Dr. 90210 - Season 1, Episode 6


by iEnhance.com | August 22, 2004 @ 04:00PM

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Premiered: August 22, 2004

The Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey

On this episode of Dr. 90210, Dr. Rey must handle the strain of working on two models striving for perfection, both on the same day!

Patient #1:


Nose surgery, Chin implant, Breast augmentation

Kymme is 28 years old from Tarzana, CA and wants to get back into the modeling game. By undergoing plastic surgery, she hopes to bring her features back to the way they used to be.

At Dr. Rey's office, Kymme has a consultation visit with the doctor. First Dr. Rey has Kymme look into the mirror and asks her what she doesn't like about her nose. She points out a little lump on each side and the tip needs refining. Dr. Rey agrees with her. As far as the breasts, one is smaller than the other. Kymme wants the size of her breasts to be proportionate and look more natural. Dr. Rey points out that a few millimeters are missing from the chin and augmenting the size a little can make a big difference.

Patient #2:


Lip Implants

Victoria is a 50-year-old model from Los Angeles, CA. She once had plump lips, but they are now smaller. She tried collagen, but feels like it disappears as soon as she leaves the doctor's office. Now she wants something more permanent.

During Victoria's consultation with Dr. Rey, he advises her to get AlloDerm for her lip augmentation, which is basically donated human tissue that is processed. This product is what will be implanted into Victoria's lips. Victoria is a Playboy model who now has her own website. She loves to shoot pictures, and wants her lips to be full again.

The Day of Surgery:

Kymme loves modeling but misses it a lot. On the day of surgery, her boyfriend Damion accompanies her and waits until the surgery is complete. The two are a little nervous, but Damion doesn't want to let Kymme see that. In the surgery room, Dr. Rey works on the breast implants, not sure if he can fit the large implant in her breast, but it fits. For the nose job, Dr. Rey cuts out a piece of cartilage from Kymme's nose where there is no room for false moves. He makes sure the slightest bumps are gone and refines the tip. The chin implant is not sutured in, just placed in the pocket made inside the mouth.

While Dr. Rey is in surgery, he is also running late for Victoria's surgery appointment. Victoria is nervous because she isn't sure when her ride is coming to pick her up and worried that Dr. Rey might be tired after a long day. She also hasn't had anything to eat or drink all day, following the pre-op instructions.

Dr. Rey finishes with Kymme and is there to reassure her when she wakes up, he also goes to Damion to tell him that Kymme is doing just fine. Finally 3 ½ hours behind schedule, Dr. Rey finally begins Victoria's surgery. Alloderm is a piece of donated cadaver tissue that Dr. Rey uses to implant into Victoria's lips. Bumps on the lips from previous collagen injections made it a little difficult for Dr. Rey to make the lips look even. Dr. Rey didn't finish until 11:30 at night. Victoria is a little sensitive to the anesthesia, so she was throwing up after surgery.

After surgery:

Two days after surgery, Victoria is back for her post-op appointment. She tells Kristi, Dr. Rey's physician assistant, that it doesn't hurt at all. Kristi gives Victoria some post-op instructions and takes pictures of the results.

Kymme and her boyfriend Damion are also back. Dr. Rey looks at the results and likes them, Damion agrees. Kymme doesn't want to see the results; she wants to give it time. She felt her chin was so big, and thought she looked like a cartoon character. Patients can be emotional after surgery, and being on medication adds to that. Dr. Rey gave some reassurances to Kymme. The experience was so overwhelming for Kymme, but she felt she was just being a baby about it.

A month after surgery, Victoria is glad she got the Alloderm. She loves how full her lips are, but hopes they last longer than a year. She's going to give it some time before she does more pictures for her website.

One month after Kymme's surgery, she out shopping for clothes with her boyfriend. She is trying on tops she never thought to try before. It is an amazing feeling and likes the new her. Kymme's boyfriend, Damion thinks the operation was a success. Kymme herself is very happy and pleased with the results, and hopes it will help her career. She is now ready to go out and get a great agent and manager and get things going.

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