time with his family than he did before.

Dr. Rey is looking for a new house. In two years, they have outgrown the house. Dr. Rey and his family begin by looking at a house in the same neighborhood because they love the gated community. However, the house is still too small for their needs and so they would keep looking.

One day, Hayley brings little Robbie into the office to meet Dr. Rey's staff. Hayley finds it funny that the baby is being passed around by women with breasts implants done by her husband. Robbie is an awake baby and Hayley takes care of him at night so that Dr. Rey can get his sleep and be refreshed when working on his patients.

Dr. Linda Li:

Dr. Linda Li is one of the new surgeons introduced to Dr. 90210, she has been practicing plastic surgery since 2000. Dr. Bill Fulcher is an anesthesiologist and married to Dr. Li. They met at USC, where they both did their training.

There are only two female board-certified plastic surgeons practicing in Beverly Hills and Dr. Li is one of them. 75 percent of her practice deals with cosmetic surgery, and 25 is reconstructive surgery and a majority of reconstructive surgery she performs is breast reconstruction. Dr. Li understand the issues women go through when it comes to how they look.

Dr. Li and Dr. Fulcher are ready to have a child eight years after first meeting. Motherhood is something Dr. Li feels like she needs to do. She would feel more complete as a person. Dr. Li is 35 years old and has not seen her gynecologist since she was in med school, even though she tells her female patients to get routine pap smears.

Dr. Jason Diamond:

Dr. Jason Diamond is another new surgeon to Dr. 90210 and works as a facial plastic surgeon. When he was around 11-12 years old, Dr. Diamond knew he wanted to be a plastic surgeon when his friend got into a car accident and had to have reconstructive surgery. His friend told him about all the work they did on him and Dr. Diamond was fascinated. This is third year of his practice and over the last three years has worked hard to have a world-class practice, and nothing will keep him from the top. Right now his practice is located on Wilshire Blvd., just outside of Beverly Hills. One day, he wants to have a practice in the "Golden Triangle" in Beverly Hills.

For Dr. Diamond, working out is essential, because the plastic surgery profession deals can be straining physically and mentally. He feels it is important to maintain shape and look as good as you can. Patients would not want to go to a doctor that is fat and out of shape. The majority of his patients are women, and takes care of a lot of beautiful people. Dr. Diamond is attracted to beauty, but keeps things strictly professional.

Dr. Diamond's girlfriend, Jessica, is a physician and she deals with general medical problems. The two have been dating for a long time, and they are hoping to work issues out and get married one day. One issue is that Dr. Diamond is Jewish and Jessica is a Christian. She moved to Los Angeles to be closer to Jason, and would like to make a decision about their future in a few months.

Dr. Diamond moves into an apartment in Beverly Hills. The place is nice and simple, something he wants for right now so that he can focus on his practice.

Patient #1:

The Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey

The Procedure:

Breast Reduction and Liposuction

Jaymie is a 22 year old dental assistant from Ridgecrest, CA. She has double D breasts. During high school, she was known as "Jamie with the big boobs," and wants that name gone. Her large breasts brought on low self-esteem and it is still an issue today. She wears big, baggy sweat shirts all the time. As a dental assistant, her large breasts make her feel uncomfortable as she works with patients.

Jaymie meets with Dr. Rey for a consultation. Dr. Rey talks about liposuction and how he does not do liposuction to lose weight, and that patients must diet and exercise and lose weight, then liposuction can be considered. As far as breast reduction, he sees that the breasts have drooped and suggests doing a lollipop breast lift.

On the day of surgery, Dr. Rey begins by painting, or washing, while Jaymie is standing up. He says ladies get embarrassed by this, but this allows the doctor to touch all sides without getting anything dirty during surgery, especially with frontal and back surgery. During the surgery, Dr. Rey removes a lot of extra skin. Instead of throwing it away, he uses some of it for augmentation. For liposuction, he removes a 1000 cc of fat from the abdomen and another 1000 from the flanks. Dr. Rey thinks the surgery looks amazing. When Jaymie wakes up, Dr. Rey tells her that he made her into a skinny girl.

Jaymie comes back to Dr. Rey's office 4 ½ days after her surgery for her post-op visit. She is a little sore, but now has a perky, beautiful shape. Jaymie is already impressed with her breasts and the liposuction, she is looking forward to healing.

Patient #2:

The Surgeon: Dr. Jason Diamond


Facial Rejuvenation - brow lift, upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery, cheek lift, facelift.

Nancy is 63 years old from Ohio. She is going to see Dr. Diamond about facial rejuvenation. It has been a sad and lonely three years for Nancy as many people who were close to her passed away. Now she feels like she is back to square one and needs to look at new life.

Dr. Diamond has been friends with Nancy's son Michael, since the two were at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Diamond points out that Nancy's eyebrows have fallen and that they should be above the bony ridge above her eyes. He will also perform other procedures to help Nancy get her youth back.

On the day of surgery, Nancy is ready for her brow lift, upper & lower eyelid surgery, cheek lift and facelift. Before performing surgery, Dr. Diamond performs something sports related to get him into the zone. In this case, he takes practice swings with a baseball bat. He begins surgery with the lower eyelids. He makes an incision where no one can see, and removes the fat pads in that area. Then after the brow lift, Dr. Diamond started on the upper eyelid lift. Three hours into surgery, the doctor started performing the facelift. The total surgery time was nine hours.

Nancy finally wakes up from surgery and her children are there waiting. The doctor did everything the way it should be done, now it was time for Nancy to heal. Dr. Diamond arranged a place for Nancy to recover where someone will be available to care for her. At Regina's Recovery Retreat, only two patients are cared for at a time. The patients are cared for at Regina's house, and she provides her patients with personal care all the time.

One week later, Nancy comes back to Dr. Diamond's office for her post-op appointment. The doctor thinks the results are looking great and Nancy has been seeing a huge change everyday. Nancy's main motivation was to start a new chapter in her life and gain a new sense of self-esteem, and her facial rejuvenation will help accomplish that.

Back in Ohio, two months after her surgery, Nancy. She feels Dr. Diamond did his job by providing her with results that were subtle and not dramatic. This experience has helped jump start her life and made her want to go out more.

This week the doctors of Dr. 90210 listed the most common cosmetic surgery procedures in the U.S. And they are:

Liposuction Breast augmentation Upper eyelid surgery.

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