Is your Mole Lucky or Unlucky?

Samantha Johnson

by Samantha Johnson | July 5, 2012 @ 08:00AM

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As the warm water in my pedicure spa began to bubble up, I heard the nail technician at the spa next to mine say, "In my country, this is a sign of good luck." 

I looked over, surprised to see that she was referring to the big brown mole on the top of my husband's foot.  Surprised because, well, in my culture, that means potential cancer.

I began to research the topic and found that a mole on the top of the foot means a life filled with travel for both pleasure and work.  In fact, Chinese culture has meanings for pretty much every possible location of a mole, which can be either unlucky or lucky.  Moles on the front of the body generally bring good fortune, whereas moles on the back side indicate some type of burden. The prominence, color and shape of the mole also play a part in determining just how lucky you are.

Sarah Jessica Parker with moleSarah Jessica Parker without molePerhaps Sarah Jessica Parker should have thought harder before removing her facial mole.  According to the Tong Shu, a Chinese almanac, Parker's prominent chin mole on the right side indicates high intelligence and fame.  Parker had the mole removed because she didn't like it, but when a woman approached her on the beach asking why she removed her “signature mole,” she began to question whether she made the right decision. 

Probably the most famous and most attractive moles in history appeared on Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford's left cheek by the lip. Ironically, this mole location represents difficulty achieving success. Courage, perseverance, and a firm will are needed in the many struggles that can fall to the person. Those who possess these qualities stand a good chance of winning these battles and may build up a good career; but less confident people will be more apt for failure as fate is against them. Moles in this location also indicate low self esteem and bad luck for their spouse.

Enrique Iglesias before and after mole removalEnrique Iglesias had the honey-colored mole on his right cheek removed "because of concern for melanoma," although many speculate it was for cosmetic reasons.  Though the results of the biopsy turned out negative, it was probably a good thing. A mole in this location means misfortune at an advanced age.  Youth and middle age however, promise peace and prosperity.

It is uncertain whether the person or the mole itself carries the burden or blessings that come with the meaning of the mole's location, so the decision to remove it may have no effect on your fate.  However, if there is concern for melanoma - the deadliest of all skin cancers - the best choice is to have it removed. Visit our mole removal information page for more information, or find a doctor near you.



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