Plastic Surgery for Athletes - Destroy the Kryptonite and Enhance those Powers

Samantha Johnson

by Samantha Johnson | April 24, 2012 @ 04:00PM

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Simona Halep Big Breasts

Don’t let your Kryptonite stifle your super performance!

Strength, agility, stamina, accuracy - these are a few things today's sports stars crave. But what do athletes do when they've been limited by their full physical potential? The key used to be steroids, but recent news tells us that plastic surgery may be what it takes to unlock super-human strength without the legal repercussions. This superhero hall of fame lists just a few athletes who became a little more limitless thanks to reconstructive surgery.



Super Accuracy: 

Tiger Wood's LASIK SurgeryPrior to his LASIK procedure, Tiger Woods was considered legally blind without his glasses or contacts. His severe nearsightedness would make it close to impossible for him to succeed in his profession. After his vision was adjusted to a super accurate 20/15 in October of 1999, he went on to win five straight PGA tournaments. Following the procedure, he quickly endorsed the center that performed his operation for $2 million. He may not be able to see through walls, but many would speculate his increased power to see helped strengthen his game.  


Super Agility:

Simona Halep Big BreastsFor Romanian tennis star Simona Halep, her kryptonite was her breasts. Her top-heavy figure gave her back pain and got in her way on the court, but breast reduction surgery took her from an ample 34DD to a much more comfortable 34C in 2009. She returned to compete this year at the French Open but was defeated by Australian Samantha Stosur. Overall, Halep is happy with the results and says she would have gotten the procedure even if she was not a professional athlete. She is currently ranked top 50 in the world.  


Super Stamina:

Jonathon Niese Nose SurgeryNew York Mets pitcher Jonathon Niese got a rhinoplasty in the off-season last year. He was originally motivated to get the procedure because of aesthetic reasons, but also realized his narrow nasal passages prevented him from breathing easily when working out. Whether or not his new nose helps him on the mound is up for speculation, but it's certain that his stamina has increased now that oxygen can freely flow to all the necessary muscle groups.  


Super Durability:

Nick Diaz's Slashed FaceDozens of improperly sutured cuts from previous fights left mixed martial arts fighter Nick Diaz's face extremely prone to continued injury. After his first professional loss against K.J. Noons, Diaz's face was ripped to shreds. Plastic Surgeon Frank Stile decided to try a new procedure previously used for cosmetic purposes. He would remove the gnarled up scar tissue below the skin's surface and replace it with the tissue of a cadaver. Dr. Stile hoped that the stronger reinforced skin would make Diaz's face like new and even more resilient than before. In the fights that Diaz has since participated in, he has barely bled an ounce

The legality of plastic surgery to increase performance is a hotly debated issue among many sports. It may not be in the near future, but with the increased popularity of plastic surgery, this is an issue that will eventually need to be addressed. Until then, athletes who want to pump up their game with super strength may be wise to consider it when their natural human weaknesses prevent them from winning the gold.

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