Plastic Surgery Prenup: Promise to Say “I Won’t” Before You Say “I Do”

Jennifer Galvan

by Jennifer Galvan | January 13, 2011 @ 08:00AM

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Prenup Plastic SurgeryCouples who are preparing for the most important day of their relationship have many things to figure out – where to live, how many children will they have…and will the bride want to undergo a surgical enhancement later in life? That’s right, cosmetic surgery has become an increasingly popular topic of discussion amongst those who are betrothed. In an age where almost every celebrity has had some type of surgical enhancement, there are many men who are asking their wives-to-be to sign an agreement stating that they won’t undergo plastic surgery during their marriage.

In an article printed in the February 2011 issue of Town & Country, one man states that he “didn’t want to go to bed with one woman and wake up 20 years later with an entirely different one in her place.” An understandable argument – some women can go overboard with their cosmetic alterations. As women age and have children, there are inevitable changes to their bodies that they may wish to correct. Whether it’s facial fillers to eliminate those pesky lines or an invasive procedure like tummy tuck surgery, women are often intrigued by these cosmetic forms of rejuvenation. However, many husbands aren’t so keen on the idea – at least not initially.

Although a groom may ask his young, beautiful wife to sign this agreement, there may come a point Prenup Plastic Surgerywhen her own dissatisfaction with her body may change his mind. As both husband and wife begin to see how time has altered their appearance, they may decide to undergo a plastic surgery procedure around the same time. She may want to lift her breasts and reduce the bulging in her abdomen, while he may wish to reduce the appearance of “love handles” and a “double chin.” So long as surgery doesn’t make any drastic changes to their spouse’s appearance, there could be an agreement with the choice to undergo surgery.

On the other end of the plastic surgery spectrum, the E! Entertainment reality show “Bridalplasty” focused on brides who competed to win the wedding of their dreams – including plastic surgery. These women had a laundry list of procedures that they wanted to undergo before their big day, which is when they revealed their new look to their future husbands. This would definitely violate the “no plastic surgery” prenuptial agreement.

Have any of you had similar conversations with your fiancé or spouse? 

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