Dr. 90210 - Season 1 Episode 9


by iEnhance.com | September 12, 2004 @ 02:00PM

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Premiered: September 12, 2004

The Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey

On this episode of Dr. 90210, plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Rey helps an underprivileged woman by surgical removing two extra breasts from her body. Plus the office staff throws a surprise baby shower for Hayley.

Dr. Rey puts silicone implants in women all day long, but he doesn't want to be remembered for that. So once a month he goes to the Huntington Park Clinic in south central Los Angeles to do some pro-bono work.

Some patient's go to Mexico to have plastic surgery for the price, not the quality. And this results in disaster. Dr. Rey helps correct these damages with his pro-bono work. He comes from a poverty background, and even went to visit his old neighborhood. So he wants to give back to the community. The patient Dr. Rey will operate on this week is an underprivileged women suffering from an unusual condition.



Having two extra breasts removed


Maria is 32 years old from Los Angeles and wants to have two extra breasts removed. She has lived with this condition for four years. As a result of having four breasts, she has many clothes that she is unable to wear, not even a bra. Maria saw Dr. Rey's ad, but found out the surgery would cost her $8000. However Dr. Rey would find a way to do the surgery for free.

This condition of extra breasts can develop during puberty or hormone influxes during pregnancy. In Maria's case, this condition came after she gave birth. The extra breasts are fully functional breast tissue. During the consultation, Dr. Rey tells Maria that he will take out extra skin and make the scar so it will not be noticeable. Next was choosing an implant size, a small C was chosen. The implants will help give the breasts shape. Dr. Rey tells Maria not to smoke. If she quits now, she would be a good candidate, if she does not quit smoking, there will be problems.

On the day of surgery, Maria is very nervous. She is also hungry, according to pre-surgery instructions, she cannot eat anything on the day of surgery.

Before beginning the surgery, Dr. Rey and the surgical team pray first. Maria did not follow the doctor's instructions in quitting smoking. Smoking is bad because it compromises the anesthesia, and it makes the arteries constrict. Also all the cuts can split open. During the surgery, Dr. Rey removes a little bit of breast tissue for the lift. Next was inserting the implants. Dr. Rey uses electrical cautery to remove the extra breasts. He has to be careful because some of the most important nerves in the body are in the area where the extra breasts are. One false move, and Maria's hand could stop working. He tries not to make the cut too big. The scars will be hidden in her armpit. The surgery then becomes much difficult than expected. Maria starts wheezing during the surgery. They can hear the irritation in her lungs. Maria is coughing and hacking because she did not stop smoking. Dr. Rey has to think about every move he has to make. He completes the surgery and thanks his staff. The anesthesiologist Dr. Han has 25 years experience and feels he has seen it all, so he knows how to deal with those types of problems.

After surgery, Maria is not sent to a hospital to recovery, but to a recovery center in Beverly Hills where she will be given the five star treatment. She will be given lots of tender, loving care. Even a Jaguar is used to pick her up, not an ambulance. Maria could not breathe and the pain was very strong following her surgery.

The day after surgery, Maria is back at Dr. Rey's office. The physician's assistant, Kristi, examines Maria. Maria is smiling when the bandages are off and sees the results. There were no more extra breasts. Then one month later, Maria goes to the office for a follow up visit. Dr. Rey is happy with the results and Maria looks so much better. The operation turned out wonderful. Maria is able to move her arms without any pain, she can wear a bra, and her husband is very happy.

Dr. Rey tell us that he plays the game and fights the battle in Beverly Hills, but with tears in eyes, says that one day he will go back to his people.

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