Dr. 90210 - Season 1, Episode 4


by iEnhance.com | August 8, 2004 @ 03:00PM

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Premiered: August 8, 2004

The Surgeon: Dr. Richard Ellenbogen


Procedures Performed:

Breast augmentation, Nose surgery, Facial Fat Grafting, Liposuction
On this episode, we finally find out the sex of Dr. Rey and Hayley's future baby. Plus we see Dr. Ellenbogen and his boys perform multiple procedures on Sara.


Dr. Richard Ellenbogen is not only a plastic surgeon, but also the director of a post-graduate fellowship in advanced aesthetic surgery. He has trained many doctors under this program. Dr. Steven Svehlak and Dr. Daniel Yamini were both graduates of Dr. Ellenbogen's fellowship program and now work alongside him at his practice. Dr. Ellenbogen likes to surround himself with people who have very positive attitudes. His fellows are like his children. In this episode, one of Dr. Ellenbogen's fellows, Dr. Youn, graduates from the program and moves to Rochester, MI. A graduation party takes place where Dr. Ellenbogen gives a speech wishing the best of luck to Dr Youn.

Dr. Ellenbogen's office is located off the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. He has a comfortable and casual office. At home, the doctor wants to feel just like a regular person. He has one of the few houses in the hills that have a cellar. Dr. Ellenbogen even has time to show off his trumpeting skills.


Sara is a young woman from Redondo Beach, CA. She is looking to undergo a complete makeover, which includes nose refinement, breast augmentation and other procedures. Since coming to California, she has changed a lot. In fact, Sara didn't even think about having breast augmentation before coming to California. Most of her family lives on the East Coast, including her sister, who is protective of her. Sara hasn't even told her sister that she is considering having plastic surgery. She wants to surprise her with her new look.

At Dr. Ellenbogen's office, Sara has a consultation visit with the doctor. She has had nasal surgery five years ago but was unhappy with the results and has been having nasal problems. Dr. Ellenbogen shows Sara what can be done to improve upon her nasal appearance.

On the day of surgery, Sara receives facial fat grafting, breast augmentation, liposculpture, and nose reshaping. In the operating room, the breast augmentation is performed first. The implants are inserted through the armpit to prevent creating scars on the breasts. Next was the nose job, and this procedure is all done on the inside. Dr. Ellenbogen breaks the nose, and a little bit of cartilage removed makes a difference. Next was the fat grafting procedure, which Dr. Ellenbogen believes this is how plastic surgery will be done ten years from now. He doesn't perform liposuction, and has the other doctors perform the procedure. They took about nine pounds of fat away from Sara's body. The entire surgery took about six hours to complete.

In the recovery room, Sara wakes up from surgery and seeing her boyfriend made her feel everything went well. Then a few days later, she returns to Dr. Ellenbogen's office to preview the results. Seeing her new nose was an amazing experience. When the splint was removed, she noticed how different it was. Sara can't wait until she's in better shape to surprise her sister. When Sara's sister finally comes to California from New York, she notices how Sara looks young and so curvaceous. She wants to get plastic surgery too.

DR. Rey

Continuing Dr. Rey' s story from last week. The family was at the obstetrician's office viewing the ultrasound of Dr. Rey and Hayley's new baby. Last week left viewers with a cliffhanger as to the sex of the baby....well, it's going to be a boy. Hayley is so happy; she's always wanted a boy. Dr. Rey feels he doesn't know how to raise boys and hopes he is a good dad.

Dr. Rey's schedule is very busy. Hayley wants her husband to take on a partner, but he wants a solo practice. By doing this, he doesn't have to answer to anyone else. But he has warmed up to the idea of taking on a partner. Family time has been the most significant sacrifice Dr. Rey makes for the good of his practice. Because he is so busy, Dr. Rey has to play with his daughter Sydney at 11 o'clock at night. Dr. Rey hasn't been receiving a warm reception as a result of this and that's why he brings her a treat when he comes home. Although this evening, Sydney makes a mess of her treat and ends up being covered in purple paint, which led to a trip to the bathroom.

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