Week in Review: Top News and Info Picks for the Week of 8/6/2012

Samantha Johnson

by Samantha Johnson | August 9, 2012 @ 11:00AM

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Pick of the Week

Cosmetic Surgery News

Receptionist gets toe surgery: Cosmetic foot surgery has been all over the news recently. Even though we've heard all about toe shortening, fat pad injections and the "Loub Job," it's still surprising when we read a story of someone who has actually done it.  Motivated by her love for shoes, the 23-year-old got toe liposuction and a 'Loub Job' and lived to tell about it.  Read More


Husband and wife go under the knife: Heather and David Robertson have done everything together for 18 years, so when she decided to go under the knife, he didn't think twice about doing it, too.  "You know what, hey, whatever, I am game for it so let's see what happens. It's got to be a bonus. It can't hurt right?" he told ABC News. Time has been great to their marriage, but it has taken a toll on their bodies. Read More


Extreme plastic surgery treatments are becoming the norm: The Vampire Face lift, mummy-like body wraps, dermaplaning and using a placenta to get great skin - some of the wackiest cosmetic procedures are becoming the norm. Read More



Health News

FDA approves first-ever digestable digital pill: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has for the first time approved a digestible device — a sand-particle sized microchip that can be embedded in drugs to monitor patients’ response to treatment, according to a new report in Nature. Co-founder and chief medical officer for Proteus George Savage tells Nature the enhanced pills could be used to treat everything from drug-resistant tuberculosis to diabetes. Read More

Propecia for baldness can cause depression long after use stops: Using Propecia -- generically known as finasteride -- to promote hair growth for baldness can lead to sexual dysfunction and severe depression, even long after use of the drug is stopped, a researcher reported Wednesday. The Food and Drug Administration recently required relabeling of Propecia to indicate concern about such side effects, but the new study suggests that the depression is more severe than had been thought. Read More

US Children's cholesterol levels down significantly: Against the drumbeat of bad news on obesity and diabetes among children, researchers have uncovered a cause for cautious optimism: a steady and significant improvement in the cholesterol profiles of American kids over the last 20 years. The proportion of young people ages 6 to 19 with high total cholesterol dropped 28% between the two time periods sampled in the report, from 11.3% in 1988-94 down to 8.1% in 2007-10, the new study found. Read More

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