Get Picture-Ready with a White Smile!

Jennifer Galvan

by Jennifer Galvan | November 21, 2011 @ 11:00AM

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That special time of year has arrived…holiday season! On top of sending out greeting cards and adjusting our belts for those second (or third) servings, being around family you haven’t seen in months means there will be plenty of cameras flashing! Get ready to smile up a storm for all those pictures. But wait – is your smile picture ready? If you’re a smoker or avid coffee/red wine drinker, chances are that you have some stains or yellowing that could make your teeth a little less than dazzling.

But don’t fret! Being the semi-vain gal that I am, I’ve used a few teeth whitening treatments to help brighten my smile, which means that I’ve got some insight for you. However, before I go on, I must stress the importance of visiting your dentist on a regular basis. It’s definitely going to help you keep those pearly whites, well…white! Moving on to the fun part now.

From whitening strips to whitening toothpastes and even an at-home whitening tray system under a dentist’s supervision – I’ve tried them all. Most whitening strips have the same concept: Strips are worn for 30 minutes, twice a day, for seven days. Typically, teeth are whitened about four shades and the results can last upwards of six months or longer if you’re not smoking or consuming staining food/drinks. This technique was a favorite of mine for some time and I always loved how great they worked.  

As for the toothpastes, those may take a bit longer and results are usually more subtle. However, there’s a new one on the market that I was able to try out recently – Luster NOW, a whitening toothpaste that delivers results immediately. I must admit that I wasn’t quite sure about it at first; it took me a few weeks of using it to really notice what it was doing. According to a press release on Luster NOW, “The toothpaste is infused with Bluverite™ technology that instantly makes teeth appear whiter with just one brushing. This revolutionary ingredient delivers a special optical effect to make teeth appear instantly white for hours.” Essentially, it is like makeup concealer for your teeth – brush it on and cover up some of the yellowing. The same press release also states that it can gradually whiten teeth over time with consistent use.

Then there was the dentist-provided, at-home tray system – by far the best results I’ve seen. Imprints of my teeth were made in order to create custom trays. I was then sent home with my trays and a whitening solution. With just a tiny amount injected into the trays, my teeth were brilliantly white in just two uses! I suppose this is why dentists are so vocal about seeing a professional – they definitely know what they’re doing.

Now, having gone through my ritual of teeth whitening pre-holiday season, I’m ready for my close up! Are you?

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