Dr. 90210 - Season 1, Episode 2


by iEnhance.com | July 18, 2004 @ 02:00PM

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Premiered: July 18, 2004

The Surgeon: Dr. Robert Kotler

Patients and procedure:
Arlene – Chemical Peel

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Kotler has been practicing in Beverly Hills for 27 years. He specializes in procedures of the face and neck. Dr. Kotler's practice is at 436 N Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills, and there is rarely a vacancy at that location. He has been at that office for 13 years. There's a five-year wait to get into that building and Dr. Rey is a plastic surgeon who is just waiting for his chance to practice at that location.

This week on Dr. 90210, Dr. Kotler will be performing a chemical peel on Arlene, a PR specialist desiring to look beautiful for her wedding day.


Arlene is 64 years old and wants the wrinkles on her face removed. In order to achieve this goal, she will undergo a high intense chemical peel. She wants to look wonderful just in time for her wedding. In fact Arlene wants to look like a trophy wife, a babe. So she is looking to roll back the years on her face through cosmetic surgery.

At Dr. Kotler's office, an imaging expert takes pictures of Arlene. Then through digital simulation, the imaging gives Arlene an idea what to expect. Dr. Kotler feels this imaging helps the patient understand what's possible, and helps the doctor know what the patients like. However it is not a guarantee.

The day of surgery arrived and Arlene was ready to begin her new life as a younger person. Even though the chemical peel is non-surgical, it is painful due to the fact that acid is part of the solution used. That is why an anesthetic needs to be applied, allowing the patient to sleep through the process. The chemical solution is applied to regions of the face, and Dr. Kotler is careful not to damage the hair. Arlene is very sedated, and when she wakes up, she can still feel the burning sensation on her face. So the staff tries to keep her in a state of comfort.

After the operation Arlene goes to a recovery hideaway, Shanteque, which is a private wing of the Le Meridien hotel that caters only to plastic surgery patients. Shanteque provides food and even transportation for the patients for their post-op check up.

The first day after the chemical peel procedure, Arlene feels a lot of discomfort. She feels like someone put out cigarettes all over her face. On the 2nd day she feels like a fish, and a lot of ooze is coming out from her face. She goes back to Dr. Kotler's office where antibiotic ointment is placed on her face while she is sedated. Two weeks later, the pain is still there, although not as much.

A month after having chemical peel, Arlene is pleased with the results. Years were erased from her face. Arlene always felt young inside, now her exterior matches her interior. Arlene was now the trophy wife that she wanted to be.

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