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by iEnhance.com | September 26, 2004 @ 02:00PM

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Premiered: September 26, 2004

On this episode of Dr. 90210, one patient wants larger breasts, the other wants to lose weight, and another wants to have a scar removed. However, sometimes the doctor has to refuse a patient for cosmetic surgery.

Patient #1:

The Surgeon: Dr. Robert Rey

The Procedure:

Breast augmentation

Shifa is 30 years old and living in Malibu, CA. She is a confident person, except when it comes to her breasts. Shifa is looking to undergo breast augmentation to help her achieve a full C bra cup size. She feels this surgery will help changer her life and everything around it. That is why Shifa will meet with Dr. Rey to discuss undergoing this procedure.

At Dr. Rey's office, Shifa meets with Dr. Rey to discuss breast augmentation. Dr. Rey informs Shifa about four ways breast augmentation can be done, through the armpit, the nipple, under the breast, or the belly button. A car accident Shifa had left her with a scar on her belly. She had to be cut open because of internal bleeding. Dr. Rey will perform the augmentation through the existing scar and avoid having to create any more scars. When discuss breast size, Shifa wants to go with a C and Dr. Rey agrees that will look good on her.

On the day of surgery, Shifa is a little afraid about the pain. Her boyfriend Alex is there with her at the surgical center. Before the surgery, Dr. Rey takes "before" pictures of Shifa. Shifa has insecurities about her breasts, so she tells her boyfriend to shut his eyes while the doctor takes pictures. She feels things will be different after surgery.

Working through Shifa's scar, Dr. Rey performs endoscopic breast augmentation. Using a endoscope, Dr. Rey can see images of the body from the inside. The doctor inserts the breast implants and fills them up. Dr. Rey feels Shifa will look drop dead beautiful. Shifa wakes up and now has to follow everything the doctor told her to do following surgery.

Three weeks later, Shifa returns to Dr. Rey's office and meets with Kristi E. a Physician's Assistant. Shifa feels she has gained more confidence and loves the way she looks. She actually happy with her size and now has something she has always wanted.

Patient #2:

The second patient looking to undergo plastic surgery this week is Jill, 30 years old from Los Angeles. She is looking to receive an abdominal reconstruction and scar revision. Jill is an aspiring signer and actress. Jill's talent agency informs her that the scar on her belly can cut her out from some roles.

At Dr. Rey's office, he asks Jill what is going through her mind. Jill wants to have a scar removed. She also tells Dr. Rey that the 8-inch scar on her stomach was a result of a cancer misdiagnosis, and now she can't have children. A scar revision can make it better, but results may not be perfect. Dr. Rey explains the tummy tuck procedure to Jill and she felt that liposuction would be all she needed. Dr. Rey understands Jill's story is a sad one, but he can't take the risks with performing surgery on her. History of lawsuits, being unhappy with doctors in the past, are all variables in determining whether or not to perform surgery on a patient. In the end, Jill's surgery was refused.

Patient #3:

Elza is 30 years old, from Los Angeles and is looking to undergo tummy tuck and liposuction. Also aspiring to be in show business, Elza wants to remove his extra weight, which he feels is a stopping point from employers.

Elza goes to Dr. Yamini's office to see about undergoing either a tummy tuck or liposuction. He has also heard about a full body lift. Elza had a rare illness, Cushing's syndrome and weighed about 295 lbs. and he also had stretch marks throughout his body. Elza was treated for this illness. Now he wants to improve the contour of his body. When meeting with Dr. Yamini, he informs Elza that is not an ideal candidate yet. Being significantly obese can put him at risk and that he needs to change his lifestyle through dieting and exercise. Once a better stage is reached, he will be a much better candidate. So the surgery was refused. Elza had mixed feelings about this decision, but feels he needs to get focused again.

Dr. Rey's story:

During this episode, not only do we see Dr. Rey meeting patients and performing plastic surgery, we also see him taking his Tae Kwon Do test. Hayley tells her husband that after he passes the test, he needs to put Tae Kwon Do on hold for a while. During the test, Dr. Rey makes some minor errors and thinks he flunked the test. However his instructors passed him. Dr. Rey decides to buy flowers for Hayley when he returns home from Tae Kwon Do as sort of a celebration.

Now it was time for Dr. Rey and Hayley to go to New Orleans. Dr. Rey will learn about a new facelift technique during his trip. Hayley is looking forward to spending time alone with her husband. She loves him so much. The trip for New Orleans will be a chance for Hayley and Dr. Rey to spend some time together before their second baby is born.

Stay tuned for the season finale.

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