Using Pinterest to Plan for your Cosmetic Surgery

Susan Anderson

by Susan Anderson | July 25, 2012 @ 03:00PM

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Pinterest is one of the latest social media fads, and it should come as no surprise that there are 1001 ways to utilize the virtual pinboard site. The most popular pins and boards are all about food, fashion, style, home and garden and arts and crafts (according to RJ Metrics).

Pinterest users are do-it-yourselfers, planners and have a creative spirit. Sounds like many cosmetic surgery patients we have interviewed over the years. Thus, we’ve developed this handy tip sheet to help you plan your beauty makeover using the popular tool.


#1 Follow the Leaders:

Many Cosmetic Surgeons are avid Pinterest users and have created a collection of boards linking followers to useful articles, before and after photo galleries, product recommendations and much more. Check out iEnhance, Dr. Davis Plastic, Dr. Paul Vitenas and Dr. Andres Taleisnik. By following these leaders you can learn about cosmetic procedures and surgeries and start to get an understanding of what is involved. 

#2 Refine Your Ideas of Beauty:

Start taking a closer look at what you consider beauty to be. Is it a refined nose, perky breasts, smooth skin or maybe a tight, rounded buttocks? Maybe intricate and fun hairstyles or quirky and creative nail art designs are what catches your eye? Are there examples of beauty in the form of celebrities or models that you would like to emulate or new products you want to learn about and try? If so, you want to follow accounts that specialize in these types of pins such as Ulta Beauty, Clarisonic, and Macy’s. Beauty Bloggers such as Lauren Young, Beauty Blitz and the Beauty Department can also be great resources for inspiration.

#3 Collect Ideas:

When you see images that reflect how you would like to see yourself, pin them and organize them on to their own pin board. When it comes time for your consultation, you’ll be prepared and able to share your expectations and ideals of beauty with your cosmetic surgeon. A mutual understanding will lead to better results and a more positive experience. 

#4 Have Fun, but Be Realistic:

The idea of cosmetic surgery should be to enhance who you are, not to transform yourself into somebody famous. A good rule of thumb is “a little goes a long way.” Keep this in mind as you make your makeover plans. To take your look to the next level, instead consider simple non-permanent updates to accompany your cosmetic procedure like a new haircut, make-up or updating your wardrobe

#5 Have a Good Laugh:

Cosmetic surgery is no stranger to comics and comedians and there are many cartoons on Pinterest that poke fun at all things silicone. Humor can be an asset and help keep things in perspective, so explore these as well.

Hopefully these tips will lead you down the right path for you to evaluate and choose the right cosmetic procedures for you, until then, have fun pinning and enjoying all things beautiful.

Author: Susan Anderson

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