Dr. 90210 - Season 1, Episode 3


by iEnhance.com | July 25, 2004 @ 03:00PM

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Premiered: July 25, 2004

The Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey

Anna 28 from Torrance, CA
Jackie 30 from Studio City, CA

Procedures Performed:

Breast augmentation

On this episode, while Dr. Robert Rey’s family waits for him to spend time with them, he handles two patients wanting breast augmentation.


Anna wants breast augmentation to address the excess skin on her breasts resulting from two pregnancies. While waiting to meet Dr. Rey at his office, Anna is shown photos of previous patients. Then she finally meets with Dr. Rey for a consultation.

She has had breast augmentation before, but had them taken out. Now she feels her breasts are deflated. Anna wants to be a size B, even though Dr. Rey prefers a larger size.

Anna is not looking forward to missing Yoga sessions while recovering from her operation. However she wants to look as the same way as she did before having kids. Anna had to talk her husband into going ahead with the breast augmentation.

The day of surgery arrives and Anna is back at Dr. Rey’s office. She feels her breasts have too much skin and is proceeding with the operation. Anna’s husband was working out of town, so she brought her kid’s babysitter to accompany her. Dr. Rey doesn’t recall ever using implants as small as the ones he will use for Anna’s operation. He informs her that her cleavage will not be the best. But Anna still opts for just a small enhancement and wanting to gain a more natural look.

As Dr. Rey operates on Anna’s breasts, not knowing what kind of scarring will be in there. He revises the old scar and places the implant within the breast. Placing such a small implant almost breaks Dr. Rey’s heart. However Anna’s breasts are shaping up and coming along nicely.

A day after surgery, Anna pays a post-op visit to Dr. Rey’s office, but she still feels completely out of it. Dr. Rey says that Anna has a little body, but was given the same medication as one who is heavy.

Two months after surgery Anna is very happy with the results of her breast augmentation. It even looks much nicer than her first augmentation. This is her comfort level. It is better today, than it ever was. Her goal was achieved with her breasts looking better today than it ever has. She is very pleased with the results.


The other patient in this week’s episode is Jackie. While Anna wanted modest implants, Jackie wants large implants. As Dr. Rey said, their preferences are different. She had surgery from Dr. Rey before but didn’t listen the first time he recommended larger breasts. Jackie used to weigh 220 lbs. and her husband promised her if she lost 50 lbs, then she can get breast implants. Jackie found it mentally difficult to look at herself. So she would see Dr. Rey in order to have a tummy tuck and breast implants done at the same time.

During the consultation with Dr. Rey, she informs him that she wants a larger size so that the breasts sit closer together. Dr. Rey informs her that to close the gap, wider implants are needed.

On the day of Jackie’s surgery, she had nothing to eat or drink for 12 hours. Her mother, husband, and daughter accompany her to Dr. Rey’s office. Jackie is anxious to proceed. Before undergoing surgery, Jackie meets with Dr. Rey. He informs her that as the implant gets wider, the cleavage will narrow. Dr. Rey then shows Jackie the implants he will use.

During the operation, Dr. Rey soaked the outside pockets to provide a better cleavage. As the doctor places the stitches, he creates a short pocket so the implants will not fall off ribcage. Dr. Rey feels that Jackie’s cleavage will be awesome. Next was to fill the breasts with the solution. Dr. Rey took an hour and a half to do the procedure because he had to suture the edge of the pocket so the implants have no choice but to go to the center.

Four days after surgery, Jackie makes a post-op visit to Dr. Rey’s office. Her cleavage is looking much better, and the results are a huge success. Jackie is pleased that when she lies down, her breasts don’t go in different directions. Then two months after surgery, Jackie decided to go shopping for a new bra. She likes the way her cleavage is now.

Dr. Rey

During this episode we see Dr. Rey accompanying his wife Hayley at her Obstetrician’s office. She goes there to have an ultrasound performed. That day, they were going to figure out the sex of the baby. There are tears in Hayley’s eyes during the ultrasound. Dr. Rey is happy that the baby has everything is in the right place, he knows how hard it is to fix that. They decide they want to know the sex of the baby. What is it? Find out next week.

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