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by | July 31, 2001 @ 03:00PM

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Radiancy Introduces Light-Based Acne Clearance Technology At American Academy of Dermatology Meeting

Anaheim, CA. -- For the 85 percent of teenagers with acne, as well as the many adults who struggle with recurring outbreaks of acne lesions, treatment can be as tedious and disappointing as the disease. However, a new photothermal technology currently being studied offers hope for a fast, safe, and effective approach to coping with acne and avoiding the scarring associated with severe forms of the prevalent skin disease.

Speaking yesterday at an educational session on lasers at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting in Anaheim, California, Paul Yamauchi, M.D., PhD discussed the enhanced green light wavelength behind the platform technology used in the ClearTouch™. Designed as a light unit assembly upgrade kit for the SpaTouch™ PhotoEpilation System, ClearTouch allows physicians to successfully treat acne on all parts of the body, including the sensitive face area, without significant side effects or patient downtime.

Reporting on clinical study data of his international colleagues, Dr. Yamauchi noted that nearly 100 patients worldwide have been treated with the ClearTouch upgrade kit since it was first introduced outside the United States six months ago.

"Patients achieved acne clearance after only eight treatments administered over four weeks," stated Dr. Yamauchi, a dermatologist with Clinical Research Specialists in Santa Monica, California. "Patients observed dramatic, visible improvement after only one week of photothermal acne therapy, encouraging even the typically non-compliant teenagers to continue their treatment."

Traditional acne remedies, such as topical medications, prescription creams and oral antibiotics, carry potential side effects and often require several weeks before patients begin to see signs of improvement. Also, dermatologists are finding that the bacteria that cause acne are becoming resistant to treatment with certain antibiotics over time .

With ClearTouch's advanced technology, there is no skin irritation, prolonged sun sensitivity or adverse side effects. ClearTouch works by aiming green light and heat over the affected skin, which penetrates the tissue and targets the acne, shrinking the sebaceous glands and destroying acne-causing bacteria. While long-term follow-up is not yet available, patients have enjoyed acne-free, clear skin three to four months after their last treatment session

"The ClearTouch upgrade kit represents a new application for our SpaTouch platform technology, extending its hair removal capabilities to an acne clearance system with just a snap of a new light unit assembly," says Zion Azar, PhD, who invented the flagship's innovative "laptop" design and proprietary technology. "SpaTouch has long been recognized as one of the most affordable, high-tech aesthetic solutions; now it is one of the most therapeutic devices in the medical marketplace." Nearly 1,000 SpaTouch PhotoEpilation Systems are currently in use worldwide.

The ClearTouch acne clearance kit is not available for sale in the U.S. and is marketed outside the U.S. by Radiancy Ltd.

Established in 1998, Radiancy is devoted to the development of unique medical and aesthetic products employing proprietary, innovative light technology. Radiancy's Research and Development is based in the Rehovot Science Park in Israel, where its team works in close cooperation with medical practitioners in a variety of specialties. Radiancy's worldwide corporate headquarters is located in Orangeburg, New York.

For more information, please visit the Radiancy web site

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