Fabulous Faces Betrayed By Old Hands


by healthnewsdigest.com | August 16, 2010 @ 04:00PM
Medically Reviewed by Sydney Coleman

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(Beverly Hills, Ca) For years, women all over the world have spent billions of dollars to enhance face form, look younger, and more vital but neglected the very part of the body that's a dead giveaway when it comes to revealing age: the hands. Now, thanks to a fast, safe procedure called "casual fat grafting," innovated by aesthetic plastic surgeon Dr. John A. Grossman, women needn't have another moment's worry that their hands will betray them—and can remedy the problem on an almost spur-of-the-moment basis.

"Cruel but true, the skin on the back of our hands shrivels, chaps and shows age rather easily," says the pioneering Grossman, father of the "Safe Face Lift." That's because they have very few oil glands and are left unprotected and exposed to the worst of the elements, both natural and man made. As years pass, thinning bones and shrinking fat cells accentuate veins and tendons, producing a bony, veined, "aged" appearance most of us could do without.

A renowned innovator who has softened and smoothed aging problems for clients worldwide for nearly 20 years, Grossman calls the procedure "casual" because "you're in the exam chair under a local. We're use a syringe to harvest tiny globules of fat from someplace on your body where you don't need (or want) it - thighs, abdomen, saddlebags, hip rolls, buttocks. After five to 10 minutes, we inject the areas that need help. You barely feel it and are right back on your way. With no complicated pre-planning, you can almost do it on a whim— although to be sure, the results are quite realistic and beneficial."

Grossman says fat grafting injections last about three months, but after a while"build and last longer because the fat starts to incorporate into surrounding tissue establishing its own blood supply."

For those not quite ready to toss in the hand, but up for a day of mild bruising or swelling at the tiny injection points, Grossman's all natural, allergy free "casual fat grafting" offers virtually instantaneous improvement. The procedure is also available to rejuvenate face and lips with equally speedy, safe and successful results.

With offices in Beverly Hills, CA. and Denver, CO., Dr. John A. Grossman was acclaimed in "Town and Country" magazine's 1999 Directory of the Top Cosmetic Surgeons in the U.S. He is often featured in the national media and Denver's "5280" magazine has repeatedly named him the city's finest plastic surgeon.

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