A Gummy Smile Can Be Corrected to Help You Smile More

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by Health News Digest | August 17, 2010 @ 10:00AM

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smile"From an aesthetic standpoint, showing more tooth and less gums is desirable, especially on the upper teeth," says Dr. Ana Giglio, a New York based periodontist. "The way to correct this is to lengthen the teeth and trim away the gums".

A gummy smile is caused by two different situations: In one event, it may be the result of a person's jaw relationship, or it may be through passive eruption... when the adult teeth erupt into the mouth but the gums stop short of exposing the whole tooth. In the latter case, the person actually has more teeth than is shown, it's just that the gum stopped moving too soon," says Dr. Giglio. "With those patients, it is a very simple procedure that involves some gum trimming, which could make a big difference since there is often several millimeters of tooth that remains un-exposed." Another treatment for the gummy smile is crown lengthening, which involves bone reshaping in addition to gum trimming. "There needs to be a certain distance between the margin of the gum and the crest of the bone. If, in some situations, a dentist was just to trim the gum and invade the width, the body would simply re-grow the gum."

Some people with a gummy smile are quite self-conscious and have restrained smiles that are not big and natural. "The proper treatment can make a dramatic difference," says Dr. Giglio. "Patients have told me that even before the final stages are completed they are talking and smiling more than before." Models, in particular, can benefit from the proper gum treatments. Case in point is model Brooke Baker who had a gummy smile and unattractive teeth. Her agency felt she had great potential and sent her to Dr. Giglio to re-do her smile. "She needed gum trimming, laminate veneers, and crowns. She got a little bit of everything." Before going to Dr. Giglio, Brooke never used to smile during shoots and refused to do any close-ups. Now, she is smiling during her photo assignments and is more comfortable with her close-ups. "Treating someone's smile, especially removing a gummy smile, can really build up a person's self-confidence and how they project themselves. They become infinitely more comfortable with their self-image."

Dr. Ana Giglio does not recommend gum trimming or crown lengthening to anyone before the age of eighteen. "As children grow, their jaw bones are also growing, so a dentist would not want to perform the treatments on someone who is not dentally mature, because they are still going through some changes." Most people have this procedure done when they are in their 20s or 30s; however, the average age may be rising. As more adults are undergoing cosmetic dental procedures such as braces, they are also visiting the periodontist and requesting the removal of their gummy smiles.

Dr. Ana and Graziano Giglio www.gdental.com 16 East 52nd Street Ste. 1200 New York, NY 10022

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