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Afraid of the 'S' Word? The Top 5 Not-So-Scary Cosmetic Procedures

Not only do minimally invasive procedures cost less, they are frankly a lot less scary. Who wouldn't want to avoid "surgery" for a procedure if it were possible? We've made a list of the top five non-invasive alternatives to getting cut open. They require no anesthesia or sedation, offer quick recovery with minimal pain, and all of them take under an hour to complete.

Is your Mole Lucky or Unlucky?

According to Chinese culture, moles can be either lucky or unlucky depending on their size, color and location. Find out what celebrities got them removed... and if they made the right decision.

At-Home Cosmetic Treatments - Is the Money You Save Worth it?

Do-it-yourself skin treatments and at-home laser hair removal kits can be more dangerous than you think.

The Hidden Dangers of Gel Manicure

Gel Manicures are the big buzz in Los Angeles, but there are several warnings and dangers that lurk behind this new fad.

Tattoos in the Workplace

Tattoos may be a part of who you are, but not all people are accepting of them. Find out how some individuals deal with tattoos in the workforce.

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas: The Gift of Healthy Skin

Still searching for gifts? Check out these skincare products that both men and women alike will enjoy!

What Causes Wrinkles, Anyway? How Wrinkles, Lines and Sagging Skin Form

What causes wrinkles? How wrinkles form, lines on the face surface, and what causes sagging facial skin are explained here.

Beauty Trend – Oxygen Facials

From Oprah to Kate Middleton, oxygen facials are a hot trend amongst celebs. Learn more about this popular procedure and the professional and at home options.

No Sun Damage for Dark Skin: A Deadly Assumption?

Dark skin is not immune from sun damage. Learn how those with dark skin can protect themselves from sun damage and detect skin cancer in its early stages.

Tanning Beds vs. Laying Out – Which is more dangerous?

No matter how you tan -?? sunbathing or a tanning bed -?? there are dangers to getting that bronzed look.

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