Plastic Surgery For Cancer Patients

Jennifer Galvan

by Jennifer Galvan | August 17, 2011 @ 08:00AM

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Plastic and cosmetic surgery is often seen as a way to make yourself “prettier, thinner, younger” and hardly ever thought of as a genuine method to helping boost confidence. In reality, many patients choose to undergo a procedure because their self-esteem and quality of life will truly be improved. This is even truer for those who have been diagnosed with cancer and survived their treatments. Breast and skin cancer patients often turn to plastic surgery to help them regain a natural-looking appearance and help them start to feel better about themselves.

We have all heard stories of breast cancer patients who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery. Depending on the patient’s particular case, either a silicone gel breast implant is used to achieve a more proportioned appearance, or a TRAM flap reconstruction is performed using the patient’s own tissue. Patients who suffer from skin cancer can turn to Mohs Surgery to remove cancerous tissue from the patient’s body. Oftentimes, the surgeon can perform this procedure with as little scarring as possible in order to refrain from leaving the patient with a constant reminder of their treatment.

Recently, Orange County, CA facial plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sepehr announced that he is sponsoring the Lashes of Love program, “which offers Latisse® free of charge to patients recovering from chemotherapy.” Latisse is an eyelash growth solution to help treat hypotrichosis (abnormal hair patters, loss or reduction of hair) and achieve fuller, darker lashes in just a few weeks. Treatments such as this one is just one of many that can help patients regain the confidence they have lost during their battle with cancer.

Other non-traditional forms of cosmetic surgery for cancer patients include permanent cosmetics. Women who have undergone a mastectomy and reconstruction frequently opt to have nipple and areola re-pigmentation (tattoo) on their new breast. Patients often want to appear as natural as they did before their surgery and having this done is what finally makes them feel complete. However, patients who are interested in this particular treatment are urged to carefully research their tattoo artist in order to ensure that the results are what they are looking for.

These are just a few of the ways that plastic surgery can help patients who aren’t just looking for cosmetic enhancements. It can be a truly life-changing experience for those are looking to achieve a boost in self-esteem and go forward with a new outlook on life.

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