Top Uses for Breast Implants in the Car

Susan Anderson

by Susan Anderson | September 14, 2012 @ 11:00AM

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Due to the overwhelming response from our readers and the fun generated from The Top 12 Office Uses for Breast Implants, we’ve decided to keep the ball rolling with a series of articles featuring breast implants in new and unusual places. This past week we headed out to the parking lot to see just what we could accomplish with these saline satellites.

1. Seat Belt Snuggie

Seat belt snuggie
Seat belts can be uncomfortable and what better way to make your girls feel more at home than with a third wheel to take the brunt of the seat belt pressure.

2. Side Air Bag

Implant as a side airbag
Not all vehicles have the maximum safety features. If you’re driving an older vehicle, consider installing your own side airbag.

3. Cell Phone Mount

Cell phone mount
Finding the right place to mount your cell phone can be a challenge. Your cup holders hold your coffee, let your implant hold your phone.

4. Hood Ornament

Hood ornament

Hood ornaments are often stolen. Replace yours with this innovative and stylish implant. Bonus! It doubles as a bumper.

5. Dashboard Foot Cushion

Dashboard foot cusion

Make your passengers more comfortable on long car rides, install this foot rest to keep the ankles of that hard vinyl dash.

6. Booster Seat

Implant as a booster seat
Not everyone has been blessed with a long lean body, if you’re short in stature, consider getting a boost by your ever helpful all-purpose implant.

7. Lumbar Support

Lumbar support
If your driver’s seat lack in lumbar support, there’s an app for that!

8. Carpool Lane

Running late for work? Strap in your favorite buddy and hit the carpool lane with confidence.

9. Door Bumper

Implant used as door bumper

Say goodbye to nicks and chips by adding a little extra padding to your doors.

10. Car Buddy/Child’s Toy

Many people love to adorn their car with toys, stuffed animals and dashboard fun. With a little creativity, your best bosom buddy can join the crowd. Also, it can double as a toy if the kids get restless on the way home.

Have you thought of something we missed? Share your ideas for these on-the-go gazingas in the comments below!

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