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by Health News Digest | August 17, 2010 @ 10:00AM

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Have you ever wondered how it is possible that CEOs and other business executives make time to take care of their health? Between important meetings, business calls, and deal making, time is at a premium. One New York area prosthodontist, Dr. Graziano Giglio, realizes this and caters specifically to today's business person.

Dr. Giglio, who shares a private practice with his wife Dr. Ana Giglio, a periodontist, says, "Any executive who comes through the door is catered to in order to ensure that their time is maximized and allows them to conduct business while at the dentist. Dr. Giglio's office is 4,300 square feet in Manhattan's midtown, where the main focus is to put the business executive at ease. The design concept is such that it doesn't look like a medical office. As opposed to walking into a sterile-looking environment, the patients say it looks clean, but serene."

Putting these busy professionals at ease doesn't stop with just the ambiance of the office. Dr. Giglio allows patients to continue with their business while visiting him. "We have a conference room available to the patient if they need to make a business call, and computers with Internet access throughout the facility, a fax machine and a copy machine for them to use." Dr. Giglio shares the story of a patient who had some business dealings with a client in Israel. He told them he needed access to the Internet and asked to borrow the conference room. The patient accessed the Internet and was able to conduct a business meeting. Patients often ask Dr. Giglio if they can make phone calls during their appointment. They are able to go into the conference room and talk, or meet with someone and sign documents.

Patients of Dr. Giglio feel his office is so corporate friendly that they often conduct business meetings at his dental practice. His staff will have the patient's guest wait for them in the waiting room and will send a message letting him know to tell the patient that their guest is there and being taken care of. The staff makes the guest comfortable and provides necessary refreshments until the patient can meet with them.

Dr. Giglio says that most of his patients are constantly relying on technology such as a Palm Pilot or a Blackberry, and he understands the importance of cell phone calls. When a patient's cell phone goes off they'll usually ignore it, but Dr. Giglio encourages his patients to take the call because his rationale is, "An already tense patient concerned with business will not relax in the chair and easily allow the dentist to do his job most effectively."

Dr. Giglio says that about 30 percent of his patients are from out of town. Some come from other areas within the United States, and others travel from foreign countries to have him perform his dental aesthetic magic. Dr. Giglio cites a couple from Africa who came to New York for a long weekend to enjoy themselves.While they were here, they came to see his hygienist to have their teeth cleaned. Many similar stories abound. "Sometimes a patient will say, 'I really need the work done, I'll just stay in a hotel.' They'll even Federal Express X-rays for diagnostic purposes. The office has an on-sight laboratory to make laminates, crowns, and other restorations and can turn them around for the patient within 24 to 48 hours."

He says that the majority of his patients are very busy and aren't the "waiting room" type. "CEOs detest the waiting room. It's a waste of their time. And the biggest sector of our practice is a good cross section of CEOs who want to look more attractive and feel that their smile is a logical starting point. Although they are not actors or models, they realize you only get one chance to make a favorable first impression." Dr. Giglio knows that his patients enjoy their visits to his office because they do not feel that valuable business time is lost. As one CEO proclaimed, "I should run my company the same manner that Dr. Giglio runs his office. This practice is a well-oiled machine"

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