Week in Review: Top News and Info Picks for the Week of 8/13/12

Samantha Johnson

by Samantha Johnson | August 16, 2012 @ 02:00PM

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Cosmetic Surgery News

Surgeon writes Plastic Surgery Bible

Think you can get all the cosmetic surgery info you need from the internet? Plastic Surgeon Peter Bela Fodor doesn't.  His new book, "Be Your Best" hilights every conceivable operation, all the risks, rewards and even the actual mechanics of each procedure. Dr. Fodor says this book will prepare patients to be well-informed as they consider their options - even if it means not getting plastic surgery after all. Read More

Vanessa Bryant denies plastic surgery rumors:

Vanessa Bryant has been forced to deny that she has been under the surgeon's knife after reports  suggested she had sought cosmetic help to stop philandering husband Kobe from straying.  Her representatives have blasted the allegations as '100 per cent not true' and 'ridiculous.'  During her appearance at the London Olympic Games, the 30-year-old set tongues wagging that she had undergone surgery after pictures of her looking rather different from her former self emerged.  A source told The National Enquirer that Vanessa was starting to feel 'insecure' about her looks and 'would do anything to keep Kobe happy.' Read More via @awesomemedical 

The Little Mermaid goes under the knife in these ads:

Venezuelan ad company ZEA BBDO came out with an interesting ad idea for plastic surgery: Disney princesses.  One ad pictures Ariel with new legs complete with a nice set of pumps - along with an enhanced bustline.  Read More via @Eloi_Nation

Health News

Does crossing your legs cause varicose veins?

The idea that the simple act of crossing your legs leads to trouble is far-fetched only to a degree. “Crossing your legs doesn’t cause varicose veins, but if they run in your family, it can bring them out,” said Dr. Ranella Hirsch, a dermatologist in Boston. Read More via @DrMarkmann



Disposable wristbands protect wearers from sunburn:

Disposable wristbands, much like the paper bracelets worn at concerts, can protect wearers from sunburn and skin-cancer risk by alerting them when to head into the shade. The new device lets people know when they’re nearing their limit of ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure by changing color from yellow to pink as the risk of overexposure increases. They’re cheap (potentially just 15 cents per bracelet), easy to wear and can be thrown out at the end of the day. Read More via @DrCoverman

Working out safely when it's incredibly hot:

July was the hottest month ever recorded, and August isn't far behind.  With all the heat, how can you stay cool while working out? researchers at California State University in Fullerton recently poured cold water over the heads of a group of overheated runners in an effort to find out. They then examined each runner’s body temperature and athletic performance. What they learned provides timely insights into how, when and whether to work out in the heat. Read More via @DoctorWilcox

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