Dr.90210 - Season 1, Episode 10


by iEnhance.com | September 19, 2004 @ 02:00PM

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Premiered: September 19, 2004

On this episode of Dr. 90210, we see the battle to be beautiful in Hollywood. One woman tries to fit in, while the other wants to stand out.

Tabitha Stevens

The Surgeon: Dr. Svehlak

Patient #1:



Liposculpture of the thighs and hips

Bethany is 32 and works for a film production company. She wants to have liposuction on her hips and thighs. Her friend Cindi is bothered by Bethany's decision and feels she would be more comfortable with herself if she were not living in Los Angeles. A producer that works with Bethany doesn't understand why Bethany would want liposuction. Bethany had been considering liposuction for years and now feels ready to do it.

At Dr. Ellenbogen's office, the endermologie procedure is shown being performed on actresses and models. This is a procedure that rolls the skin to get rid of cellulite. The process shrinks the fat cells. Endermologie costs $150 per session. At the office, Bethany has a consultation with Dr. Svehlak, who will be performing the operation. The doctor asks Bethany what she would like to talk about today. Her answer was liposuction. Dr. Svehlak explains that it is not just about sucking fat, but about reshaping. He points out areas on the body where and how much fat will be removed. Bethany's liposculpture procedure will cost $8000. The doctors on the show that some areas of the body cannot be reduced through exercise and liposuction is the procedure that helps reduce these areas.

When Bethany goes in for her surgery, she is not nervous and feels ready to go. Her friend and roommate is there to accompany her. As Dr. Svehlak performs the surgery, Dr. Ellenbogen watches over. Dr. Svehlak creates incisions in the pantyline. He uses a special ultrasound device to perform the liposuction. He sees pure fat coming out, and took a nice volume of it from Bethany. She now has a nice waist, hips, and thighs. Bethany wakes up and crying for no reason, Dr. Svehlak was there to tell her that the surgery went well and that she will be sore for a while, but will look great.

Three weeks after surgery, Bethany is back to see Dr. Svehlak. She is very happy; she is four sizes smaller and eager to go shopping for new clothes. Dr. Svehlak informs her that she will get even smaller as the swelling goes down. Working down to a smaller size is a great feeling for Bethany. Dr. Svehlak informs Bethany about endermologie which will help her heal quicker from liposuction and come out much more beautiful.

Back at work, Bethany is scouting a location for an upcoming movie. Her friends are happy for her. Bethany feels the experience was totally worth it, and would definitely do it again.

Patient #2:

Tabitha Stevens



Tabitha Stevens, 34, a former adult film star is now looking to go mainstream. She has had a lot of plastic surgery done and now wants to receive Botox injections from Dr. Robert Rey. Tabitha meets with Dr. Rey for a consultation to discuss getting injections. She wants her face as perfect as can be. Tabitha does not want a part of her face to move. She sees lines there, and it bothers her.

When she returns to Dr. Rey's office for the treatment, she refuses the numbing because she likes to know that Botox is being injected. The area in the forehead does not bother her, but near the eyes are a delicate area, but still does not want Dr. Rey to numb the area.

After the procedure, Tabitha still sees the area moving and wants to go back to have another set of injections.

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