Tooth Whitening: In Search Of The Right Pearly White

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by Health News Digest | August 17, 2010 @ 11:00AM

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Influenced by celebrities and models that are turning up the wattage on their smiles, consumers are in hot pursuit of the ultimate treatment that will turn their teeth from white, whiter to whitest. "Having whiter than white teeth that still look natural is definitely at the center of a fabulous smile," says Dr. Jeffrey Shapiro, leading New York cosmetic dentist. "This trend is motivating more consumers to brighten their teeth, and prompting those who have already had teeth-whitening procedures to take a new course of action."

Going Hollywood White

This new white-hot movement has recently made long-time color guides obsolete! "Dentists use these guides to establish the color of crowns, inlays, porcelain overlays, and whitening results," explains Dr. Shapiro. "Until recently, color guides only went up to shade B1. The newest guides have added four ultra-pale bleach shades to keep pace with the current trend for even brighter teeth."

There are plenty of over-the-counter bleaching gels that will move your teeth up a few notches on the color guide, but they can only do so much. When you're seriously committed to going "Hollywood White" — the new standard in cosmetic tooth color — you need the services of a dentist who is committed to the latest and safest teeth-whitening procedures.

More Artful Results

Bleaching is the most popular method of whitening teeth among dentists, but like so many beauty-related services — facial resurfacing and haircolor to name just two — the end result is deeply influenced by art as well as science. "Teeth-whitening should not be a one-size-fits-all procedure," says Dr. Shapiro. "Beyond adjusting the strength of the solution, skilled dentists can produce three-dimensional restorative results based on chroma, value, and saturation. Together, these elements allow them to achieve artistic results by adjusting the color, brightness, and intensity of the teeth. They can also add artful details, such as highlighting, translucent edges, and a nearly invisible warming right next to the gum line - three features that perfectly mimic the natural gradation of color in all teeth."

Four Tips for Brighter Teeth

Dr. Shapiro advises that you can maintain your newly brightened smile by:

  1. Avoiding coffee, tea, cola, and red wine.
  2. Chucking the cigarettes in favor of pearly-white teeth.
  3. Brushing your teeth or at least rinsing right after you indulge in any of these forbidden items.
  4. Using only teeth-whitening gels that have been sanctioned by the American Dental Association.


About Dr. Shapiro

Dr. Shapiro is past President of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, New York and a frequent lecturer at the New York University College of Dentistry. He is Co-Founder and Chairman of The Association for Contemporary Dental Education, an organization dedicated to dentist education in new technologies and techniques. Dr. Shapiro is also the creator of the patented Shade Matching System, a disposable, translucent color guide that gently fits inside the mouth to allow for greater customization of tooth color.

His passion for quality has led him to build his own dental lab on premises and employs only highly skilled, artful ceramists who are capable of creating the color, texture and fit that he envisions for each of his patients. Dr. Shapiro's services are booked months in advance, but as his patients will happily testify, the end results are well worth the wait.

The list of celebrities, media moguls, and notables in the world of high finance who rely on Dr. Shapiro to maintain their dazzling smiles is legion, including: Jason Priestly, Donal Logue ("The Patriot," "Tao of Steve," and Fox television series "Grounded for Life."), "Big Apple" director Charles Haid (formerly of Hill Street Blues), Yankee's pitcher Roger Clemens and his wife Debbie, and Senator John Corzine of New Jersey.

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