Really? Off-the-Wall Cosmetic Procedures People Really Get

Susan Anderson

by Susan Anderson | November 27, 2012 @ 03:00PM

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Even as close to the cosmetic surgery industry that we are, there are still procedures and surgeries that leave us scratching our heads. I mean, why would someone choose to voluntarily undergo a Pubic Hair Transplant... and pay hard-earned money for it? Really? Cultural considerations aside, here are our top 5 “Really?” procedures.

1. Pubic Hair Transplant

Formost of us, excessive body hair down there is a burden that we spend countless hours shaving, waxing or undergoing Laser Hair Removal to get rid of. A few others, apparently, are disturbed by the fact that they cannot grow a complete and full natural selection of their own. The procedure involves harvesting hair from the scalp for plantation in the pubic region. For an area that’s not often seen by the masses, it seems like time, money, effort and pain not well spent.


2. Hymenoplasty

It is advertised as a way to “Restore Your Virginity, For Him and For Yourself,” but who are we kidding here?Plus, who wants to go through that all over again? Really. Granted that some women risk humiliation and shame by not being a virgin when they marry in some cultures, and for them this may seem like the best option. But for those who do it for vanity... really? Any unnecessary surgery in that very delicate and intimate area really doesn’t seem like a good idea to me even though it only takes about 30 minutes to surgically reconnect the hymen under local anaesthetic and then approximately 6 weeks of recovery time. There are other options to fake a hymen that are not nearly as invasive, please give those a shot first if it means so much to you.

3. Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation is a pretty name for female genital plastic surgery that encompases all of the cosmetic procedures of the vagina and vulvar structures. They are performed to either enhance sexual gratification or to aesthetically enhance the area. The most requested procedure is Labiaplasty that improves both the look and function of the labia. The 1-2 hour procedure will leave you swollen and feeling like you have just given birth with up to an eight week recovery period.  Again, I must stress here, this just doesn’t seem like it would be an essential surgery. Again, not an area that is seen by the masses and an area where I know I would like to avoid any unnecessary trauma or irritation.

4. Iris Implants

Cosmetic iris implants are not available in the US or Canada, but medical tourism has made it possible for many North Americans to undergo this potentially harmful procedure that can turn your brown eyes blue whileoverseas. I’m a little skittish about my eyes, and the procedure involves the cutting into the Limbus (the area between the white part of the eye and the cornea) under local anesthetic. That right there is enough to keep me away. Besides, there are colored contact lenses available which are a lot less risky and invasive.

5. Pet Plastic Surgery

Of all the frivolous procedures covered, this category has got to take the cake. Some pet plastic surgeries may be deemed medically necessary, but others simply are not and may be at the expense of your pet. The most popular procedures include rhinoplasty, chin lifts, eyelid surgery and a version of the facelift for some dog breeds. Cats are subjected to fewer procedures by far with declawing and rhinoplasty on the very short list. Any unnecessary surgery should be avoided for pets as there are risks to simply going under general anesthesia. I’m sure Fluffy doesn’t think she looks fat, and Fido doesn’t think he looks old.

I understand the desire to undergo many of the cosmetic procedures we discuss on this site, but these, I just don’t think I could do for any reason, and they really leave me wondering, who would?

So, if you have more money than sense, go for it, but this girl will stick to the basics for now.

Would you go through with any of these procedures? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below.

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