Too Old for Cosmetic Surgery? Never!

Susan Anderson

by Susan Anderson | September 26, 2012 @ 09:00AM

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Am I too old for this?As some of us age, we catch ourselves saying, “I can’t wear that” or “I’m too old to do that.” Are we being too hard on ourselves or should some clothing, activities and cosmetic surgery come with an age limit?

I love shopping, and it has been hard to transition from the stores I frequented as a 20-something to retailers I should shop as a mid-30-something (notice I said ‘should’) and I fear it will only get harder as I reach the big 4-0 (I’m depressed just writing that). I remember joking with my friends when I was younger that some clothes should come with an age limit. I think I self-impose one now. I’m careful about skirt lengths and how snuggly my clothes fit in general, however when I see stars hit the red carpet or a random afternoon paparazzi photo, I think I’m being way too hard on myself. Celebrities wear some crazy stuff. I still have great legs and a decent figure. Why not show it off? But I won’t wear a mini-skirt forever. There comes a time in each woman’s life where it’s time to button down and be mature... sort of.

Jennifer Aniston in a mini dressMaybe people in their 80’s shouldn’t jump out of planes, but there are still a wide variety of activities and self-indulgences that should stay on the menu as long as one is healthy enough to do it. I’m talking cosmetic surgery.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the average age of women who undergo breast augmentation is between 19 to 34 years of age. But women of any age, provided they are in good physical health, are candidates for the surgery. In fact, more and more women over 50 are opting in. Once time has taken its toll on the body, women may need the extra confidence that breast augmentation surgery provides. Let’s face it, we don’t feel old at 50+  thanks to good nutrition, advances in healthcare and exercise so why should our bodies look old. If you want it, go for it! And that goes for any procedure, big or small.

Keep Calm and Stay BeautifulCase in point, Joan Rivers. With over 739 procedures to her name, Joan Rivers is the poster child for plastic surgery at any age. She often discusses her surgeries on her two hit shows, Fashion Police and Joan & Melissa.

We can’t stress enough, however, that anyone considering cosmetic surgery should have a thorough health evaluation before going under the knife. With that said, Keep Calm and Stay Beautiful.

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