Dental First Aid Kit For People On The Go

by | August 17, 2010 @ 10:00AM

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The next time you have a tooth problem, you may actually smile all the way to the dentist.

A new dental kit can help people avoid most dental disasters by making it easier for them to perform first aid on tooth and mouth ailments—wherever they are.

"I am confident my kit will not only fulfill the crisis role for which it was envisioned, but also provide peace of mind to people worried about sudden dental pain or emergencies—particularly travelers, boaters, campers, hunters, and anyone else who may be outside the reach of prompt dental care," says Dr. Theodore Aaronson, creator of the Dent+Aid® dental emergency kit.

According to Dr. Aaronson, his goal in designing the product was to provide a kit that was convenient to carry, easy to use and that could provide instant treatment for lost fillings, broken teeth and dentures, toothaches, swollen and inflamed gums, and other problems.

While the kit is not meant to replace professional treatment, it can help control oral problems until a dentist is available.

The emergency dental kit comes with a detailed, 17 page, oral first aid instruction booklet that can walk people step-by-step through treating dental problems, and a no-risk, 60-day trial basis money-back guarantee.

The kit also includes items that can help prevent many dental problems from arising—a dental pick, dental mirror, Oral B's dental floss and interproximal brush, and a travel toothbrush.

"I've had my dental practice for 35 years," says Dr. Aaronson. "During that time, I've received countless late-hour and weekend phone calls from patients asking for instant help. I've realized that there's an obvious need for an emergency dental first aid kit that can be used anywhere, anytime and under practically any conditions."

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